MASSIVE Shadow Primer Review!

Hey everyone! It's been a long time coming! But I'm finally reviewing not one-- but 5 different eyeshadow primers! This was a tough review to do. I considered factors like staying power and the vibrancy that it added to my eyeshadow. In this online synopsis of my video review, I'm trying to keep it brief and easy to understand (sometimes it's just easier to read something than listen to it) but I'm also including information on pricing and packaging. Please be aware- I do not have oily lids. My eyelids stay relatively dry. My comments in this review pertain to how well these primers worked for me. I hope you'll find something you're interested in trying!

(left to right: L'oreal De-Crease, Bee Luscious Shadow Magnet, ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance)
(same sequence applies to these swatches of Cover Girl's Forever Fig eyeshdaow)
#5 L'oreal De-Crease
  • COST: $7 (approx)
  • WHERE TO BUY: drugstore
  • PACKAGING: short-handled wand applicator
  • CONSISTENCY: creamy, turns dry
  • STAYING POWER: overall good, but occasional creasing
  • SHADOW INTENSITY: does not effortlessly make shadows appear more intense
#4 Bee Luscious Shadow Magnet in Light
  • COST: $17
  • PACKAGING: shallow tub
  • CONSISTENCY: very tacky
  • STAYING POWER: for best results, must use extremely thin layer. Creasing still possible
  • SHADOW INTENSITY: grabs the shadow, excellent intensity

#3 ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

  • COST: $3
  • PACKAGING: long-handled wand applicator
  • CONSISTENCY: feels silky, leaves behind the slightest bit of tacky feel
  • STAYING POWER: has proven staying power even in sweat-enducing conditions
  • SHADOW INTENSITY: average, must build up the shadow somewhat

#2 Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer

  • COST: $12
  • WHERE TO BUY: (to shop with a consultant)
  • PACKAGING: squeeze tube
  • CONSISTENCY: smooth, moderate tacky feel left behind on lid
  • STAYING POWER: good staying power, creasing is very rare
  • SHADOW INTENSITY: provides excellent shadow intensity

#1 Too Faced Shadow Insurance

  • COST: $17
  • PACKAGING: squeeze tube
  • CONSISTENCY: creamy & leaves behind a silky yet slightly moisturizing feel on lids
  • STAYING POWER: hands down- the best. Can withstand challenging conditions. (this swatch was the most difficult to wash off)
  • SHADOW INTENSITY: without being extremely tacky, makes shadows appear true to their appearance in packaging. Provides impressive finish to even the cheapest shadow.

♥ Emily's Journal ♥
It's been awhile since my last journal entry! The last time I blogged I just didn't have the time :( Just so you know, I didn't forget about Question of the Week- I just wanted to coordinate this blog post with my youtube video, so I'll do QOTW tomorrow :) I am super pumped about this week. Why, you ask? Because I only work 3 days! Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I enjoy the people I work with, and I love anchoring. But when you have to get up at 1:30 a.m. to start your work day, you savor a day off. This week I have Thursday & Friday off and Tyler and I are going to fit in some fun stuff during those days and into the weekend. I really don't remember the last time I had 4 days off in a row. You can bet I"ll be getting lots of super awesome tutorials done during that time! :D :D In other news... I did a story at a winery/vineyard today. They were doing their first grape crushing of the season so that was exciting! Southern Illinois has many different vineyards and I haven't been disappointed by a single one that I've visited- either for recreation or for news stories. I'm sort of jumping all over the place, but this past weekend I got some glasses! They're cute! I posted a pic on one of my recent twitter updates so feel free to check that out- . I'm thinking about wearing them for the news tomorrow... but I'm a little scared. Never worn glasses on the news before! BLACKBERRY TOUR UPDATE: still LOVING IT!!! Will post a video with me & Tyler comparing our different Blackberries once I learn a little more. there's a lot to know, you know! :D Have a great day everyone!
♥ Emily


  1. I really like UDPP but Lumene (found in CVS) has a decent eye primer as well.

    I just ordered the ELF primer from the mineral and studio line.. but i hear the studio one is poor quality. But.. i wanted to see for myself. :)

    Nice breakdown!

    Yay for days off!
    Last week i worked 7 days - no days off on top of another 5 day work week. But at least i get this weekend off. Whew i need it.

  2. OOO I've never heard of the Bee whosiwhatsit primer before! I think I'll try it... and about your glasses :), I had glasses for the longest time, and they were okayyy haha. You'll get used to them if you wear them consistently

    Lotsa luv <3
    Nada (ILoveAlanRickman)

  3. Is this your first pair of glasses?? I need to get glasses soon - I have a doctor's appointment on Wed. I'm kinda nervous about that since I hate doctors appointments of any kind... but I really need them :).

  4. thanks for the primer reviews! those are really helpful :)

  5. wow mary kay did pretty well. thats cool. these primers never work for me anyway, i just use a good ol concealer and it actually stay put ;)

  6. Thanks for doing this review! I like the TooFaced and UDPP, and I have some of the ELF on the way to me. I have oily lids, though, so primer is really important to keeping my shadow on.

    I just blogged about a new Maybelline lipstick that I bet you would like, so please check it out when you have a moment! :)

  7. HEY! I DEFINITELY REMEMBER YOU HAVING A MAC PAINT POT IN RUBENESQUE!! Can you plz include it & maybe put a swatch of the eyeshadow w/o a primer underneath. Thnx!!

  8. I have Mary Kay, Studio Gear, UDPP, and Mac Paint Pots.

    To be honest, I like my Mary Kay the best. And, since my grandma is a Mary Kay lady, I get it at half price. Compared to my Mac Paint Pot... I feel like the Mary Kay works the best. It doesn't crease as bad, and the shadow lasts longer. I actually do my own experiments and wear different ones on different eyes throughout the day... and I just feel the Mary Kay does the best job.

  9. Very exciting for days off! I used to wake up at 3:45 all last summer and it was rough, the day starts so early! Love the review on the I'm also rethinking the Loreal Decreasing and wanting Mac paintpot or Two faced shadow insurance...will see! But thanks for the review! Enjoy your days off!

  10. Great reviews! I'd really love to see UDPP next to Too Faced. But I'm not complaining. I'm glad I bought Too Faced first thing instead of dabbling around in other products with a worse quality. :)

  11. Where would you rank UDPP in this? I def agree with you on the Loreal Decrease but have yet to try the others. Thanks for the review :D

  12. hey i already posted this on youtube, but just incase you missed it:

    have yout tried using vasaline as a primer? if you spread just a teensy bit on your lids so the area is tacky but not greasy looking. (sometimes i pat my lids with a tissue to remove excess vasaline). I've never used an eye primer before, but this seems to make my shadow more bright and also last a longer time than without any eye primer. i'm not so sure if it prevents creasing, but i'd love it if you could compare vasaline with the other 5 that you did.

  13. I like the TFSI the best as well - besides nothing but my minerals foundation. *chuckle* Since I too have rather dry lids, I don't really need a e/s primer. Only on ypecial occasions, when I want my e/s last for more than 10h or have more intensity, then I use the TFSI.
    I've tried UDPP as well but it was too drying - after a week of daily usage my lids started to peel -.- Didn't happen with the too faced one.
    Oh I also like shade sticks od the paint pots as a base. I know some ppl need a primer under this, but not me ^^

  14. Hi, Awesome review!! Could you maybe include a picture of the shadow swatched without a primer? Also, the cost per oz. of each of the products? (I was mostly curious about how much was in the e.l.f. and l'oreal decrease, as the containers seem much smaller.) Thanks!

  15. Thanks for this post! I have been struggling with what shadow primer to get. It's so awesome that you showed the difference in shadow over primer-it makes deciding easier.

    Tried Loreal but it absolutely did nothing for me. I do have oily lids though so I'm wondering if primer will help at all?!? I hate to plunk down $17 for it to not work either. Maybe I'll just have to take the plunge and see.

    Thanks again, great post!

  16. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is incredible! I do not even bother with eye shadow without it! I work an 8 hour day at the office and work out on the way home with still no creasing and vibrant color. Great review and you are right on with your #1 pick!

  17. I dislike Too Faced with a passion. It's crap.
    Try HIP cream shadows. Those are the best and I've tried quite a few primers.

  18. Apparently "the Courtesan" has no taste. Hookers usually don't.

  19. I love your tutorial and I just looked about your primer review.. What do you think about e.l.f primer in the studio section. For me it was the first time I used a primer and I very like it. can you review it for me please.

    Hope to see some more videos from you..

  20. Hi! Just found your channel on Youtube and clicked over to the blog. Love your reviews, very helpful.

    I just had my first MAC makeup experience and purchased a paint pot to help with creasing. It does a really great job but I have nothing to compare it to. How do you think it compares to the Too Faced primer?

    Also, do you know who has a great olive brownish shade comparable to MAC Greensmoke? Prolly a long shot, but thought I would ask anyway while I was commenting ;)

  21. I bought some Shadow Insurance today, one for me and one for my Mom for Christmas!

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