Tips for Dramatic Nighttime Makeup

Hey everyone!
Even if you're somewhat of a beginner in the makeup world, you eventually develop a routine for your day to day look. What becomes more difficult is figuring out how to really play up certain features for a more dramatic look for a night out. I thought I'd just provide a few suggestions to help you develop your "night look"...
  • Utilize bronzer & blush. If you're going out somewhere at night and the lighting is much softer and more dim- you can get away with adding more color to your face. Creating contrast by contouring and highlighting will give your face more definition
  • Go for a smokey eye. I have a number of tutorials that will help you with this technique, but in short, use a heavier hand with your eyeshadow than usual. If you normally wear very little shadow in the crease, start small but build up a deeper shade of your choice- slowly blend it out so you can see some shadow forming an "outer V" that's visible when your eyes are open.
  • Try mixing in a colorful shadow! If you know you can't get away with it at work, try if for a night out! That's what I do. If you're a little scared of throwing bright blue or pink into your nighttime look, remember this key to making it wearable: BLACK SHADOW. Adding it to the crease or smudging around the lashline will add a nice contrast to bright shades, and give you the dramatic look you're after.
  • TRY false lashes! I have a tutorial for this as well. I'm wearing falsies in all of the pictures above and it's a way to immediately add drama to the look- giving your eyes that "pretty" look that people can't quite put their finger on (if you're doing it right :)
  • Mix up the lips! I think nudes or deeper shades are great at night. Keep in mind that a nude shade will put more attention on your eyes, and shades of red will give you a more old Hollywood "glam" look. Try doing the opposite of what you'd do on a daily basis- sometimes just the change will be enough to make people look twice!


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

Just got off the phone with Tyler- he has officially completed the bar exam! He says it was quite tough but he thinks he'll pass. I'm so proud of him. It's a lot of pressure to think that the career that lies ahead of you is resting on the results of ONE test. I was never a great test-taker in school. I felt like I studied forever and would still get a little anxious around test time. I did better in circumstances where it was a project I could work on over a period of time, or a paper, speech, etc.

I had the cutest story today at work. SENIOR FEST '09.... no I'm not talking about high school seniors. Senior citizens baby! I get along well with the seniors. They're usually great to interview because they tell it like it is! I've talked to very few seniors that candy coat anything. Even when it comes to talking to me about the station I work at... they won't hesitate to say who they love to watch, who they don't really like, etc. It's a hoot! Anyway, the Senior Fest is basically a bunch of booths set up advertising their services for seniors, and they can test stuff out for free, take home souveniers, etc. There were blood pressure screenings, massages, a camera they'd stick in your ear to check for ear wax?? Yeah. It's the kind of story you really need to get creative with... and fortunately an elderly man in attendance showing off his own magic tricks to me and others became the perfect character. Once the story gets posted online I'll have to pass it along :D

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Have a good one!



  1. HAHAHA thats SO cute!

    I need to start going out more at night. I'd love to try some night looks but i need someplace to go first. Haha

  2. simply beautiful!
    thanks 4 the tips.

  3. haha I wonder if we all turn brutally honest when we get old.

  4. Great tips, thank you!

    Congratulations to Tyler as well.

  5. I didn't know where to post this but ELF is having 75% off their mineral lipsticks on their website which had some pretty good reviews on makeupalley. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  6. thanks

    so the main point is play and have fun with your m/u and your lovely friendssssss at night. ^___^

  7. I just took the bar exam too (in FL) so I completely feel for Tyler, and the bar was very very difficult. Actually in my past 10 weeks of studying, your videos were my study breaks! I learned so much from watching you and it gave me a great break from the hellish studying. I can't wait now that I can actually go out and use my new makeup techniques!!

  8. Thanks, this is really helpful! I tend to struggle with nighttime looks but I'm getting better! Also, I'm glad things went well for Tyler! My boyfriend is starting his last year of law school and is already starting to feel the crunch!

  9. hey there!

    i really love your blog! i subscribed a few days ago :)

    keep up the good work! i look forward to reading your future entries! :D

    xox Francesca

  10. I know you get paid for being youtube partner and you get free products sometimes but do you charge money to review them? I found a blog about some other makeup gurus and it seems they charge 100+ a video. Do you?

    Here is the blog...

  11. You are so cute!!
    I'm loving your videos!!

  12. Great tips! I have really been inspired lately to do a smoky eye and neutral lips for nights out--definitely a different look for me. Thanks for showing us how!!! :)

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  14. I love the smoky eye look, but I feel like it looks weird on me. I guess it is because normally I don't wear much makeup.

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