Weekend with Kalee!

Hey everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! Mine was great because my friend Kalee came to visit! She came down for SIU Homecoming and we did a little bit of everything... eating, shopping, napping, tailgating, makeup... you name it! Kalee used to work with me at the station I'm at now- but now she lives about 3 hours away, doing weekend weather at a different station. It's sort of our dream to be together at the same station once again someday! Until then- we'll just have to make more visits! :D

Fun Facts about Kalee:
  • She is shorter than 5 feet tall! (I'm right at 5 ft.)
  • She loves to sing (especially country), and she's great at it! It could probably be a career for her if she decided against the whole weather thing ;)
  • She has a super cute little puppy!!
  • She has a blog! Click here to check it out! Follow her!
  • She's on Twitter! Click here to follow her (these pics came from our twitter pages)

Kalee and I also took some time to make a makeup video! It's "What's in Kalee's Makeup Bag?" We had a blast! Plus Tyler made a special appearance at the end :D Have a great week everyone, and thanks for stopping by my blog!



  1. it looks like you had a great time. Both of you look lovely.

  2. You guys look like you a had a great time. Hope your dreams will come true!! ^^


  3. Yay, I'm going to watch the video now!

  4. You did an amazing job on Kalee's makeup in the video! I just purchased the Smashbox quad for brown eyes based on that look! Can you recreate the look in a video tutorial?? That would be awesome! Thanks so much for all that you do!

  5. I enjoyed watching your video. You guys are so sweet and you look lovely.

  6. I loved watching your video! I felt like I was in the room with you, gals :-)

  7. I really enjoyed the video! thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. So I found your make up tutorials on youtube and loved them!!! I watched for way too long (LOL!) and then found your blog as well. I came across this post and couldn't believe my eyes - I am pretty sure that is MY weather girl! LOL! Is this the same young lady that works for Champaign/Urbana WCIA? LOL! What a small world! Thanks for all your videos, they are awesome and tell Kalee she is doing a great job!


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