QOTW: Makeup Teachers

Hey everyone! This week's Question of the Week asked: Who FIRST taught you how to do makeup? This wasn't asking how you pick up new techniques or where you like to find makeup advice... but rather what was the first way you learned to apply it? Here are the results...
  • Family member- 111 (28%)
  • Friend- 23 (5%)
  • Makeup Class/expert- 10 (2%)
  • Instructional videos/websites- 71 (17%)
  • Magazines/books- 49 (12%)
  • No Teacher- 131 (33%)

I must admit, I'm a little surprised by these results. It appears many people picked up their first piece of makeup and started applying it with no indication from anyone/anything of how to use it at all. I know many people refer to themselves as "self-taught"... simply meaning they have no formal training but may still used other makeup resources to learn. But if these are the results, these are the results I suppose! An extremely small percentage answered makeup class/expert, and I didn't really think that category would get a lot of votes. I would imagine many people do at least a little experimentation before getting professional instruction.

As for my answer- I fall into the Family Member category. Before I was even of the age to wear makeup, I recall my mom putting it on and watching her, looking through her stash, and being there when she was placing an order from Avon. When I first applied makeup, she had a hand in it, telling me what type of blush to use or a certain kind of lipstick. Soon after that, I sought out magazines in my quest for makeup knowledge. I think it's where I first developed my obsession for testing out different types of products because mags like Seventeen, Teen, or YM (is that even around anymore?) would recommend stuff. If you enjoy my reviews & recommendations- thank my mom... she was the one who allowed the drugstore product experimentation to begin back in high school. Every now and then I'd pick something up, go home and play with it, read a magazine, get something else, play with it.... and the cycle just went on and on. It continued into college... around that time I started reviewing products on a website called makeuptalk.com. A great place for reviews & message boards. It wasn't until just a few years ago (when I started my job in news) that I discovered the makeup world on YouTube. So then those videos became another way to learn about products and techniques. I think I learned the most about makeup techniques on YouTube. After learning about different makeup artists, I've also learned through their books... Kevin Aucoin, Bobbi Brown, and Carmindy all have great books- I'll probably do a massive review on those at some point. So basically- I've covered the whole spectrum of makeup teachers, and now I'm fortunate enough to have an outlet to teach others. It's an amazing thing! I hope everyone takes advantage of the many resources and inspirations that are available to them!


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

I'm sorry I've gone so long without a blog everyone! I must admit that a certain handheld device has been occupying a lot of my time... AKA my Blackberry Tour! It's awesome!

There it is with Beauty Broadcast on it! I got it Saturday and have pretty much been working to understand everything it is capable of. But once I do, I think it will allow me to keep in touch with Beauty Broadcast viewers/readers much more easily! Tyler already has a Blackberry Curve, so he's now envious of my latest & greatest Blackberry version. This is my first "smart phone" and I'm really enjoying it so far! The screen is amazing and I love how most websites appear just like they would on your computer! Plus there's a great camera on it, and I can do little video updates on the go! How cool is that?! I believe I've used like 99% exclamation points in this section LOL! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!



  1. My first makeup teacher was my mom and I thank her for bring me to the local drug store!!! If you would like to check out my blog, the address is beautyzworld.blogspot.com.

    As for your blackberry well I think it’s very nice and I love blackberry’s myself, I personal have the blackberry pearl in pink and I love it to death… it’s been a year that I have it!! I hope you enjoy your new blackberry like i enjoy mine!! Its very helpful keeping things all organized in one place!!

  2. Hi Emily

    When you figure out all the neat things your blackberry does will you teach me? ;~)

  3. I have a blackberry curve! I <3 it!

  4. Yay for the Blackberry! Even now that I have my iPhone, I still keep another cell # so I can keep my Curve!

    PS No more YM! It folded a few years back; I was so sad as their beauty reviews were the best!

  5. ahh the first time was when I was a junior in high school my mom took me to mac to get my make up done and she bought me the quad, mascara and eye liner that they used on me. WOW she spent a lot of money that day though because it wasn't until recently that i realized how expensive MAC is, i always knew it was expensive, but now HOW expensive it was! it's sooo awesome.

  6. I'm getting a Blackbery Bold this weekend and I am super excited..your phone looks so cool! I can't wait to be able to "tweet" right along with the rest of the world...hahahaha

  7. I've been learning alot from your youtube channel. Great Stuff! Thanks for taking the time and effort!

  8. Oh! That is so neat. I don't own a cell phone! :( its okay, but I did tag u in my blog. Check it out for details.

  9. My mom wasn't so much a teacher as she was my personal make up artist and I used to sit and watch her "put her face on" - she's an artist and a very beautiful woman (she looks 40 at 60) so I just picked up what she did.

    I just got the Blackberry Curve and love it so much - until I spent all day searching tech forums to reinstall the phones OS because it randomly decided to not have icons. But 10 hours later, I was triumphant \o/

    Go Nerd Me! BTW, huge fan and I love your vids.

  10. Hi Emily! Your blog is great! I think I definitely first learned about makeup through my mother. My dad would carry me around the house when I was about 4, and I'd say "Go there" to some high shelf, and pick up my mom's lipstick and play with it a little haha. And later, it was a little mascara and lipgloss first, and now, entering my senior year of high school, I've got a nice stash of makeup!

    Also, haha, YM doesn't exist anymore! It stopped when I was in 7th or 8th grade, I think, so about 4, 5 years ago.

    Keep up the wonderful work! Its very funny that there is a condom ad on your page :)

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