QOTW: School Makeover

Hey everyone! Wondering why there's been very few blogs lately? I've been working on a BIG project... creating a video library of my more than 250 YouTube videos! I'm getting them all organized into different categories, so you can see if you've missed anything or just watch a whole chunk of vids that you're especially interested in! I realize that playlists on YT could do the same thing, but I would need many more playlists than what's provided. This has been a HUGE project for me and I can't wait to unveil it! You may have noticed the link on the right hand side, which I'll activate when the video library is complete.

Now let's get to our Question of the Week! This week's question asked: What do you (or did you) like to makeover before the school year starts? Here are your answers! (I allowed you to place multiple votes)
  • Wardrobe 309 (59%)
  • Haircut 209 (40%)
  • Getting in shape 99 (19%)
  • Makeup 90 (17%)
  • Hair Color 86 (16%)
  • Don't change a thing 30 (5%)

    Votes so far: 520

I wasn't too surprised by these results! My three answers were wardrobe, haircut, and makeup. I always loved the process of picking out some new back to school outfits, and most of the time I would strategize exactly what I'd wear during the first week. You may recall me saying that my mother, who once worked in cosmetology, always cuts my hair... so we'd always talk about what different cut I could do for the new year. (I would get bored easily and usually wanted to switch things up). And as far as makeup, I was continually playing with that and figuring out a new look- usually magazines were my source for information.


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

Hey everyone! What a busy few days it's been! I had a wonderful weekend- my sister-in-law Sarah came to town to visit before she moves to Minnesota! We always have a good time, and she lets me do her makeup so that's always a plus! We also went makeup shopping and did a "haul" video on it. Once the work week started, things got super busy! I had my regular doctor's checkup yesterday after work, and then today I had to head to the dentist for a filling! My face is still numb, and that's why I didn't shoot a new video today but I will start getting one uploaded that I did over the weekend. I have a LOT of reviews in line to do- including some TEETH products, tanning products, Avon stuff, and more. Also- Tyler will be starting up a blog soon. What types of things do you want to see in it? Any particular topics that would appeal to you? Anything you'd like to get a guy's perspective on? Let me know! Thanks for reading!! :D



  1. Hi Emily - I think I saw on your Twitter page that (you?) were looking for news stories. I wonder if you and the news team there would do a story about the different money back programs out there such as Bigcrumbs etc. I am a member of that one and can vouch for it. Your Viewers might find that topic very interesting and helpful in this economy.

  2. here are some ideas for tylers blog.... I think people would enjoy, job search, technology related topics (e.g. Blackberry's, Computers), and what every goes inside a male mind...

  3. I've always wanted to know how tall Tyler is! I also think hearing about his job search would be fun. Hearing about married life from a guy's perspective. And maybe a guy's perspective on what it's like to be married to such a "girly girl" (and I mean that in a good way - I am too). You know, is he annoyed when you take a long time to get ready, does he like natural look rather than make-up, etc.

  4. Hey Emily! Love the blog! Just saw ur video on ur drugstore makeup haul w/ ur friend. Great video and very pretty eye looks! I just posted August Favorites on my blog if you want to check it out!


    Have a great day!!!

  5. Hi Emily - Would you please ask Tyler to review the new Madden 10? We have NCAA 09 for Wii (very difficult to play) and are thinking about switching back to XBox 360 for Madden 10. Opinions? Suggestions? Thanks!


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