Book Review: Morning Sunshine! by Robin Meade

Hey everyone! I know you're used to seeing makeup reviews posted on my blog- but I just finished a book that I absolutely love- It's Morning Sunshine! How to Radiate Confidence and Feel it Too by Robin Meade. In case you're not familiar with Robin, she anchors Morning Express on CNN Headline News (HLN). She's always been someone I look up to in the broadcasting field, so I was naturally really interested in this book! But the message she passes along is definitely universal- how to boost your confidence- improving your feelings about yourself and in turn, making life more enjoyable for others as well. If you tune in to watch Robin on Morning Express, it may seem like she's happy, has an awesome job... what could be wrong in her life? But over the course of her career, she has battled some major problems with confidene and rather than just sharing those obstacles with you- she actually tells you HOW she overcame her issues (panic attacks before newscasts at one point!) The strategies she used are things that I believe would help anyone, in any circumstance in their life. It's definitely an appropriate book whether you're a student in school, knee-deep in your career, or retired. Great for men too! :D To top it off- Robin writes in a really conversational, easy to read way- just like how she anchors the news!

I thought I'd give you a run-down of the chapters in the book to give you a better indication of what it's all about! The book is completely guided by Robin's own experiences, which I think makes it such an interesting read. She's not just saying- it's a good idea to think like this... rather- this is what I've learned through my own struggles.
  • 1. Three...Two...One: Meltdown! .....Where Did My Confidence Go?
  • 2. My Name Is Robin and I'm a Shape-Shifter .....Losing the Real You
  • 3. Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News .....Your Diagnosis: Bad Self-Esteem
  • 4. I Don't Need No Stinking Help .....The Chiropractor with the Spine
  • 5. Begin the Breakthrough .....Learn to Stay in the Present
  • 6. What's on Your Pedestal? ......The Difference Between Being Liked and Being Respected
  • 7. Stop Judging Yourself! .....Is This the Secret to Confidence?
  • 8. The Bitch Is Back! .....Let's Go on a Bitch Recognition Campaign
  • 9. Be Yourself .....Who Else Ya Gonna Be?
  • 10. Frenemies .....Feeling Confident While Fielding Criticism
  • 11. Frick and Frack ....Balancing Your Life
  • 12. Breaking News! ......What Do You Want Your Life's Headline to Say?
  • 13. Your Passion Is Your Confidence .....(Your Compassion is, Too!)
  • 14. Be Grateful for Your Gifts! .....Are You Taking Your Gifts for Granted?
  • 15. Your Void Becomes Your Value .....When a Struggle Becomes a Strength
  • 16. The Confidence to Be a Good Spouse .....Introducing... Crystal!

Here's my video review on YouTube! :) You can find this book on, and most bookstores.


  1. Hey, This books sounds really intresting, I will check it out at my local books store and see if they have it!! Thanks for the great book reivew! I will let you know what I think of it when I do get the chance to go get it and read it!!!

  2. Great review! I've wanted to pick it up for the past week but I haven't made it to the bookstore as yet. I love Robin and I watch her just about every morning. She's always so bubbly at 6am!

  3. Looks like a great read, I'll put it on my list to check out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. That book is amazing, after reading the reviews i read it and found it quite interesting and inspiring.
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