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Hey everyone!

Guess what? This is the way I'm going to start announcing my Question of the Week (QOTW) results! I felt like when I did the videos for results they weren't really getting nearly as many views as the other kinds of videos I do, and I thought since the question is on the blog, it would be appropriate to just blog about the results on a weekly basis, sharing my personal opinion and some additional info related to the question. Hopefully now that I've announced this we will start getting more votes on the question- can you believe we were once up to 1,000?!

This week's question:

What is your go-to hair product?

46 (16%)

34 (12%)

11 (4%)

Anti-Frizz cream
39 (14%)

Heat-Defense Products
29 (10%)

Leave-In Conditioner
75 (27%)

Glossing/Shine Serum
38 (13%)

Votes so far: 272 Poll closed

Wow, I didn't know so many people were nuts about Leave-in conditioner! That's cool, though- it's a pretty important thing if you have dry hair issues or if you just want that healthier feel. For me, my go-to product is without a doubt hairspray. Granted, I use stuff like heat-defense products and shine serum, but if someone told me I could only use one thing it would be hairspray. It helps whatever you've done last longer, it can tame most fly-aways, it can create volume, it can be used as a styling aid with velcro rollers... and the list goes on!

Here are some of my favorite hairsprays:

  • TRESemme Freeze & Control Ultra Hold Hairspray... this is my current all purpose hairspray. I used to use a VO5 hairspray that was quick drying and worked well- but then that got discontinued so I needed something else that would really hold the style. This doesn't create an unsightly buildup on my dark hair and will really keep your hair in place if you want. (drugstore product)

  • Generic Value Products Freezing Hairspray (compare to Matrix Vavoom Freezing Hairspray)... This product has nice hold without making the hair feel too stiff. It also has a scent that I really like. As you can see, it's a knock-off of a Matrix product, and it really is nice for creating volume- but if you mist it on your hair after styling- you get a nice, slightly more flexible hold. (sally beauty supply)

  • Redken Quick Dry 18... I use the mini version of this. It really is nice for travel because of the way the cap locks in place (I described this product in my recent Shopping List Ideas video). It truly is quick drying and is just the perfect formula of hairspray you'd want to have on the go- like if your updo is starting to fall or your bangs are just out of control- this will tame everything down with a fine mist that dries fast. (Beauty First)

  • Nick Chavez Volumizing Extra Hold Hairspray.... You will get insane volume with this. If you've ever seen Nick Chavez's demonstrations on QVC- you can flip your head over, spray this at the roots, and you will have massive volume. So this is one of the best volumizing hairsprays and it also manages to have great hold. You can also use it on your velcro rollers and it will create lots of volume when you brush your hair out. The Sally Beauty Supply So Gorgeous hairspray is pretty similar to this, but looking back, I think I like this one a little bit better just for the volume aspect. I ran out of this and will be repurchasing. (product available on QVC's website)

Thanks for checking out the blog today, and have a great day! Don't forget to answer the new question of the week!!



  1. I am going to try some of that Nick Chavez hairspray! I need volume!!
    Thanks Emily!

  2. you won't be disappointed Cynthia!

  3. You have nice choice.! These are my favorite too. I just got a 'Diamond Shine Medium Flexible Hold Hairspray' from Sally Beauty.

  4. I always prefer to shop at Sally Beauty for best hair products... I got Park Avenue color protecting shampoo from here!!

  5. My go-to hair products are OGX Brazilian Keratin Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner and OGX Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Oil Spray.

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