QOTW: Lash Curling!

ELF Eyelash Curler
(photo courtesy eyeslipsface.com)

Hey everyone! This question of the week was very straight forward- Do you curl your eyelashes? Here are the results...

YES: 187 (54%)
Every now and then: 86 (25%)
NO: 68 (19%)

Votes so far: 341
Poll closed

I think curling lashes is so important! I do it everyday. Here are some random thoughts on lash curling from me...

  • The ELF eyelash curler (shown above) is my all time favorite eyelash curler! And it's only $1!! You can find it on the ELF website, or at your Dollar General store... or wherever else ELF is sold where you live!
  • I have 3 eyelash curlers... one sits on my makeup desk, another in my purse, and another in the makeup bag I take to work.
  • I curl my lashes everyday before applying mascara- I hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds
  • For the ultimate curve... hold the lash curler in place for a few seconds, then reposition the curler slightly closer to the ends of the lashes so you don't end up with one solid crimp- repeat one or two times. It's not absolutely necessary if you have super short lashes.
  • A lot of people say you shouldn't curl your lashes after applying mascara. I must admit- though my primary curl comes from what I do prior to mascara application- every now and then throughout the day- for a little lift- I'll give my lashes a quick curl. Just be gentle and you shouldn't have a problem with pulling out lashes.
  • Don't curl your lashes in a moving vehicle! It's just not worth it if you hit a bump!
  • Don't curl your lashes around a curious cat! My cat likes to watch my mom put her makeup on, and one day he batted at her hand while she was curling her lashes... she lost a few!
  • I've yet to find a "lash curling" mascara that replaces the effect of an actual eyelash curler! Some will enhance the effect, but I've tried nothing that can duplicate it.
  • Some suggest heating your lash curler with a blow dryer... or even using a heated lash curler. I've actually never tried either of these methods, but I'm not against the concept. Just be careful!

If you've never curled your lashes, I challenge you to try it out! It helps the eyes look more wide awake, framed, and feminine! Many people have lashes that are so straight they practically point downward- Use a lash curler to give your face an instant "awakened" look!


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

What's up everyone! How are things going? Life has been busy for me lately- hence the lack of blogs. It seems something has been going on every weekend, and I haven't had a ton of quality time with my computer. Oh well! I tend to have these phases where work/social life/family stuff keeps me busy and then it dies down a bit.

You may have noticed this on my Twitter or Facebook... but Tyler passed the bar exam! What a load off! It took so long to get the results in, but now he can breathe a much deserved sigh of relief! This should make his job search a lot easier, thank goodness!

Let's see what else... I'm getting sort of obsessed with Jawbreakers. I love the sweet-but-not-overly-sweet flavor. In other random news- I've been a loyal viewer of yet another season of "Dancing with the Stars!" I've watched for so many seasons, I'm practically more familiar and more of a fan of the pro dancers than the actual celebrities! I remember several of them from my other favorite dancing show- "So You Think You Can Dance". Do you have any favorites on DWTS yet? I'm enjoying Chelsie & Louie Vito, Dimitry & Mya, Lacey & Mark... and the list goes on! I miss Julianne Hough this season though- she was one of my favorites! Also-- I think the makeup on DWTS is FANTASTIC. Wouldn't it be fun to be part of that process? They all get to look fun & dramatic, sometimes colorful, sometimes following a theme... and it just always turns out great! Perhaps I'll devote a whole blog post to this topic if there are enough other DWTS fans out there!

Hope you have a great day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh! I always curl my lashes! It really opens up my eye and gives me that extra oomfh! I have yet to try the ELF eyelash curler! I hope I can find it in stores as I don't usually order online. Currenly I'm using the Revlon one with the white strip.

  2. I'm using a Revlon lash curler... and it works okay. Sometimes it is hard to curl the ones one the outside for me.

    DWTS - :D! I only saw the first ep but I'm rooting for Melissa Joan Hart - b/c she was awesome as Sabrina the Witch :) One of my favorite childhood shows!

  3. I've never, ever curled my lashes - I guess I lucked out in the genetic lottery and ended up with lashes that are so curly naturally that when I put mascara on, they touch my eyebrows. :)

  4. I have never curled my lashes. I think I am scared of lash curlers. They look kind of frightening to me *lol*

    Congratulations to Tyler on passing his exam. I bet you are way more relaxed now :)

  5. I'm so going to get the Elf eyelash curler! Thanks for the tips :)

  6. Jennifer- I didn't know people like you existed!! LOL :D

  7. LOL.... it's weird, isn't it?? :) My hair is naturally curly, too, but I HATE it. So while I've never used a lash curler, I have a lot of experience with my flat iron!! :D

  8. Interesting article! I started to curl my lashes a month ago, & it is definately worth it! Thanks for posting this (=

  9. I recently started curling my eyelashes and I must say, it does make a huge difference especially if you have thin, light eyelashes like me. I never used to do it because it didn't seem to work when I tried, but maybe it's just because I wasn't using a quality curler?

  10. I don't know if it's just me. I brought the ELF lashes curler like a month ago. Everytime I use it..it pulls out my lashes like at least 2-3lashes each side everytime I use it. (and no, before mascara). I've actually tried to curl it after too but it still pull my eyelashes. and.. no i don't pour it but my lashes seems to stink with the curler and falls out right after =[

  11. i do curl my lashes, especially for a night out or events cause they're naturally straight (the asian gene, you see.. haha)...
    sadly, we don't have ELF here... =(

  12. I have to curl my lashes - I guess I'm lucky in some ways because they're really long but because I wear glasses so I have to curl them to make sure they don't brush against the glass. Most annoying if I happen to be in a rush!

    Oh and I love the ELF curler, such a bargain and works as well as any other curlers I've tried

  13. This is very new to me... I have never used such curler fo my lashes... Mine look very dark but it is short..Thanks for the good info...

  14. do you know why some people like the shu uemura or sephora or some other fancy expensive curler? is there something different? or is it the brand/price?

  15. its really nice instrument with the help of we can apply lashs very easily thanks ....

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