Avon Fall Nail Colors!

(left to right: Textured Teal, Nocturnal)

Hey bloggers! Remember when I posted that "Sophisticated Fall Eye Tutorial" featuring products from Avon? Well those weren't the only products I've been testing. I feel like it's a brand that for some reason or another has been off my radar for awhile so I have some catching up to do, especially because I get so many requests from viewers to try certain products. I figured- what better way to re-familiarize myself with the brand than testing out some of the new fall colors!
I was given rave reviews from some of you about the Avon nail polishes. I tested out two of the new shades-- Textured Teal on my toes and Nocturnal on my fingers. I can't do a full review on this, because staying power is important to me and I can't yet say what the staying power is like since I just put it on yesterday. I thought both shades looked really pretty in the bottles... I think this about a LOT of polishes and then turn out to not like them so much once I apply them. They both went on really smooth in one coat. In fact I only have one coat of Nocturnal on my fingers. I could have gotten by with just one coat of Textured Teal on my toes- but I went for two just to see how much of a difference it would create. Though they went on rather smooth and opaque- they took a LONG time to dry... seemed to stay tacky for quite a bit longer than other polishes I've tried. So that was a little off-putting but all things considered, only needing to apply one coat sort of made up for it. I topped my nails and toes off with Sally Hansen Mega Shine clear top coat- one of the shiniest and fastest drying top coats I've ever met. (please excuse my less-than-perfect application in the photos below :)
I like Nocturnal in the bottle but I really am not loving it on my fingers. It's pretty and smooth- but it practically seems to have a hint of taupey-brown to it, and I think I would have preferred a light grey. Still an interesting shade, but overall- I think I'd like this shade better on my toes.

Now for a shade I LOVE on my toes (hopefully you can get over the fact that I showed my toe on here- LOL)... Textured Teal is a gorgeous deep royal/teal blue. It comes off as a very very deep hybrid of the two and I love it on my toes. As times I'll look down and it will appear black- but then it catches the light and you see the delightful blue tones. You're looking at 2 coats of this one- but I could've gotten by with one- it really didn't seem streaky. I think the second coat just gave it more of a sold finish.
These polishes cost $4.50 each- which isn't a bad price for the lovely finish I ended up with. These are supposed to last up to 10 days... will it pass the test? I will let you know!
♥ Emily's Journal ♥
Journal time! Thanks for stopping by everyone. Mondays really hit you like a kick in the face- especially after a long weekend. It was a good morning- but the simple story my photographer and I were working on seemed to drag on and it turned into a rather long day. Oh well, you'll have that! :) Oh no! I forgot to take a picture of my new haircut/color. I will do that tomorrow for sure! I'm loving my so-close-to-black-it's-basically-black shade. So does anyone else watch the show on Food network "Down Home with the Neely's?" I usually catch it before the evening news comes on and these two just crack me up. They are so lovey-dovey but they make me laugh. Tyler rolls his eyes while watching, but I kind of enjoy the ridiculous-ness of it. Right now it looks like they're making some ribs. Talk to you later!!


  1. take a pic w/your phone and tweet it...it's easy to do twitpic from your phone too - you just set it up and send the pic as an sms - usually easier to see on phones/tweetdeck than just sending it through ubertwitter - i use ubertwitter and do that from time to time, but realize it's easier for others if i do the twitpic thing....
    just a suggestion...
    i like the nocturnal color, but i am also looking for a light gray color....hhhmmm where to look where to look

  2. Yves St. Laurent has a NICE gray ..but it's expensive. I saw some "gunmetal" in the Sally Hansen section at Wal-Mart. I've been wanting to find a flat grey too, without the silvery shimmer.

    Thanks for reviewing these! I've been wrestling with buying those two colors .. I wish the teal was more teal.. instead of royal...and your right Emily, that nocturnal just looks kinda bleh when you get it on the nails.

  3. Hi there! :)
    I love your blog...
    I must say that Avon products are cool, not good enough...but some of them pretty cool.
    U should test more!

  4. Emily, is that a hair I see across your toe? Nice color, though. Thanks so much for all you do. Your videos are the most informative, and you are so cute in the ones you do with your husband... Thanks.

  5. The yellow nail polish is REALLY good, and so is Lagoon.

  6. I can't wait to see your hair!
    You went darker and shorter?
    I'm so excited to see it!

    I know it's gorgeous!

  7. Hi ladies I sell Avon/Mark check out my website for these nail polish's and other great products!!

    EVEN IF YOU SPEND $1.00 its free shipping!


  8. I'm loving the teal too...Just blogged about it the other day haha!! Im in the process of ordering the Nocturnal shade, it does look nice!!

  9. Oh...and I sell AVON too...in case you all are interested as well...youravon.com/vmancha...If you live in El Paso, Texas...I can deliver for free or you can get free shipping as well direct to you!! :D

  10. Hi Emily, if you are looking for a beautiful grey polish, you should check out Sephora by OPI Metro Chic. If you do a quick google search, you'll see several photos of what it looks like on the nail. It has a hint of purple in it, I think you might like it! Thank you for the review on the Avon nailpolish, I always seem to get more into polish in the fall and winter. Claire.

  11. Hi Emily

    I love these colours sooo pretty just perfect for fall. I have tried a few of avons nail paints & was really impressed.

    Great blog BTW I have just started 1 & I hope its as good as yours :)

    Keep up the good work

    Juicygirl2906 xoxo

  12. Even though this brand costs more money, I have to tell you my two new favorite nail colors by OPI:

    -"Go on green"
    -"Pink-ing of you"

    The "go on green" is sort of a light blue color... really pretty!! I love it on my toes, and the "pinking-of you" is like the perfect barbie pink for my finger nails!! I love these colors so much I don't know if I want to try any other colors!

  13. I think you need a forum .. that way we can hash all this out.

    I like the whole "getting someone elses opinion before I spend money on something"

  14. i like the gray one! :)

  15. i love avon products...very reasonable and reliable... if anybody is intrested in buying let me know..if you buy online you will be charged shipping fee...i can reduce shipping for you...here is the link to the latest brochure! :


  16. haha love down home with the neelys! they are too cute! and saying ya'll every other word just gets me laughing!..love the nail polish! Avon has some great palettes..even one comparable to the naked palette by UD :)

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