Favorite Neutral Eye Palettes!

If I created a list of most asked makeup questions, this would be on it: What are some of the best eyeshadow palettes for everyday use? My short response is that neutral shadows are great for getting an appropriate look for day, night, or any special occasion. In palette form- neutral shadows are extremely practical and user-friendly. They don't contain bright, vibrant colors... but again- this general question I get comes from those seeking an appropriate eye look for an everyday natural look. Maybe in the future I'll compile a list of my favorite bright palettes! But for now- enjoy my list of top neutral palettes!

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  1. This 88 palette is on my Christmas list! I just love your blog as well as your YouTube channel!! You hair is adorable! :D

  2. I like the Maybelline Trio in Chocolate Mousse.

  3. Hi Em! I love Maybelline's quads too. I have 3 of them and planning on buying one more that's just come out. They're os easy to use and THANK YOU for showing me how.

  4. Emily,
    Have you seen the "E.L.F. Beauty Encyclopedia for Eyes" at Target for $5? I would love to hear your comments on that palette!!! I'm a newbie to eye makeup but love that palette because of the pigmentation. I think you may include it in your favourite neutral palette list if you try them :) Would love to hear your opinions on that palette from a beauty guru like you.

  5. Try Aveda self control styling stick sparingly to the tips and part where you want your bangs to start the sidesweep. It smells so good and works well with min. product. It works for mine:)


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