Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers!

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Hey everyone! I'm very excited about this blog! I was on my Beauty Broadcast Facebook Page answering some questions, and a Beauty Broadcast viewer, Ashley Knox, posted some pictures! She will occasionally throw up a makeup photo or two, and I love seeing them! I really enjoy her enthusiasm for makeup, and I always like seeing photos of peoples' makeup! Anyway, I noticed in her profile pic Ashley was wearing glasses, and considering how many questions I get asking for makeup tips for those wearing glasses- I thought she might be a great person to ask for some tips! I only wear glasses now and then (ususally it's contacts)- so I asked Ashley if she would post a few tips on the Facebook page. She graciously did- and I want more people to see it- so I thought I'd make it into a guest blog post too! Enjoy the tips, and thanks Ashley for taking the time to do this! :D
Makeup Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses!
A guest blog by Ashley Knox

It is actually hard to answer this question because everyone has such different features. But, I think some across the board tips would be:
  1. Not wearing too much shimmer, and wearing a matte color in the crease really adds depth that can be lost under frames. Also not wearing loose glitters because they can fleck off onto your glasses.
  2. Since glasses tend to make your eyes look smaller...apply makeup in such a way that makes eyes larger. For example: keeping darker colors away from your eye...keeping a lighter lid color, tight lining the lower lash line with white and even keeping most of your mascara away from the root of your lashes. I find that using dark eyeliner is fine but not on the water line. I think it's better on the lower lash line (where the hairs are) and swept above the lashes on the lid. I like to do false lashes on the outer corners of my lid also to make my eye appear wider. Also really concealing dark circles under eyes is important for making eyes look wide awake.... Anything to make the eye appear larger will make them prettier behind glasses.
  3. The top rim of glasses tends to cut off right at about your crease and it can look too intense if you bring the color much above that. So, I think for everyday looks...I would say don't take shadows too much above the crease but instead add something fun on the lower lash line because this is a place that is well seen through the lenses. I like to maybe use a glitter liner (these don't flake like loose glitter) or a fun shadow color that complements the color of my eyes (like green and purple). Putting more detail on the lower lashes actually will get your makeup noticed, even behind frames.
  4. This is a normal tip for everyone, but especially for glasses wearers, pluck and shape those brows! I think eyebrows are SO important for girls with glasses because for the most part they're seen better than the eyes! Not to mention they frame your face and your frames! :p Hope that helps!


  1. Thank you very much for doing this post. They are great suggestions... I wear glasses everyday and I so agree on the eyebrow issue. They become so important as they really stand out when you wear glasses.

    Many thanks to the girl from facebook for these suggestions.

  2. Yay! I'm happy to see this post on here.
    Thanks Emily for posting it and you're welcome Swedish for the tips!

    -ashley (I can't figure out how to log into my normal blogger account :p)

  3. Great suggestions for glass wearers Emily Hopefully you will some day do a tutorial for us.

  4. This is great! I wear glasses all the time as well and it upsets me that after i work so hard on my makeup I have to cover it all up. I will definetly take your tips into account.


  5. I wear glasses at work .. I do all this work on my make-up and then just cover it all up! Thanks for the tips!

    I'm switching to contacts hopefully after Christmas. I've never used them before and was wondering if there is anything I cannot do or should do differently make-up wise to keep from aggrivating them.

  6. Thanks for this post! I am also a daily glasses wearer, so these suggestions really helped. :)

  7. Hi Emily, do you wear glasses? Because it would be great if you did a glasses wear makeup tutorial on youtube :-) Have a great day

  8. I wear glasses and another tip is to use eyeliner on the top lid and extend a bit, white tightline as emily said and then a healthy amount of blusher, and nude lips. like really nude, makes the glasses stand out a lot and looks good. my frame is white and i loooove it.

    another tip is keep eyemakeup minimal, just mascara, and just some white eyeshadow on top lid and then go for bronzer a bit and red lipstick.

    I find you can wear red lips easier when wearing glasses, i dont know why...

  9. Thank you for these tips. I've notice that dark makeup doesn't bring out my eyes as much as if I just used a light shadow.

    Thanks again!

  10. Great blog. Would love to see a tutorial on the subject!

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