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Hey everyone!

While it seems like I'm always giving my own advice, recommendations, and tips... beauty is really one of my favorite topics to research and learn about as well! I'll often get questions from people that I may not immediately know the answer to, but you can trust that when I get the time, I'm Googling and studying up on various makeup-related topics so I can get you an answer! It's my reporter side coming out :D Anyway, I've recently come across some interesting makeup articles, and if you're looking for a little recreational reading- you might enjoy them too!

(FYI: if you scroll down you'll see a compilation of the latest beauty related articles in the news- it's in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page)


Emily's Journal

Yep, this is a new thing I'm doing! I've always liked being able to look backward in my blogs from time to time to look back on various events in my life. I realized with this blog, it's mostly beauty related... but I also like to write a little bit about my day to day happenings. Some people have asked to see this, but if you're strictly on Beauty Broadcast for the beauty stuff- you can just avoid this bottom area if you so choose. It's up to you! Just know that I will generally have an "Emily's Journal" section at the end of most blog posts... maybe sometime's it will only be the journal stuff!

Today was an interesting day at work. I went in with the assumption that I'd have to do a stunt with motorcycle stunt rider Bubba Blackwell who was stopping by our morning show.... yeah, I was a little (maybe a LOT) nervous about that! Either way, I came prepared with my skinny jeans & boots on. Turns out the pavement was too wet to do tricks, darn! It seriously would've been cool- this guy is known to be pretty awesome.

In other news- Tyler got a job interview! It's with an area State's Attorney's office... It was only today that I found out it was actually happening- and the interview is scheduled for tomorrow! OMG- please be thinking positive thoughts for Tyler! This would be a great opportunity! Guess what else? Tomorrow is Friday!!! Talk to you all again soon!



  1. Let us know how it goes with Tyler! All your fans are rooting for him!

  2. I hope for Tyler that he gets the job! Love the idea of Emily's Journal!

  3. I wish Tyler all the best!

    sucks about the wet pavement!

  4. Good Luck, Tyler!
    Many best wishes are being sent your way!

  5. I wish Tyler the best. He'll be great, I'm sure :)

  6. Good Luck to Tyler. I have a job interview as well tomorrow! Yikes!

  7. Wishing Tyler the best! Let us know how it goes.

  8. Hi girl!This is my first comment!rsrsrs!!! I wish Tyler and you all the best, ok?

    Take care!

  9. Hi! I love your videos. I am going to Scotland next week and I am wondering if you know of any products or UK makeup brands that I should check out while over there??



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