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Hey everyone! I'm in the process of uploading a back-to-school makeup tutorial as I write this. It made me think back to the way I did my makeup in school, and I revisited some pictures to remind myself. In many cases, it's not too different from the way I do makeup today! I remember being a big fan of mascara, lip gloss, and bronzer- even if I had nothing else on my face. I'd love to find some high school pics, but I pretty much only have college ones on this computer so I thought I'd post a few! I was a huge makeup fan in my college years, but since then, I've learned more and have become more comfortable experimenting with color- especially if I'm not at work. :)

What do you remember about your school makeup? Or if you're currently in school, what are your basic products you can't do without on a school day? How have things changed for you over the years? Did you have any major "makeup don'ts" back in your early makeup days? Do tell!
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  1. Did you go to The University of Alabama?? Thats where my mom and aunt graduated from, and that is where I'll be going in Jaunary.

  2. Oooh, I never wore any makeup when I went to high school. Too lazy! But back in college, I would just apply one eyeshadow color onto my lids and that's about it. I was really hesitant to try out mascaras and eyeliners, but now i enjoy eyeliners and mascaras. haha

  3. I was one of the nerdy kids in high school (well, I'm still nerdy in spriit and not so much in appearance hehe). I would occasionally wear some eyeliner or a little shadow just on the lid, and nothing really on my face otherwise. I'm still pretty much a minimalist, but I have a greater appreciation for what a little color can conceal and enhance.

  4. So glad that I found your blog. I've been watching your videos on YouTube for awhile now and signed up to follow. I got to be #1000! That's cool!

    I wore the most hideous black eyeliner in high school. I definitely have toned it down since then but have been a lot more adventurous with color. One thing that hasn't changed? I'm still so in love with makeup!

  5. You look gorgeous in the photos. A funny thing is,you kinda look younger in your more recent photos

  6. In high school, I have always just went throw with only wit mascara,eyeliners and lipgloss witch was all that I worn back then. Now that I am doing business administration, I seem to go do a little bit more then i did in high school... right now i can't live without mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss/lip stick, foundation and concealur with somenutrual and pastel colors has there is a dress code in the school that i am in right now!!

  7. I'm in highschool and I won't go to school without foundation (or atleaset powder), brown eyeliner, and mascara!
    Usually I wear shadow, but if I'm rushed I'll just put on these 3 things and atleast feel halfway put together!

  8. I didn't wear much makeup in high school..I kind of started to wear my basic makeup in college which is what I still wear today. My favorite products have always been...Covergirl eyeliner in black (I forget the exact name of it), and mac nylon eyeshadow..I always have loved their eyeshadows!

  9. I've definitely learned a lot about eyeliner since high school, that's for sure!

  10. In high school and college, I stayed mostly with shimmery skin colored shadows on the entire lid and mascara, with some gloss. I think I was afraid of color. I had a creme shadow/liner pencil that I wore nearly every day. Then as a freshmen in college, I found liquid liner, and that was the beginning of my makeup hobby. :) Great post!

  11. In high school I hardly wore any makeup. If I did, it was usually just mascara...I think when I was a senior I ventured into eyeliner and mascara *gasp* exciting, right? haha. Occasionally I would wear an eyeshadow, but I didn't really know what I was doing. It wasn't really until I started watching YouTube tutorials that I got interested in makeup and took more time with it. My must haves for college would have to be concealer, for sure! And mascara. As a day to day look I tend to put concealer, black eyeliner, and mascara on and call it good. :) On days where I'm tired and dont work after class I just say to heck with it and go to class with my glasses on and no makeup.

    -JessKoeh88 :)

  12. I was guilty of a lot of makeup crimes in high school. I'd curl my eyelashes *after* mascara in the morning - I never do that now - and add extra layers of mascara at lunchtime. I also thought that having blue eyes meant I looked good in blue eyeliner. Wrong! haha

  13. I'm in high school rigt now, and for make up I always choose for natural looks. I don't like colorful looks for school, and I don't want to spend to much time. The girls in my class use only mascara (if they use make up) so I don't want to go too extreme. This is what I use day-to-day:

    * Concealer for redness & dark circles
    * Mineral foundation or pressed powder
    * Bronzer
    * Blush
    * Eyeshadow in natural colors (not always, I think 2 out of 5 days)
    * Liquid liner or dark eyeshadow used as liner
    * Mascara
    * Lipgloss/stick in light color

    It does seem a lot, but I only apply light coats and natural colors. Going out, I experiment with colors and darker stuff.

  14. I'm going to graduate high school in a year, I pretty much just wear lipgloss; maybe eyeliner & mascara on days I want to look prettier.

  15. Im in Highschool now and this is what i use on a daily basis.

    Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer
    NYX Concealer in a jar
    Jane Translucent Powder
    I always curl my lashes and then put Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Mascara.
    Styli- Style Flat Pencils only on top lid though never both.
    NYX Round Lipgloss or
    Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick.
    Eyeshadow - NYX Mysterious Brown eyes palette but i use the light brown shades.
    Blush- Mark Instant Blush Tint or Mark Good Glowing Blush.

    I usually skip the last three if im in a rush. These past 6 months ive been watching reviews on affordable make up so half the products i use on a daily basis are mainly because of youtube experts and things they recommend lol. The round lipgloss from NYX i actually purchased from watching your review on it, and the Rimmel London Lipstick after watching your shopping list idea video =D

  16. This is an awesome post emily!

    oh man a lot has changed. I looked so different then. In high school, I didnt really care much about makeup. I didnt trim my brows til i was 15 and i only wore black eye liner on my water line and, it used to annoy me when it melts and smudges after an hour lol.

    ive gotten better with caring about how i look. im 24 and i barely fell inlove with the wonders of makeup.

    i even became a Mark Representative.

    is my e-botique.

  17. I never really wore anything at school, sometimes just eyeliner. Only used to when I was going out etc. and then it'd be just eyeliner and lipstick.

    Please feel free to visit my blog for cruelty free natural beauty information and reviews :)

    Look forward to seeing you there!! :)

  18. I'm going to show my age here .. but I went thru several phases in HS. The first being the totally matte face with the dark black cateye liner and matte red lips .. and of course with a black ribbon chocker..

    then I went thru my grunge phase where I wore no make-up at all..

    then.. senior year, I decided to wor everyone and gave myself a make-over. To this day I'm still loyal to the good ol' fashioned cat eye with some soft brown in the crease and eyelash city. Theres something about a good smugy cat eye that can make any woman look sexy!!

    (no laughing @ the ribbon choker please .. I thought I was Madonna.. go figure)

  19. I totally mis-spelled that whole darn thing .. sorry ya'll.

  20. Oh I hardly ever wore makeup in school. but when i did get a chance, I stuck to a black kohl pencil for my waterline, since it is SO common for young girls weargin kohl in India. I was scared of mascara, literally! eyeshadows were a big no-no. I wore my mom's lipsticks and slapped on some gloss from making it look less matt-y. I was quite a dork back then, but it's the completely opposite situation i've got going on ever since I got out of college and into the working world. And your videos that i've been watching over the past 2 months have REALLY helped me pick what's good and what's not, even though we dont' have the same products here. thanks!

  21. I think it's interesting to see people commenting that they never really wore makeup in high school! I embrace it! I know most of the girls at my high school generally tend to go for a matte face, liquid liner on top lashes, pencil on bottom, and mascara. I love eye shadow though, unlike the girls at school but tend to go for a shy neutral eye. I have the hardest time though finding a matte face look since my skin type seems to be so oily! ugh! :)


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