QOTW: Weathering the Heat!

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Hola! 2 blogs in one day?! Oh yeah! Gotta recap the Question of the Week! Last week I asked: What part of your makeup can't withstand the heat? Here's what you had to say!

  • Foundation/cream based face products: 239 (57%)
  • Eyeliner/Mascara: 68 (16%)
  • Eyeshadow: 39 (9%)
  • Powders (blush/bronzers): 38 (9%)
  • Lipcolor: 32 (7%)

More than half of those who responded said foundation or cream based products can't withstand the heat. The other answers were far behind, but the next was eyeliner/mascara, then shadow, powders, and lipcolor. For me, I feel like powders don't last as long on me, especially if powder was the only thing i had on. That's just me though! Either way, I thought I'd give some tips for making each part of your makeup last longer...


When I know it's going to be warm but want my makeup to last- I'll use a thin layer of long-wearing liquid foundation like Rimmel Lasting Finish or Revlon Colorstay. Laying it on thick will almost create more of a problem when you sweat, so a thin layer will give you good coverage without caking it on. Set it with a dusting of loose powder, and then your blush and bronzer. The key continues to be THIN layers. The thicker you put it on, the more obvious will be when it comes off... but liquid and powders really go hand in hand for staying power, so use sparingly, but use them both.

Eyeshadow is another tough issue- the fold in your crease is a natural spot for sweat, so I'd advise using a primer. I love Too Faced Shadow Insurance... but check out my video on shadow primers on my youtube channel for a full review! Often times- they really make a difference. If you're still worried about your shadow staying, go with sheer washes of color- this will also be easier to touch up later. Eyeliners can also benefit from the primer you apply, and liquid or waterproof formulas are your best bet. Wet & Wild has H2O proof liquid liner that is super long lasting, and if you prefer pencils, I love Revlon Colorstay and Almay liner pencils. If you struggle with mascara, go with a waterproof formula and consider skipping the lower lashes to prevent smudging under the eye. Also remember my liner trick for ANY weather- with a concealer brush, dab powder right under your lower liner. This will help the liner stay put by absorbing any oils. Lip color- as indicated by your answers- isn't a huge concern. It's not a big deal in terms of reapplying, and there are lots of lip stains or long wearing formulas on the market. Minty lip balms like Burt's Bees are refreshing in warm weather! :)

Thanks for stopping by the blog everyone!

Emily :)


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