N.Y.C. Liquid Eyeliner Rocks!

photo courtesy New York Color website- click pic to go there
Hey everyone! I know I mentioned this product as part of my Best/Worst of NYC video, but I thought it deserved even more explanation. I've been using this liquid liner ever since I ran out of my traditional Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner (which I swear by- I think it's awesome). But for less than 2 bucks, I decided to give this a try just to see if it could compare. I saw in a magazine that it was listed as one of Megan Fox's favorite beauty products, so I thought it just might work. And for me, it's awesome! So many liners I've tried have either not dried fast enough, have been too thin, irritated my eyelid, had a metallic finish, etc. This one actually gave me practically the same finish as Revlon Colorstay, but I think I like the longer applicator and brush tip even better. Seems to just go on faster and more smooth for some reason. Plus I paid about 5 bucks less for it!
I've been glad to hear from many of you recently-- in messages, emails, and on Facebook-- that some of you have gone from a self-proclaimed "makeup snob" to the realization that many drugstore makeup items can be awesome. It's not that you've given up on the high end brands that you're used to, but you've made room in your makeup world for less expensive stuff. This is one of those products I think you'll be really impressed with. Even though perhaps you don't hear about NYC on a lot of Editor's Favorites lists... or not a lot of your favorite YouTubers are talking about it- I think it's really worth a shot. I believe one day this product WILL be one of those legendary bargain products that has people baffled by it's quality/price. And if you don't like it as well as I do... you didn't even spend $2 on it! :)
♥ Emily's Journal ♥
Hey everyone! It's journal time again. I hope you're doing great! Can you believe it's already September?? I try to live by the philosophy of really soaking up every day and not being too eager for time to fly, since you don't really know how much time you have. (I know, it's getting deep in here). But I admit, I've been eager for time to pass so Tyler can find out whether he passed his bar exam. He'll probably find out sometime in October. (In case you're not familiar- it's the huge test he had to take to become a licensed attorney). As you would imagine, applying for positions that require a licensed attorney is much easier when you can say you have that certification. So we're playing the waiting game.... thanks for those who've been offering kind thoughts and prayers! Tyler and I appreciate your support! What else is going on... oh we have some sort of problem going on with our air conditioner in our apartment. It's running fine, but there's some sort of leak happening- i think it's condensation- and it's gotten under our carpet in a couple places in just the last day or so, which is not a good thing. Been tending to that a lot and will have our landlord check it out and decide what to do tomorrow. Hmmm.... let's end this on a good note!! I LOVE the fan photos you guys have been post ing on the Beauty Broadcast facebook page! You're all so beautiful and I think it's fun to see what everyone looks like! Any pics you post automatically go into the "fan photos" album. Love seeing pets, family, etc!! :D You guys are the BEST! And here's the link in case you haven't visited: http://www.facebook.com/beautybroadcast
Have a great day!
Emily :)


  1. I was never a makeup snob before watching you and the other makeup gurus. Just the opposite. I went years at a time without buying any makeup at all. Now I've tried so many new things, including a few high-end products that I never thought I'd buy. It's so nice to be able to get someone else's thoughts on something before I buy, and to see how a color looks on a person. I'm having so much fun experimenting with new colors and new looks. Yes I do now have NYC eyeliner. It's actually the only liquid eyeliner I have, and it seems pretty easy to use. Thank you so much for all your videos.

  2. Have you tried their Smooth Mineral pressed powder? It was on GMA. Really good!

  3. i agree! i love nyc liners, liquid and pencil. i love that their stuff is super cheap, since i am super cheap, but usually it works great.

  4. Hi, Emily! My boyfriend and I just had the same issue in our apartment with the AC. Our carpet in one area was SOAKED; the landlord told us to move our couch away from the main vent and that seemed to have helped.

    On another note, I have been trying drugstore products more since reading your blog and watching your videos. I am normally a MAC and Dior addict, and I'm happy to say that I'm loving drugstore brand eyeshadows and other makeup.

    Hope you're having a great Labor Day weekend!

  5. Wow. I really want to check this out next time I'm at target. :)

  6. i bought two of the nyc liquid liner (sable and pearlized black but i'm kinda hesitant to open it because after i bought i looked it up and heard all kinds of negative reviews about it flaking and taking a long time to try and it not being for beginners (this one would be my first liquid liner). i was thinking of returning the two and getting a revlon one instead.

    thank you for all your videos emily! they're a real big help to a beginner like me :)

  7. So I went and purchased the eyeliner, I'm not big on liquid eyeliners, i could never use them! But i thought i give it another try and i must say, I LOVED IT!!! Thanks to your reviews on drugstore make-up, I've stepped out of my MAC and department store ONLY bubble! I've purchased Milani make-up, Covergirl, NYC and my husband is shocked!! And extremely happy! =) Thanks for the reviews you've done! They're so helpful!!

  8. i totally 100 % agree with you. i swear ive tried every liquid eyeliner even paying up to like 25 dollars for one and who knew my favorite one would be a dollar and come from a drug store?
    the brush is perfect for precision lines and the color never smears. its my favorite eyeliner of all time. Glad you have it too.

  9. I got the NYC eyeliner too ..I passed it over several times thinking it wouldn't be good quality and decided I could risk $2.

    I found that if you just use one single swipe, it actually works well. If you go over it a couple of times and thicken the line it tends to do the flaking thing.

    If you let it dry after the one swipe and tap on some black/brown whatever color shadow on top with an tiny brush that will totally stop the flaking.

    I like that it also comes off easy and I don't have to tug @ my eye like you do with waterproof formulas.

    I also like the Maybelline liquid liner in the pot with the felt applicator (not the brush) .. it's like $5, is waterproof, and lasts all day.

  10. when I first started using liquid liners I found it seriously difficult! The NYC one was the first I came across that was actually relatively easy to apply and still managed to look really dark and slick. I've tried dozens since but this remains a frim favourite! =)


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