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Hola! Isn't it amazing what a difference just changing the way you part your hair can make? If you're bored with your look try switching to a center part- or a side part if that's not what you're used to! Or switch it up from one side to the other! One thing's for sure... I work with a bunch of guys on my shift and many of them noticed that I had done something different when I walked in with a center part... On previous occasions when my hair had either been COLORED or CUT- no comment. I'll admit- parting my hair in the middle was a bit of an experiment as far as what people will actually notice. Many of you on YouTube could tell a big change in my Kim Kardashian video! Who knew flipping your hair to the opposite side or down the middle could make such a change? Which way do you part your hair most of the time? Answer in this week's "Question of the Week!"
♥ Emily's Journal ♥
Well it's a rainy afternoon in my neck of the woods! We had an interesting morning on the AM show today... some technical glitches caused a few problems for us, but other than that, the show went well. I wore on of my favorite yellow shirts! Then after the show I had to listen in on a mind-numbing online audio-cast of the State Board of Education meeting.... note to those who want to be reporters- it ain't all fun & awesome stories! You'll have some pretty boring stuff too. Not that this wasn't important- Illinois is in the middle of a big budget crisis so it's always a huge story- but I can only listen to so much staticy audio with nothing to watch before my eyes. I listened for 2 hours- and it was still going! LOL. Oh I just remembered a question I wanted to address. No, I do not wear colored contact lenses. I've recently started using an amazing kind of contacts that you can leave in for 30 DAYS! You can sleep in them! You don't have to take them out! It's incredible. They're working great for me- they're called Air Optix Day & Night. I usually just put one eye drop in each eye when I wake up (they're always a bit dry then) and I'm good to go for the day! If you're in the market for some new contacts and hate taking them in and out each day- check 'em out! Have a great day everyone,


  1. I wish i could wear thoes kinds of contacts but has i have to wear two diffrent kind of prescription in each eye and I always have to have the ones that you put in and take out everyday.... Oh before I forget if you have glasses and you also wear contacts makes one major change and people also notice that kind of change!! I wear both but not the same day tho!! I keep sweiting it up from time to time!!!

  2. you look so gorgeous emily!. yeah simple things like parting the hair can make a big difference.

  3. You're right! I have always parted my hair to the middle, because, well, that's where it naturally falls! I remember when my dad brushed our hair when we were little. He always gave us side parts that we hated because we looked so different, so we would always fix them after he left xD Thanks for the tip!


  4. When I had side swept bangs, I always parted on the left. SOmetimes I'd try to push it to the right but it was so fussy :-P.

    now that I have shorter "straight-across" bangs, a middle part works best. Though, when my bangs grow out a bit, I can get away with pushing them to the side and doing the left-part until I get then trimmed.

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