QOTW: Favorite Ways to Smell Great!

Hey everyone! In the sweaty, sweltering days of summer I thought it would be appropriate to ask- what is your favorite way to wear fragrance? Here's what you had to say in the Question of the Week...

  • Perfume: 305 (63%)
  • Body Spray: 107 (22%)
  • Lotion: 30 (6%)
  • Body Oil: 4 (0%)
  • Scented Body Powder: 2 (0%)
  • I don't use any fragrance: 30 (6%)

    Votes so far: 478

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For me- it's a fine line between perfume and body spray- and I think in the summer months I wear a lot more body spray so that was my answer. I also really like lotions- usually the ones that correspond with my favorite sprays/perfumes! If you really want your fragrance to hang around throughout the day, it's often recommended that you layer it- use your body wash, lotion, and the perfume/body spray to really lock in a particular scent. Here are some of my favorite overall scents!

Favorite body sprays: (L-R) Victoria's Secret Pink Fresh & Clean, Body Fantasies in Apple Fantasy and Clean Lavender Vanilla Fantasy

Favorite Perfumes: (L-R) Falling in Love by Philosophy, With Love by Hillary Duff, Super Model, Very Sexy, and Sexy Little Things by Victoria's Secret.
Emily's Journal

Well we're back to another Monday! Hope yours went well. I felt pretty refreshed after my weekend- for once I didn't spend the entire time traveling, so that was a nice break. I got to spend some time making some tutorials once again, and I have gotten some of the best feedback on my recent videos. I did a smokey cat eye that I was really happy with, and also my Kim Kardashian look. Today on air I actually experimented with that hairdo-- a center part instead of a side part... let me tell you- if you are like me and wear a side part ALL THE TIME- or vice versa... try switching it up for a day! Many more people noticed the change... more than when I've had it cut or colored, so I thought that was interesting. On another note- thanks so much to those who've left sweet messages on my Twitter and blog for Tyler- I mentioned that he was studying for the bar exam (leaving to take it one week from today), and you have all been so supportive. He has seriously been studying more than I've ever seen him study before... but it IS pretty much the biggest test of his life, so I guess that's a good thing! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog everyone- and hope the rest of the week goes smoothly!



  1. Talking about perfumes-

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  2. my kind of purfumes are the ones that have a light furty or floral scent to them!(if deppends on what i feel like wearing) One of my favorit ones that I wear is the starlight by shaina twain... its a nice light floral scent.

    Thanx for posting this blog post!!!


  3. Wow, I have ALL the same scents (minus Hillary Duff's)! :) I too tend to lean towards the body spray and body lotion in the summer time.

    Also, I too side split my hair everyday...splits down the middle make my face look fat, don't get me wrong, I still try out the middle split every so often, however, I will always love my side split :)

    As always, thanks for your posts! I keep up with you with my Google Reader :)

    Good luck on the exam of your life, Tyler!!


  4. I tagged you for a little game/guiz on my blog!

  5. Hey Emily! I love my perfume - can't live without it!!

    I think you talked about how you used to have more votes on your QOTW. Would it be possible to put the survey higher up on your sidebar? I didn't realize it had changed for the past few weeks because I only look at the side bar for the most recent entry!

  6. https://www.behance.net/gallery/46472895/_


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