Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Haul

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great weekend. I'll elaborate more on mine below, but it did include a trip to the mall today, and when I stopped by Victoria's Secret- I realized that all of their Beauty Rush Cosmetics were 3 for $15 or 6 for $20! Plus there were lots of items that I was eager to try (I hadn't been there in awhile so they were new to me), so I thought, why not do the 6 for $20 deal and see what happens. (If you'd like to take advantage of the deal online, click here.)

(top to bottom: Hot Ginger, Espresso Lane, Plum Crazy)
These Wet/Dry shadows are totally new to me. Their domed shape sort of reminds me of the Physician's Formula Baked Collection... only there was much more color variety and when I swatched some shades in the store, I could tell that these are the real deal. The colors are soft and very pigmented and I'm excited to ge these on my eyes. I decided to go with a couple of neutral shades that could be used together, and then one wild card fun shade to play with as well. Just in terms of swatching them, I really think they are all equally good, but that plum shade is especially dazzling. They all have a pearly gleam to them- I feel a tutorial coming on :)

(left to right: Lip Gloss in Slice of Heaven and Juiced Berry, Soothing Lip Balm in Pretty Buff)
Then I opted to pick out 3 lip products. I have several of these Beauty Rush lip glosses already and I really enjoy them. I think the scents are outstanding and they are just wonderfully glossy. I'm not going to even pretend like I NEED anymore lip gloss, so I won't say that my stash would be suffering if I didn't pick these up... but they just caught my eye so I thought, what the heck, let's do this. I got the Slice of Heaven shade because it had a unique multi-dimensional color quality to it. I can't really describe it. It appears pink in some lights and golden in others- just beautiful! Plus is smells like cake. And the berry shade is a bit more transparent and gel-like than I was hoping for, but it will be a nice way to top off a berry lipstick for sure. Now for the Shoothing lip balm- I already have the regular soothing lip balm but this new Buff shade was intriguing to me... and there wasn't one opened up and available for swatching, so I just went with it. It has a nice minty scent & cool feel on the lips- but it doesn't show up much. It has a very slight nude shimmer- but as you can tell with the swatch on my hand- it's hard to detect.
So overall, I was pleased with what I picked up. I'm most excited about the eyeshadows and can't wait to do a look with them soon. What do you think of the Beauty Rush collection? Any favorites? Do tell! :D
♥ Emily's Journal ♥
Journal time! so this past Thursday a couple of Tyler's sisters (my sisters-in-law, duh) came down to visit us! That's me, Sarah, and Aimee in the pic above. Aimee has a twin sister Rachel, but she was just starting a new job that day and couldn't come down :( But we had an awesome time and it was great to see the girls again. Plus I had Friday off from work, so we partied it up! It was sort of a celebration for Tyler being done with the bar exam, and also for Aimee & Rachel who've been studying abroad in New Zealand. (I looked at their pics- it is gorgeous there and they had a blast). Anyway we had sort of a pizza party at our place, invited Tyler's friend Dan over, and then went out on the town. It was so much fun- I love these girls :D
What else... Friday was pretty low key. The girls had to go back that day, so Tyler and I sort of bummed around for awhile and eventually ran some errands. Then since Wed. August 5th is me & Tyler's 3 year wedding anniversary and I'll have to be in bed by 6 that night for the morning show the following day, we went out and celebrated early. We got sort of dressed up and went to this awesome Thai restaurant in town. Oh it's SO GOOD. I got sweet & sour chicken and their egg rolls are to die for. Then we went to see The Ugly Truth at the movie theater- it has Katherine Heigl in it. I thought it was hilarious! And I could relate to her role working at a TV station haha :D It was a wonderful night and I'm so happy Tyler is in my life. I love him so much and now that the bar exam is over- I'll have to get him doing some more videos!! :D Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!


  1. Those shadows are sooo pretty. You are tempting me! haha

    I tried one of their lip balms a while age and fell in love with it but their glosses, to me, weren't anything special.

    When i saw that movie, the ugly truth, i totally thought of YOU! haha And i was wondering if there is that much hostility behind the scenes...?

    Congrats on the anniversary! I wish u both many MANY more years :)

    BTW, you look lovely!

  2. I love victoria Secret makeup!!

  3. Didn't even know VS made eyeshadows, very new to me. Gotta check them out, Can't wait to see a look from you using them.

  4. Good post!

    I dont really like VS eye shodows, they not pigmited to me!


  5. Totally excited to see what you think of the VS shadows!

    You look adorable in the photo. And congratulations to you and Tyler!!! :)

  6. I bought all six colors of eyeliner when I was in the store last week. They are full of glitter, but do have good staying power.

  7. those e/s look really gorgeous. >"^_^"<

  8. I love your blog.. but I remember buying some VS eyeshadows and thinking how amazing the colors were but they lacked pigment.

  9. Oh Emily, now I wish we have VS makeup here

  10. Antonea- no there's not really that much hostility behind the scenes :D i'm fortunate to get along really well with the people on our morning show. i love them! :D

  11. Emily I really love your videos. They are all great. My 3 year wedding anniverary is so on August 5th, small world. Keep up the good work!!

  12. Emily... you look so tanned in that picture with you and your sister in laws... are you tanning or bronzing? Let me know if you can on twitter... bunzie13 or Ashley bunz :)

  13. i hate the beauty rush lip glosses--so sticky! but i look forward to trying the other products soon = ]

  14. aiitchh..those shadows are simply wow gorgeouss!!!!


  15. Hi Emily! Not even sure if you would see a new comment from such an old post, I guess we'll see! I went to the VS at my lil mall (I live in Northern CA, about 2.5 hours from Sac so our makeup selection is, ummmmmm slim :-) Anyway I went there looking for the Heidi Klum makeup another youtuber recommended and while they did NOT have that line (or even know what I was talking about, I HATE that!) They did have the whole line of makeup that you talk about here. Probably cuz they are so behind the times, lol. Anyway I swatched EVERYTHING, one INVALUEABLE tip I gained from watching videos and really can't believe how much confidence it gives you regarding the makeup! I ended up doing a 5 for $20 deal, and it WAS hard to pick only 5 but I stuck to my guns and got the ones that I thought were best overall in pigment, how much I would actually use it, and how easy it came off. VS didn't even have testers of ANY of the glitter liners! UGH, they opened some for me, Thank Goodness cuz I would have just bought the ones that I usually go with, ex Black, Purple but after swatching them it was really clear that some were MUCH darker than others and true to their color, had a ton more sparkle, and were creamier and easier to just glide along a swatch. OMGosh I'm rambling, sorry...I do want to mention they had a whole line of glitter eyeshadows in the tube with a wand...stayed away from those. Seemed very little pigment and alot of...just mess. Fallout. OK here is what I walked away with...2 Eyeshadows, 1. Bronzinger: O. M. Gosh! This eyeshadow was sooooo pigmented! I thought it was a smart choice to use as a lighter, sheerer neutral, but also easily buff in to be a much darker, sparklier Gold. 2. Crystal Ball: Kind of a pure white that actually has a white pigment, not just a sheer swipe of glitter like some. Again, use for sheer highlighting, or for bright white uses. I also got 2 Eyeliners. 1. I just HAD to get the liquid glitter liner in Platinumania. I swatched them ALL and this one was an instant, easy, thick, complete line of silver glitter. OK now I know that this is by no means an everyday liner, I am NOT a walking disco ball...BUT I thought for the seemingly good quality I should have it in my arsenal for those VERY special occassions like I dunno New Years, Halloween, or even a bizarre random clubbing night somewhere! Again, this is where swatching means everything, I would instinctively bought the black which swatched as a low pigmented, skippy, low glitter goop. 2. In the pencil liners I got Cosmo Cocoa. This liner is GORGEOUS! It ran a smooth, easy, DARK bronze line of glitter. I thought it would pair perfectly with the Bronzinger from above. And lastly I picked up a Beauty Rush ligpgloss. Now I am thinking maybe not a good idea based on the other comments, but, for $4, oh well, it's a live and learn type of thing, lol. I got Strawberry Fizz. It was the most beautiful pink (IMO) not too dark or too sheer and had just the right pearly/shimmer to it. So that was my VS haul that day :-) PS do you want these kinds of comments or would you like us to stick to commenting on your video or post only? I never know, your videos are SOOOO educational to me, someone who is just starting to say "HEY! I am a woman!" not just a mother, and I want to look beautiful for my self esteem, and most importantly my self confidence! I am still struggling to learn the right techniques for my eyeshadows, How to get that perfectly blended look, no matter if it's a natural or smokey eye, I just can't seem to get it AT ALL! But I keep tryin *sigh* OK thanks Emily for all your information to some of us (ME!) it really is invaluable and I look for new stuff every single day! Take Care, all the best to you and Tyler! ~Misty

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