QOTW: Makeup For a Night Out

Hey bloggers! In this past Question of the week I asked: What do you do makeup-wise for a night out? Here are your responses:
  • Take day's makeup off & start over: 191 (50%)
  • Touch-up your daytime look: 159 (42%)
  • Leave daytime look the same: 14 (3%)
  • Don't wear night out makeup: 13 (3%)

    Votes so far: 377 Poll closed

I was surpised that the majority of people who answered this question actually start from scratch for a nighttime makeup look. It really wasn't something I started doing until recently(when I started making makeup videos and wanted an extra chance to do a tutorial). But the truth is- we don't ALWAYS have time to start fresh, sometimes we can only touch-up. Even a minor touch-up can make a big difference, you just need to know what features enhance, and how to make them shine! I'll get to some tips in a moment, but first- some pictures to give you an idea of what I mean by "day" makeup and "night" makeup... (and keep in mind- I'm not a big "rules" person when it comes to makeup... so if your daytime look is slightly more dramatic, or your nighttime look is more natural- that's fine! Go with whatever makes you feel good! These are just some ideas).


  • FACE: flawless skin with a natural finish... really letting your skin shine through with a lighter-coverage base- (tinted moisturizers, light mineral powder foundation). Bronzers and blushes can be used, but keep the concentration of color more muted.
  • EYES: Keep shadows and contouring light... think pastel and neutral shades. If using liner- make it a fine line, and false lashes are not a must for day.
  • LIPS: Think neutral/earthy shades. Light glosses and tinted balms in tones of pink and bronze are great, as are rosey hues that make lips look more naturally pigmented.


  • FACE: Full coverage makeup, paired with a deeper concentration of bronzers & blush. Additional contouring on cheekbones, as well as highlighting to work with lighting that might be slightly more dim.
  • EYES: More dramatic- smokey effects with liner, brighter colors, false lashes... Think glamorous, sexy, and defined.
  • LIPS: Nighttime lips can go one of two ways... a deeper shade to add to an "old Hollywood glam" look... or a barely there nude to create major contrast with a deep smokey eye. Whatever you choose... you have the option of two totally different looks!


Now that you have a visual understanding of the general differences between day and night makeup- you can start thinking about how to take your next look from day to night in case you don't have much time. I have a YouTube video about makeup touch-up tips... but this blog is focused specifically on taking a look from a natural to dramatic...

  • Clean it up! Use q-tips and eye-makeup remover to clean-up any under-eye smudges that have developed throughout the day. Make sure to blot with the clean end of a q-tip so there's no makeup remover residue.
  • Create Contrast! Add a little bronzer all over the face- then concentrate it in areas you want to contour... cheekbones, forehead, jawline, etc. Then use a highlighter to bring light to other areas- tops of cheekbones, down the noze, browbone, etc.
  • Glamour-eyes! All you need is a deep black, brown, or charcoal grey shadow. With a contour brush, deepen your crease, blending outward in the outer corner for a more dramatic look. You may want to use that same shadow with a liner brush to re-intensify your liner. Curl lashes- or add a false set!
  • Lips: the look changer. Your choice of lip color can transform your look. When you have time- test out both a nude lip color and a red or berry lip color and take a photo of each. Think about the overall look you've achieved in each situation- and decide what you want to try for your next night out! Remember- red screams glamorous, while nude will only add to your mysterious smokey eye!

Hope this blog was helpful to you! Perhaps it will make the transition from day to night makeup a bit more smooth- especially when you're short on time! Have a great day! :D



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