Playing with Purple- and Pup!

Hello! The face you're looking at isn't me, it's my beautiful sister Kelly a.k.a. Pup! Though we're about 15 years apart, we have a great relationship- and when we get together (like we did this past weekend) we always have a great time! I love Pup so much and I just wish we could be together more often! She's been there for me during pretty much every major moment of my life, but what's also really cool-- Pup and I can have the most fun & memorable times just goofing off! One of those times came over the weekend when Pup told me to "go nuts" and do some fun & different eye makeup! I took those words to heart, giving Pup a bold purple eye look with some of the most pigmented shades I have access to. Though it's a variation from Pup's natural beauty, I think it's bold and fun-- and she carried it off beautifully!

As you can see from the little image I created above-- I used my Creative Me palette from Coastal Scents. This is similar to the Fierce Pink & Purple look I recently did on myself, only that was heavier on pink and this is more purple. I actually shot this look with Pup as a video tutorial- but due to the way I was positioned in relation to the camera- my voice didn't pick up that well the entire way through. So enjoy the bullet points! :D
  • Prime the lid with a shadow primer (I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance)
  • Pack a bold matte purple shadow onto the lid, blending into the crease as well
  • Deepen the crease & outer V with a rich black shadow
  • Brighten the look- with a light touch, use a matte fuscia shade to blend over the outer border of your shadow look (leaving space between the shadow and the eyebrow)
  • Highlight under the brow and the tear duct area with any shimmery white shade
  • Line the upper lashline with a black liquid liner, and define the bottom lash line using a black shadow and an angled liner brush.
  • Complete the look with mascara... or false lashes for extra drama! Pup is wearing Andrea Mod Lash #53

We had fun doing a little post-makeover photo shoot. Pup makes a gorgeous model! Here's Pup with her precious cat Bunny! (Bun has no tail).

Fun Facts about Pup!

  • Pup is an incredible artist, and also teaches high school art
  • The seasonal Reese's Peanut Butter products (PB eggs, pumpkins, etc.)... Pup loves them
  • Pup is a fan of the band U2 and has created a number of U2 cartoon images
  • Pup is a nickname that I've used for her ever since I was a small child!
  • She's a wonderful cook. She's always preparing a wide range of gourmet meals!
  • Pup has a loving husband named Jeff!
  • My sister is incredibly smart, loves to read, and will always win at Trivial Pursuit!
  • Today someone at work said, "she does art, AND she cooks too?" I responded, "She's pretty much a Renaissance woman."

Want more Pup? She talks about her artwork, cooking, and more at her blog:

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Your sister and you look so much alike!


    Thanks as always for coming over. Another unforgettable weekend. I miss you already!

    Everybody, this kid is fabulous and I admire her so much.

  3. I've been following her blog since the first time you linked her one here, and I LOVE it. It is one of my favorite blogs ever.

  4. Well at least you don't have to guess what you'll look like at 40...still beautiful just like your sister!

  5. you guys look so much alike!! crazy!! my sister & i are also 15 years apart which always seemed rare among my friends. =)

    i also love the seasonal reese's. hahaha

  6. yay for Pup! Love the purple-ness!

  7. You look just like your sister and your sister is gorgeous for her age!! Love the look you created on her and she certainly is very talented in the fields I suck so terribly and cooking..T.T

    Follow me?

  8. Thanks, I'll check Kelly's blog out.

  9. Hey Emily!

    My sister and I are going to have a make-up day on Wednesday. I'm pretty pumped for it! We're 6 years apart and we are the best of friends!!

    Your sister seems like an AWESOME person!! She reads and does art <3 I like.


  10. Purple definitely agrees with her! Looks lovely :)
    -Becky xoxo

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