Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette #1

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Hey everyone! If you've seen my Fierce Pink & Purple eye tutorial, you know these aren't your everyday shadows. The shades in the Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette #1 are some of the brightest, most pigmented shades I've ever used. This magnetic palette (filled with shadows) costs $21.95. It also holds Coastal Scents Hot Pots- and if you want, you can pick up these "Creative Me" shades individually. I enjoy how the palette comes with a big mirror and keeps all of my brightest shadows available in one place. Here's a look at the swatches- they correspond with the rows in the palette... (I used the CS Eye Poxy 2 Primer under these)

In terms of creating looks with these colors, so far I've only done a tutorial using the shades in the pink/purple color family (minus the red). I definitely want to do more tutorials using these shades- but I want to do what YOU want to see. So in the comments section please let me know what color combinations you'd like to see a tutorial on. While they're split into obvious color families in the pictures and in the palette- I'd like to switch things up... maybe using the pink & the aqua for example. Anyway- just wanted to give you a closer look at the colors! Thanks for visiting my blog today, and please don't forget to answer the latest "Question of the Week" in the sidebar!


  1. Hi Emily,

    I have the Coastal Scents 88 Original and Shimmer palettes, in your opinion would I be better off checking out the Hot Pots or going for something like the 88 Warm palette?

    Thanks :)

  2. I would love to see something with the blues and teals :) but something pretty wearable would be wonderful! thank you!!

  3. HI Emily,
    I would like to see something nice for fall or christmas using the reds and purples with a little royal blue? Thank you!

  4. Hi Emily,
    Blues and teals make a great combination, specially in brown eyes like yours (and mine LOL). Maybe you could do something like that for us? Thanks for all your tips!

  5. I never really know how to use yellow because it's so extreme. Also, I never know what to do with red because it always seems to make me look like i've been crying if I try to use it like I would normally use a more neutral color. and yellow!!

  6. I love love love the orange and the blue shades! You should do a tutorial using orange/yellow shades emily..

  7. I love your swatches .... I've been dying to buy a costal scents pallette for the longest but she keeps talking me out of ig but ii think that ii am going to do it because I love MAC but it is getting to expensive for me

  8. Wow those colors are crazy! Lol Looking forward to see any tutorials using this palette.

    And I think someone here already mentioned a Christmas inspired look. Emily, could you do a tutorial like that? That's be great. Maybe a little closer to the holidays. Let's get Halloween out of the way first :p


  9. Wow! These look so ridiculously pigmented!

    Please visit my blog at

  10. Hi Emily!

    These shadows are super bright, loving it! I'd like to see something with maybe the oranges or reds and purple. A fall/harvest sort of look perhaps.

    Thanks so much! <3

  11. HI Emily,I would love to see you do a tutorial/look using the blues and teals.I've also been wanting to order from Coastal Scents for the longest time now but sometimes it seems like their products are to good to be true

  12. wow, I'll have to check those out. Beautiful vibrant colors!

  13. i would love to see the teals!

  14. Mardi Gras inspired....purple, green and gold/yellows would look cool. I have had this palette for over 3 months and I haven't used it yet.
    I also bought around 30 other hot pots and just sampled a look ONCE with those (neutral look of course). I'm overwhelmed w/ colors. eeek?!
    My mind goes blank, like visual overload or something. lol

  15. Could you do a look with the blue/teal/turquoise shades?

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