QOTW: Battling Dry Skin!

Hey everyone! Depending on where you live, you may have noticed the weather starting to turn a bit colder! I don't know about you, but that tends to have a pretty big impact on my skin. (especially during the winter when the air gets really dry!) So for this "Question of the Week", I asked- How do you keep your skin moisturized during the cooler seasons? Here's what you said... (you could select multiple answers)

  • Apply a lip balm: 171 (58%)
  • Apply extra body lotion: 149 (50%)
  • Use a rich facial moisturizer: 149 (50%)
  • Use a foot lotion: 47 (15%)

    Votes so far: 294 Poll closed

Not surprisingly, many people do feel the need to layer on the moisture this time of year! I definitely answered all of the above! It's almost essential to go through these steps after a shower to really lock in moisture and keep skin looking supple and radiant. Remember that exfoliating (on face and body) is very important as well to get rid of those dead skin cells. It doesn't necessarily need to be done daily- but maybe a couple times a week (and before sunless tanning to make sure it goes on as evenly as possible). Below are some of my favorite products for each category mentioned in this "Question of the Week"...

  • Cococare Cocoa Butter Lip Balm (SPF 15)... This was mentioned in one of Tyler's first videos as his favorite "beauty" product. He swears by only having to apply this before bed and his lips retain the moisture throughout the night and the next day as well! After a little of this is left on my lips from a goodnight kiss- I'm convinced it's truly a fantastic lip balm- even for those who're plagued with dry, chapped lips! It's available for only about $1 at Walgreens, and probably other drugstores too.
  • Bath & Body Works Body Cream... A rich body cream as opposed to the typical lotions with thinner formulations really makes a difference! I especially love the Bath & Body Works body creams in Japanese Cherry Blossom (shown here) and Vanilla Nior. Without feeling greasy, the moisture stays with your skin, and really makes you feel hydrated! Cost is around $10 at Bath & Body Works stores (but be on the lookout for holiday sales!)
  • Merlot Moonlight Radiance Night Cream... in the picture above- you're looking at the $2.99 travel size I found at my local Walgreens store. They also sell a larger full-size, which is a bit more expensive. I'd heard good things about this moisturizer with natural grape seed (and it smells like fruit loops!) I wanted to recommend a moisturizer that I thought would provide that extra jolt of hydration, without being "too much" for oily/combo skin types. If you've never tried a night cream, this might be a good option to really moisturize skin amid dry air conditions.
  • Silk Bee Elan Vital Foot Moisturizer... Remember when I reviewed the all natural line of moisturizers called Silk Bee? They are wonderful- but lately I've been really loving the extra moisturizing Elan Vital Foot moisturizer. The texture is absolutely luxurious and leaves your feet feeling super soft! It's fragrance free, at costs $11 at http://www.silkbee.com/

Please keep in mind that these items worked great for me, but that's not a 100% guarantee that you'll love them too! I just wanted to pass along some items that I'm really impressed with that I hope you'll discover as well! :D Have a great day everyone!



  1. love these recommendations! :)

  2. the only thing i love about winter is that my skin is not as oily. I do have to layer on lots of lotion to moisturize my entire face and body lol.

  3. I have normal to dry skin, so when the winter seasons comes a long I have to change my lotions and creams to a more thicker texture!

  4. I have kerotosis polaris, aka "chicken skin." My skin doesn't know how to exfoliate itself, so I have little bumps all over.

    My elbows are also always so horribly dry! They almost look like I have plaque psoriasis! I know, kinda gross! Anyways, I started using the Winter Candy Apple body cream, and out of ALL the special lotions I've used this stuff has worked the best! I reccommend the body cream to every one of my friends! It goes a long way, and it's only $12! I'll definitely pay that for non-nasty looking elbows!

  5. I started to use regular baby lotion (Huggies, Johnson & Johnson) just because i think they provide the right amount of moisture for me and it's great for super sensitive skin! :D

  6. They also have some baby oil out now thats in a gel forumla .. it's super-moisturing w/out the yucky greasy feel. Your slick for about a minute and then it just soaks it right up. I hate that greasy lotiony feeling.

    I had a great lotion last year but I guess they stopped making it .. Palmers Olive Butter .. if anyone knows where to find some please give me a heads up!

  7. bath and body works have the best lotions,creams and body butters....they care good care of my skin in winter months...my fav scent is Black Amethyst....awesome11

  8. I have oily skin but in the winter it tends to get a bit dry. I use Philosophy hope in a jar at night time and an Avon lightweight moisturizer during the day.
    Please subcribe to my blog!

  9. Hey! Please check my latest blog post, because I awarded you the "One Lovely Blog" award! Remember to link back to me, and thanks for being you =)

  10. I need to check out B&BW Body Creams!!! My skin is so dry in the winter, particularly my legs but my face still remains combo. I have been using the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion!


  11. My main problem is facial dryness, I have it year round. Recently I have started by removing my makeup with baby lotion, then putting a bit more on afterwords to moisturize. After it soaks in a bit I put on some aloe vera (straight from the plant!) and it locks in the moisture. Im not sure of all the benefits, but visually my skin looks nicer and it feels so smooth and soft.

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