QOTW: What Makeup Do You Buy Cheap?

This week's question was: What makeup item are you most likely to spend less on? Better late than never- but I'm writing my results blog post! I try to get this done on Monday, but I just ran out of time in the day! Anyway- Here's what you had to say...

  • Foundation/Powder 36 (7%)
  • Blush/Bronzer 63 (12%)
  • Eyeshadow 42 (8%)
  • Eyeliner 80 (15%)
  • Mascara 94 (18%)
  • Lipstick/Lipgloss 190 (37%)

    Votes so far: 505 Poll closed

Like the majorityof you, my answer to this question was lipstick/lipgloss. If I'm in a drugstore, it seems like it's the thing I'm most likely to stock up on. However- as you've probably noticed through my videos- I tend to seek out the less expensive but surprisingly good items in ANY category of makeup. Therefore, I wanted to compile a list of some of my


These are items that I've been using a lot just recently and really loving- and they're all cheap! I also find them all to be great summer beauty products. (one in each category of the QOTW).

  • Wet & Wild Bronzzer in Bali Bronze... a light dusting of this deeper shade of bronzer looks great on medium skin tones and can really enhance a tan.
  • Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combo/Oily Skin in True Beige... Yes I still love my Rimmel Lasting Finish, but I've been using this a bit more lately since my skin is a bit darker (thru self tanning) and this shade is a great match. Just wore it in major heat on a news story today at a salvage yard (glamorous, I know), but it really didn't budge. I also made a conscious effort not to touch my face- and that helps the makeup stay as well.
  • Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express Mascara in Glam Black... lately I've been experimenting with different kinds of false lashes... whether I'm going to work, going out, or whatever- I've just been playing around with them a lot. This mascara does a great job of blending the real & fake. Or if you just wear it alone, it does a decent job of adding volume. It's grown on me, because I wasn't a huge fan when I first tried it.
  • Almay Eyeliner in Black... I believe this product claims to last 16 hours- that's also the claim of Revlon Colorstay products so I got this awhile back to see if it could even compare to Colorstay. I must say- it goes on more smoothly, and the staying power is practically the same as far as I can tell! I need to try it sometime without topping it with a shadow- so I can see how this truly holds up on it's own.
  • Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Champagne... I will warn you now this does NOT have much color in it at all. It gives a sheer hint of shimmer to the lips and not much more... but I still love it! Used alone, it makes my lips more alive and pretty looking, and it's also great under a lipstick because you get that nice cooling, minty sensation that Burt's Bees glosses have.
  • Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Trio in Shimmering Sands... it's one of the first shadow kits I ever owned, and i've repurchased multiple times. The shadows have improved in texture over the years, and if you want a little contouring but still want to look AWAKE- I've found this is a great pick. It helps me when I'm getting ready early in the morning because I'm tired- and these shadows don't make me look like it. They're not too dark & heavy.


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

Hey everyone! It's storming here right now! Lots of thunder, lightning, and wind. I really don't mind storms when I don't have to go outside at all- it's kind of soothing in a way. Tyler noticed I was blogging and wanted to pass along a big thank you for all of the kind messages so many of you left for him through the blog, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. He survived the bar exam, and while he was studying I was always passing along your good luck wishes. I am so grateful for all of you who regularly check out videos or my blog. I feel like I have a big circle of friends and the online makeup community is just incredible. Thanks for being so great!!!! :D :D




  2. Thank you, Emily, for all the work you put into giving us awesome information!

    I am a total Shimmering Sands fan! Love it!

  3. These are great makeup picks. I'm tempted to try the Shimmering Sands eyeshadow. I, too, have noticed the difference in texture with many products, not just these, over the years. My favorite part about your channel is how much of a bargain-hunter you are. I'm the same way, and it really helps me when I frequent CVS the most of any store! You've also helped me to discover products I wouldn't necessarily have picked out on my own--Milani, NYX, Physician's Formula. Thanks for your helpful tips and suggestions!

  4. Hey Emily, thanks for all of your awesome makeup updates on what you have etc....I just wanted to say that from the 5min video you did I really LOVED that lipstick you used at the end, the sweet honey by maybelline and i just found out it was discontinued :( So now im looking on other sites for it because the shade is just so pretty! have a great week :)

  5. Very interesting information and I feel the same way as you. I branch out. I love Revlon Colorstay f/d, drugstores lippies too and that Wet n Wild Bali omg...its great on any skin tone, love it!

  6. Interesting! I'm always looking for a good bargain! Thanks for sharing! (=

  7. I love ColorStay. It's my favorite foundation, and favorite drugstore line. I have that Covergirl quad, but I haven't used it yet. Don't know why.

  8. I love the feeling that Burt's leaves behind, but that color on me gives me a 'powdered donut effect' as I like to call it lol! i'm pretty pale, so I thought it would look pretty, but once i had it on it just looked really really light and unflattering :( i think maybe when applied extremely thinly and with some gloss on top it would look good though.

  9. I love cheap lipsticks, especially NYX. One time I got 12 roundlipsticks for 8 bucks :) here in Downtown L.A.

  10. That shimmering sands trio takes me back to junior high and high school! I think to date it's the only eyeshadow I've ever hit pan on. I used to wear it daily. :)

  11. Hi Emily!!
    You are so cute!! Love your blog and your videos!!!
    xoxo :)

  12. I love you guys! You have the most thoughtful comments about what I'm writing about or makeup in general. makeup bloggers rule! :)

    sorry sexyredhead about that lipstick being discontinued- I had no idea. That stinks because, as you said, the color is great!

  13. My favorite inexpensive makeup products are Loreal Voluminous Mascara and Maybelline liquid eyeliner. The one product I never go cheap on is foundation/powder as I have sensitive skin ... great blog by the way! =)

  14. I'm new to this blog site, but I've been watching your youtube videos for a while and I love them! Theyre some of my favorite videos because you tend to use cheaper products, which is great since im a "starving college student", haha :)

    So thank you for all the good advice!

  15. I've also started using the revlon colorstay foundation for combination/oily and it stays on my face as well, even in the 106 heat. I didn't even need to set it with powder, I just touched it up with powder after a few hours of running around doing errands. I watch every video and read your blog, thanks!


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