Cheap Alternative to Nars Lip Gloss!

Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in Groove, Nars Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight

Hello friends!

As I was digging through my lip gloss drawer yesterday, I had a revelation. I have a $6 Neutrogena lip gloss that is practically THE SAME as my $24 Nars lip gloss! Sure, you feel really fancy whipping out your Nars lip gloss when you're out and about... but your wallet feels much better about the Neutrogena stuff. And honestly- once it's on, nobody would know the difference! Heck, you could buy 4 different shades of the Neutrogena stuff for the cost of ONE Nars gloss. O.M.G.

Swatches: Neutrogena on the left, Nars on the right

The only Nars gloss I own is Turkish Delight- and Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in Groove is almost an exact match. The texture is very much the same, and both of these shades come off as a light pinky/nude. (I used the Nars in my Kim Kardashian tutorial- you can check that out to see what it looks like on the lips). As you can see from the swatches above, the Neutrogena shade has a bit more pink to it- but the difference is hard to distinguish. Not to mention, the tubes are both square shaped :D Just wanted to pass this observation along to my wonderful blog readers!


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

Ok time for my journal! So I'm really making it a point to workout more. It's hard to find time between work, blogging, and YouTubing (haha), but it really has to be a priority. I will usually ride the exercise bike, or I have some butt-kicking dance workout DVD's... today I chose to use my big exercise ball (the kind you can do crunches on) along with my DVD that guides you through what to do. Though I didn't feel like working out, I started doing it with good intentions... only to do some weird maneuver that is making my shoulder feel quite painful right now. It hurts to lift my arm and it's hard to pin-point where the pain is coming from... guess that's what I get for working out! :-p

Work, on the other hand, went well today. I thought we had a good morning show- rebounding from yesterday's problems... then I went to a reporter meeting which seemed to apply more to the full time reporters rather than the anchor/reporters like me... but it was still informative. Let's see what else do I have to share... I miss Tyler! He's been spending all day- and well into the night- studying for the bar exam which is coming up next week. I know now is the time he needs to be working hard but I can't help missing him! Good thing the weekend is just a couple days away! love you all!



  1. Wow! The neutrogena does look almost identical to turkish delight. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Wow thanks for the dupe! NARS can be so expensive...

  3. Wow, that really is a great dupe! Thanks for sharing x

  4. hey....have the same name as nice blog u have here and im definitely gonna go and get neutrogena !

  5. Wow! the neutrogena looks really mush the same has the NARS lip gloss... I the swatch photo I would not be able to tell them apart if you did not mention witch one is witch!!

  6. Off subject, but best of luck to Tyler on the Bar Exam! :)

  7. I have that shade, and never thought of the comparison. I was comparing it to Smashbox gloss in "Pout".

  8. thanks, i love great dupe for brand name stuff. ^___^

  9. wow you are right! they are so similar!! Thanks for letting us know :)

  10. Thanks Emily! That's a great dupe!

  11. I LOVE the Neutrogena lipglosses! They're so smooth and last pretty long! Glad to know there's a color that's a dupe for Turkish Delight (because I do have a hard time shelling out $24 for one little gloss!)!!! Thanks!

  12. I LOVE Neutrogena lip gloss. I used to have a bunch of the colors, but my sister stole them. Lol. They're very pretty though. I like that they aren't too glossy or too sticky.

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