ELF Studio Bronzers: Impressive!

available for $3 each at http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ click Studio

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful day. Just wanted to drop you a line about these two awesome products from ELF. I recently purchased a few different things off of the ELF website- but these are a couple that really stood out to me. First off- the packaging is really not typical of most ELF products- but keep in mind, these come from their somewhat new "Studio" line. They resemble Nars compacts and are rather large with a really nice mirror that's terrific to use when you're traveling.

The compact on the left is the Warm Bronzer. On the website, you'll find this also comes in Cool and Golden Bronzer shades. This one that I have appears to be the most like a "typical" bronzer shade. The four separate tones mix together flawlessly with a swirl of your brush. It's a nice change from some of my darker bronzers, and I think this would be awesome for those who have fair skin and have struggled finding a bronzer that doesn't make them look "muddy". I felt like after I used this I looked fresh and glowing, but still natural! This is not an overly shimmery product and you absolutely don't need to worry about looking orange. Woohoo!

The compact on the right is the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder. This has often been compared to a similar product from Nars, but since I don't have that product- I won't pretend to make comparisons here. (other than packaging, which as I mentioned before, is quite similar). I had seen numerous videos/pictures of this product and really wasn't too impressed at first. I didn't think the colors appeared to be too vibrant, and just really didn't think it looked like a must-have product. Well, now that I have it, I guess it's a must-KEEP product! This thing rocks! This bronzer is considerably deeper than the mosaic style Warm Bronzer mentioned above. It is wonderful for contouring cheeks, but beware- since it is darker you don't want to go overboard on this on the rest of your face or you'll look dirty. Trust me, I know haha ;D A great cheek contour nonetheless- and I like that it's not overly shimmery.

Now the peachy toned blush DOES have some shimmer- quite a bit more than the bronzer... but it still has COLOR! Woohoo! My concern was that I'd have a peach blush on my hands that wouldn't show up and would be basically useless. Even on my medium-toned skin- this gorgeous blush shows up, and the shimmer is not enough to keep me from wearing it. A truly wearable blush and bronzer in one- you could really cut costs by getting this and you'd be truly satisfied!

And once again- a look at the super cute and sleek packaging! Look for more reviews on other ELF products I've purchased coming up soon. ALSO-- I've launched a new hair series! It's called Weather Styles... basically a hairdo for any kind of weather condition! I've just posted a video on rainy day hair, so check it out!
Have a great day everyone!



  1. I LOVE ELF studio!!! Seriously, I have a least 5 back ups for everything in their studio line. I just got my bronzers yesterday and I'm so excited to try them!

    The NARS Orgasm is the only blush that doesnt make me look weird but the ELF blush kinda does. Though the two are pretty similar.

  2. I have that blush/bronzer compact and I just LOVE it....and I have the Complexion Perfection....and I am ordering some more of that product...because it is amazing! You must try it.
    The ELF Studio products have quickly become my favorites.

  3. Great review Emily, I agree with you. I have both and am super impressed with the quality. I think I want to try the cool and golden bronzer as well, for 3 bucks each, what's not to love? That Studio line is great, e.l.f. did a really good job on that one. The brushes are so awesome too.

  4. Considering I'm basically a "Chanel Addict" and have been for years, when I tried the Studio line (the price just made it impossible for me NOT to try LOL), I was really impressed. I've always known that price doesn't make a product better, and ELF brings that home every time I try something new from them. They rock!

  5. Thanks for the review! I have never used ELF products but the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder has really caught my eye. I just ordered it and some other stuff too. I can't wait to get my package! FYI, there is a coupon code for 50% all ELF Studio products, it's "5FOR5STUDIO". Thanks again!

  6. Since you like ELF products you may be interested in this Giveaway that I came across on Freebies 4 Mom. She also gives you a 50% off with coupon code.


    Just thought I would share it with you.

  7. it goes to show you shouldnt be a snob when it comes to makeup. the higher end brands are nice but more affordable brands can be just as nice.
    the important thing is that the product works for you :)

    i have the blush/bronze duo and think its very pretty, specially the blush. the bronzers are amazing! i bought the warm and golden and i love that you can also use them as eyeshadow...well, i dont know if u can but i say why not? :D

  8. I just order the blush-bronzer combo today! I'm working on a small makeup kit that I can leave at my boyfriend's house for when I spend the night or just need to touch-up.
    I don't do bronzer or contouring, so I plan on using the brown shade for a light natural eyeshadow. I'm a big fan of finding alternative uses for things that normally wouldn't work for me :).

  9. I recently made my first e.l.f. purchase and am still impatiently awaiting it's arrival. :P I'm kind of bummed because I had this item in my shopping bag and took it out right before I checked out because I read in the reviews that it was really sparkly and I was looking for something to use for contouring, without sparkle. I guess I'm going to have to make another order ;)

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