Another Wedding Weekend!

Hey everyone! I must apologize once again for a weekend without new videos- I traveled back to the area where I went to college for a wedding. Congratulations Jessie & Shane! They're both friends of ours and Tyler was an usher in the wedding. We had a fantastic time, but once we got home we both just felt drained of energy. Even though it's summer- it's still a very busy time! If I'm traveling on the weekends it kind of prevents me from being able to do tutorials- because weekends are usually when I shoot them because that's when I have the time. There will eventually be more tutorials in the future, and I'll of course have other types of videos up this week- including my 20,000 subscriber celebration video! :D Plus reviews, favorites, etc.

Now to make this somewhat beauty-related-- Here's the look I did for the wedding. The "accent color" on my dress was a little pink belt, so I used that as the accent on my eye look as well. I used my Cover Girl eyeshadow quad in Drama Eyes (It's a product I mentioned in my Summer Drugstore Faves blog entry). I used the white shade all over my lid, then used the burgundy for a wash of warmth in my crease. I defined the outer V with the black shade, and gave a light dusting of the white shade under my brow for a highlight. Then comes the really fun part- I used my Glam Couture shadow in Palace (a sparkly magenta- I used it as part of my Intense Teal shadow tutorial- I show the shade right at the beginning). With a fluffy crease brush, I used a very light dusting of the shade near my brow bone, overlapping the other colors a bit. It gave a pretty wash of color and sort of a unique touch to the look.
On my lips I used my Jordana Easyliner Lip Liner in Baby Berry and topped it off with my NYX Goddess of the Night lip gloss in French Kiss. For blush- I used the ELF Studio Blush/Bronzer compact- mainly the bronzer side as a cheek contour, and then Cover Girl Cheekers blush in Plumberry Glow to keep with the pink theme. Oh and as far as my hair goes, I sort of pulled out some side bangs, and then teased and bobbi pinned a little "pouf" right behind that. then I made sort of a messy bun in the back and secured it with a clip.

Now for a few fun pics! Here's me and my pal Brittany at the reception. Isn't her hair adorable? And such cute earrings too. So stylish! :)
There's the newlyweds Jessie & Shane! This is at some point between the wedding & the reception when we stopped by a pub in Shane's hometown. That's Ty peeking his head into the picture haha :D This place actually served hot chashew nuts- like they were being heated by a lamp and they were the most amazing things ever!!

This is a random pic I took at the reception-- It's amazing what happens when you reach your arm out and yell "picture!!" on the dance floor! This one just cracks me up. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead! :D



  1. That dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you and your makeup is so pretty. I love black, white and pink together - so stylish!

    I hadn't realised Tyler was so tall, I guess I've only ever seen him sat down next to you in the videos!

    Congratulations on reaching 20k subscribers, its well deserved for sure!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. Looks like you had a great time!
    Love your whole look :)

  3. You look simply amazing!! Dress and makeup are perfect : ) If I recall, you're 5 feet tall too? Well, not really, I don't think I'm even that tall, lol. Best things come in small packages ; ) Looks like you all had a blast at the wedding, get your rest tonight. Congrats on 20,000 subbies! (I'm on of em)


  4. You look soooo pretty, that dress looks great on you. Love the makeup too, I need to get that Cover Girl quad.
    Congrats on 20k subscribers, that is so awesome. I've been watching you since you first started out with videos, you're my absolute favorite guru (you're actually the only guru where I watch every single video). You always have the best advice, awesome tutorials and you're just a super fun person to watch. I always get excited when I see you uploaded a new video.
    PS: Tyler looks so handsome too, he's such a cutie.

  5. I am glad that you had another weekend that was realy fun... and for the makeup well i like this one alout... it realy looks good on you!!

  6. Looks like a fun time was had by all!!

  7. I agree, you look stunning! the colors you wore are beautiful on you! And Tyler is really tall! :)

    Super congrats on 20,000 subs!!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. You look beautiful! Glad you had a great time. I have to get that CG quad in "Drama"!!

  9. You look very glamorous in those pictures! And you and Tyler are such a cute couple ;)

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!
    Love the eye makeup, and I bought the CG drama eye palette because you recommended it, and I love it. Thank you so much!!!

  11. Emily u look fabulous!!!

    Kimi xoxo

  12. wow haha i got a good laugh seeing the height dif from you and im guessing your boyfriend in the first pic. still love your youtube vids!

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