If you had to pick 1 lip gloss...

That's the question I posed on my Beauty Broadcast Facebook Page today! I posted it this morning- and as of 4:10 in the afternoon I had 83 responses! Many different kinds were mentioned, but here are the top 5 brands...

  1. MAC
  2. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush
  3. Revlon
  4. C.O. Bigelow
  5. (3-way tie) Lancome, Smashbox, Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips

Since I asked the question, it's only fair that I come up with an answer too, right? After spending far too much time trying to pick just ONE lipgloss... I am confident in my choice. Pictured above is Jordana Pretty Shine Lip Gloss in Lovely. It's a brand available at Walgreens, and items in that brand are usually 2 for $3. Why did I pick this shade?
  • It's almost always with me in my purse
  • It has a gorgeous shine and shimmer
  • Consistency is slightly thick, but not sticky... lasts a decently long time
  • Overall, it looks pretty neutral but at times appears to have the slightest berry undertone
  • It's the shade I'll put on if I haven't yet picked out an outfit because I know it will look good with everything
  • It's cheap
  • Clearly- it's loved. The label has been completely rubbed off.

I have so many- too many- lipglosses in my collection. I have some light nudes that I LOVE. I have some reds and deep plums that are wonderful as well. But if I had to pick just one and throw everything else out... this Jordana lipgloss is the one that I'd have to pick. Now that I've forced myself to think about this somewhat depressing situation... I'll revert back to my world of enough lipgloss to doll-up a small army. Have a fantastic day!



  1. My favorite is Bare Essentials Buxom Lips in either Brandi or Trixie.

  2. Oh! I can't think of my favourite lipgloss either!! I don't know how you chose! Especially from your HUGE stash of them >.<

    Boo. . . I want to try out that Jordana lipgloss! But it's not available in Canada!!

    Has your QOTW moved to Facebook now? Cause I can't find it on your blog anymore. . .

  3. Lisa- it's on the right sidebar of the blog. this was just a random question I felt like asking on my facebook page :)

  4. Well I am unfortunately IN LOVE with NARS Orgasm. It's staying power is the BEST I have ever tried. It's not sticky and it's doesn't tingle. I like buxoms but they arent' my HG?
    Does anyone know if there is a really close dupe to NARS "O"?

  5. One thing I LOVE about your makeup reviews, is all of your stuff is affordable. And you make it look great! I'm going to try some of your fave lipgloss!

  6. my fave is smashbox in Candid. It isnt sticky at all and lasts a decent amount of time.

  7. I am surprised so many ppl put up with the stickiness of VS beauty rush...I was once a fan of them cs they looked and smelled and taste great. My replacement for them is CG wetslicks they look great..taste and smell great as well :) MAC's lip glosses r sticky too IMO...but they have beautiful colors :)
    I wish i could try ur pick mayb when i am back in US i will :) I always love learning ur answer to the questions :)

  8. I'm loving Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush right now. It's sweet, smooth and affordable.

  9. I don't think I can pick one favorite, but my top favorites would be Covergirl, Almay, and lately I'm loving Sexy Mother Pucker.

  10. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss has been my favorite for a long time now. It actually tastes like its scent which is total yum!

    -Deniz K.

  11. I just bought the Jordana lip gloss in Lovely,and well,it is! the smell is kind of strange,but you can get over that quickly once you see how gorgeous the color is..and it is so long lasting..

  12. Excellent products. We're using a lot of Coastal Scents here. What do you think about these cosmetics?

  13. I found your post while I was searching online for Jordana Lovely because I can't find it in my Walgreen's anymore! I TOTALLY agree with you-- it is my go-to lip gloss and if I had to pick one to take forever, this would be it! Now I'm afraid I'll never find it again! I may have to drive to another city for it!

  14. My favorite lipgloss is NYC Liquid Lipshine in Honey On The Hudson. But, I love them all.


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