Your Questions Answered: Spray Tan Comparison Video

Hello bloggers! Thanks for stopping by. Yesterday I posted this video comparing the Salon Bronze tanning system with Sun Love tanning. Both are safe methods of getting a tan. Salon Bronze is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $12.99, and Sun Love is available at for $49.95. After I posted this video, I got a handful of questions pertaining to things that I either forgot to address or needed to expand on. So I wanted to post this blog to answer some of those questions.

However, before I do that, I would like to address some rather harsh criticism I've been getting for featuring Sun Love in this video. Normally, I don't like to even acknowledge negative comments that are just plain judgemental and mean (they don't come about often, but they do happen)... but in this instance, hopefully without adding fuel to the fire, I will respond. It hurts that loyal subscribers would just assume that I was paid by SunLove to do this video. I DO NOT get paid by companies to make videos! I would never promise a positive review! I have taken the time out of my days to make nearly 300 honest videos and the fact that some of you would just assume that I'm "money hungry"- as I was called- is harsh and inaccurate. Also- according to one YouTuber- SunLove made disrespectful comments on Twitter to someone. I'm not saying whoever received these comments is dishonest, but I will say that I did not see these comments first hand, therefore I am NOT taking that into consideration with my review. I judged the PRODUCT. Perhaps some of you would like me to take other factors into consideration, but all I can truly judge is my experience with the company, and my experience with the product. I can't believe everything I hear on the internet, so therefore I review WHAT I KNOW. If you would like to take other factors into consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase a product I review, be my guest! You are more than welcome to do your own homework on an item and decide for yourself whether it's right for you! I am here to provide you with my best assessment of my experience. That is what I will continue to do, and I will continue to keep it honest. To viewers who consistently watch my videos and provide constructive feedback: THANK YOU. I'll get back to the main purpose of this blog now, and address your questions below.
  • Do the tanning products have a strange scent?
*Salon Bronze had a slightly more chemical-ish scent, Sun Love's scent was actually a somewhat fresh, ever-so-slightly sweet scent. Neither one is objectionable in my opinion.
  • How long did your tan last with each product?
*My tan lasted about a week to ten days with each product. Staying moisturized and not doing a lot of exfoliating will help the tan last. However you should exfoliate BEFORE using the tanner to get rid of dead skin cells. Keep in mind that the tan on your face will probably not last as long. At least for me, I think my twice a day face-washing causes it to wear off sooner.
  • Did these products break you out?
*Neither one of these products broke me out. I was even able to use them both immediately after shaving my legs (a time when I don't even want to use scented lotions because I feel like it burns) but these did not irritate the skin on my legs or my face.
  • Can you get replacement cans of compressed air for Sun Love?
*You can purchase replacements of the tanning liquid as well as the compressed air on
  • How long does the compressed air last?
*I have not yet run out of my can of compressed air. I've done probably 7 different applications and I still have compressed air. I haven't heard how many applications it typically lasts for- but if anyone knows, feel free to share.
  • Why do people need to be tan?
*They don't! It's a personal preference for some, but if you enjoy your skin just how it is, more power to ya!
  • Would this work for pale skin?
*I would recommend the Sun Love for pale skin because one "coat" of it will really give you a natural tan that's not too dark. Doing one coat once a week gives me natural color that's not over the top. The Salon Bronze is more likely to go on uneven- which would be even more visible on pale skin. Sun Love gives a really even application, so that's what I recommend.
  • Do either of the tanners look orange?
*I felt that both tanners gave natural color overall. They're actually really similar in terms of the shade, but I think Sun Love is a little more natural. Even after you've washed off the bronzer, you're left with a really nice color that doesn't seem orange. The tan gets deeper with future applications, which I think is really neat, considering it's not a gradual tanner.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a wonderful day!
Emily :)


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  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for all of your videos. I am so hooked! It's so horrible that these people are so hateful that it forces you to respond to their comments. I guess you can't make everyone happy :(
    But you have plenty of fans who can tell you're sincere and honest!!

  3. Ignore the haters, Emily. There are tons of us out here that LOVE your videos!!!!! I check your blog and your YouTube site every day for updates. I love that you are honest & sweet, and take time out of your busy day with a full-time job to make videos for us. Don't let the haters bring you down.

  4. Hey Emily! It's too bad that you received some harsh and judgmental comments regarding your Sunlove video. I guess people were all riled up over Gemma's (fellow youtuber gemsmaquillage) video about sunlove and immediately accused you. I think it's just disappointing that a company with good products has rather questionable PR. But I am glad you had a good experience with the product and brand.

  5. Also, I never thought that you gave false information or was paid at all by were just giving your honest opinion.

  6. I now nothing about either product but I wanted you to know how much your videos have helped me with my makeup and skin care. I'm 52 and my daughter is 21. We both love your videos, your reviews and your bubbly personality. Ignore those who have nothing positive to contribute.

  7. I think you're great and I love your videos!! Your integrity and honesty shine through your videos- those who cant see that, don't want to.. Keep up the awesome work!! We love you!!

  8. Thank you so much. Your comments make me want to keep making videos! :)

  9. Hi Emily,

    I was that fellow youtuber that was harassed by sunlove via twitter. I am so sorry to hear that people have left you harsh comments and I absolutely do not condone that. I had a really awful experience with Sunlove and chose to speak out about it in as mature and responsible way as I could and I absolutely respect anyone who has reviewed the product in good faith and has had a good experience with it. After all, that is the great thing about the beauty blogging community, you get to see the good and the bad about products and make an educated decision.

    Unfortunately some people have watched my video and taken it upon themselves to harass those who have reviewed Sunlove favourably. Quite frankly I am both disgusted and appalled by this. Nobody deserves to be spoken to in this way. My reasoning behind making the video was to draw attention to something that has upset a lot of people on twitter, and can be classed as harassment. I have now received an apology from the company for this, so they obviously know they have acted in an inappropriate way and are attempting to rectify this, however as far as I am aware the abusive comments on twitter are still there in public view if you scroll back far enough. I completely respect that you might not have personally seen these, and if you are interested I do have screenshots of what was said to me and others should you wish to see it.

    I have been subscribed to your videos for a very long time, and I genuinely think you are one of the warmest most genuine youtubers out there. The reason I contacted you in the comments to make you aware of my experience was just so that you knew what was happening with this company. I suppose if I had made a review of a product in good faith I would appreciate someone letting me know if the manufacturer had been acting inappropriately. I simply wanted you to be informed.

    Again I can only apologise for any hate mail you have received and reiterate that I find it completely unacceptable. Unfortunately despite stating clearly that my issue is only with sunlove as a company and not with any other bloggers, I have still come under fire and received hate mail myself from fans of fellow bloggers who have reviewed sunlove.

    The whole reason I made the video was for my subscribers and the many young people that watch my videos and are influenced by reviews. I wanted to give them both sides of the coin so they could make an educated decision. I hope you understand a little bit more now why I made my video and why I felt I needed to speak out. Please feel free to email me if you want any further information about this, or want to see the documents that led to me making the video.

    If you want to you can read more on my blog, you can find my email address there also.

    Lots of love,
    Gemma x

  10. Keep right on truckin', Emily! We loyal followers enjoy hearing your honest opion on products that you try. We really do appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these awesome videos, considering how early you have to get up in the morning for work! ahahaha Best Wishes, Tiaunna

  11. I can't tell you often enough how much I appreciate what you do and how much I enjoy your videos. I've been watching you since way back when you started and hope you will continue to make videos/blogs for a long time to come.

    It makes me sad when people leave uncalled comments, but please don't let haters get to you, we're 100% behind you and trust you. Those people have nothing better to do with their time and are just miserable and jealous. Don't forget, for every hater out there, you have hundreds of us that love and appreciate you!!

  12. You know what? You're a sweetheart and a talented makeup artist (and news anchor, I'm sure!). I'm annoyed on your behalf that people would be harsh about this.

    I found this review incredibly helpful, especially since I'm very fair skinned.

    Keep up the great work! AND thanks always for your honesty.

  13. Ignore the haters emily. Some people are just crazy. I think its complete crap that some are taking sunloves shabby customer service out on you.

  14. That's a real shame that people are taking things out on you - it's not like you have a say in how they conduct themselves. I absolutely believe your reviews are 100% honest which is why I subscribe - plus I love that you review more obtainable products than many other youtubers!

    I must say I was quite sceptical to hear about Sunlove being so rude (since there does often seem to be a bit of drama on blogs etc), BUT I did check out their twitter page and unfortunately found that all the rumours were indeed true.

    If you do ever have the time, please check it out for yourself and see why so many people are so offended.

  15. It's really too bad that some "gurus" ruin everything for others.

    Lisa and Elizabeth (ALLTHATGLITTERS21 and JUICYSTAR07) are paid to do reviews and they lie and say they are not paid. They have ruined it for other gurus because now people are questioning everyone.

    Lisa (elle) was paid around $4000 from Sunlove to review them. there is proof of that and if you ask Sunlove they will admit it to you.

    "elle" and her sis lie about everything and always say they have never been paid.

    I think some of the statements made by Sunlove on their twitter were rude but nothing compared to how Rude Lisa and her sister have been to their OWN subscribers. They have threataned them, been very mean and continuously lie.

    There is all kinds of proof they get paid including from Sunlove.

    It is very wrong of gurus to accept money for a review and then lie and say they were not paid. They should NOT be supported until they come out and start explaining things and being honest.

    More people need to find out about those 2 because they have made things very difficult for the entirebeauty community.

    Thereisablogout there with more info if you care to see it

  16. Thank you so much for posting this Emily. You are the best :) xoxo Anna

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