QOTW: Weekend Makeup Routine

Hello everyone! How does your makeup routine change on the weekend? That was the "Question of the Week" I posed... and here are your responses!
  • No makeup: 43 (9%)
  • Less than usual: 96 (20%)
  • Same as weekdays: 111 (23%)
  • More than usual: 106 (22%)
  • More, only for special occasions: 118 (24%)

    Votes so far: 474 Poll closed

Wow! The responses were a lot closer than I expected on this one. The majority said "More, only for special occasions"... and I was part of that group as well. It was closely followed by "Same as Weekdays", "More than usual", and "Less than Usual".... so I guess it's safe to say, most of us are wearing makeup to some degree on the weekends! Being one who makes videos on YouTube, I definitely take advantage of weekends to do tutorial videos. But for anyone who is just learning about makeup, I'd advise you to use spare time on the weekends to experiment! If you have a spare afternoon and you don't have to go anywhere, test out a new look you'd be scared to wear to work or school! Wash it off and then try something else! You'll be surprised at what you'll discover... and you'll never know what the final result will be with some of those bright, fun shades- unless you try it! :D

Speaking of weekends- here are some photos I posted on Twitter from my weekend! Tyler and I, along with my mom and dad met up at my sister and her husband Jeff's house. It was wonderful and I was sad to leave!

Tyler & I on the road! :D

My sister Kelly a.k.a. Pup after I did fun, dramatic eye makeup on her! Look for more pics of that in an upcoming blog! :D

Have a great day everyone!

Emily :)


  1. I wear less then usual in general, but I'll usually take the time before I wash my face to apply a full face and experiment because it's fun!

  2. Your sis is stunning in that lipcolor, she can really pull off dramatic makeup.

  3. Hi Emily! I try on some looks on Saturday afternoons. I usually watch your videos on weekdays and then try them on the weekend. Sometimes, I needn't practice some of the simpler looks - like the clean & classy one. I'm actually wearing it today. I got it right in the first go! THanks so much!

  4. Wow ur sister looks so much like you in the pic. Great look, look forward to seeing more on it.

  5. Emily, I LOVE YOUR BLOG & VIDEO'S!!! I never know where to post questions, so thought I'd try here on your blog. I just started watching makeup video's and yours are my fav! I've been wearing makeup for a long time and when I try a new foundation always have a hard time matching the color...How do you go about doing this. I just started using drug store brand (b/c of your video's about revlon colorstay)I love it! I could probably have a beter color match. I tested on my hand and a little spot on my face, but I guess since I use more when applying it all over...so any help with that would be great. Sorry this is so long. Thanks for all the great info.

  6. You and your sister are absolutely gorgeous and I loved that new video of you girls with your mom...so sweet and helpful! Also, Emily where did you get the floral shirt that your wearing in the car? It's so cute!

  7. Usually, if I'm home with no where to go, I'd wear no makeup xD

  8. I miss Em's world! I miss Em's world!
    Love you guys! God bless you!

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