Tyler & Emily Take St. Louis!

Hey everyone!! How are you? Back in the saddle again for Monday! I had such a great weekend I thought I'd just do a whole "Emily's Journal" post. It's been so long since I'd had a 4 day weekend so I really enjoyed myself. Tyler and I spent part of the time in St. Louis where we enjoyed some fun in an area called "Laclede's Landing"- there are lots of fun restaurants & bars. We also headed to a great mall where I was able to do some makeup shopping! (Check out the haul video below to see what Tyler and I got!) My haul included items from Smashbox, Benefit, and MAC! :D I just regret not taking more pictures- I almost forget about my Blackberry being able to post pictures on twitter and that kind of thing so it's not quite natural for me to whip out the phone for every photo op. I'll get better, I promise!

What else is new... Tyler is on a job interview as we speak! For those who asked- it will be about another month or so before he gets his results from the bar exam! We wish they would come faster because it would definitely make the job search easier... but he doesn't want to waste any time so he's been applying in hopes that he'll pass. I think he will- he's a smartie! On my youtube channel on the sidebar, I posted a link to Tyler's twitter since he appeared in the video, and all night he was like, someone new is following me on twitter! LOL :D I told him now he's going to need to update more. If you want to follow Tyler: http://twitter.com/tdihle . Have a great week everyone!! :D


  1. hi emily,
    you and tyler are so cute! I watched your haul video last night and i had a smile on my face the whole time!

  2. That Tyler....what a keeper! Such a supportive guy. You are very lucky. You look even prettier than usual in this video. I wanted to say thanks for all your videos and for the link to your sister's blog. I follow hers now too, and think she is such an amazing artist and sooooooo funny. The post about "the chucklet" was a delight to read. Gina in Texas

  3. We absolutely LOVE St. Louis! There are so many fun things to do there. If I could I would totally move there!

    Loved the haul video-I'm definitely thinking about getting the kit for brown eyes. Awesome!

  4. you are so cute!great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifetsyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com. Follow mine as I will yours xo

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun


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