QOTW: Favorite Fall Footwear

It's question of the week time once again! Here's what you said to this question: What's your favorite fall footwear?
  • Tall boots (upper calf): 87 (31%)
  • Short/Medium boots: 82 (29%)
  • Sneakers: 40 (14%)
  • Flats: 39 (14%)
  • Heels: 15 (5%)
  • Clogs/Loafers: 14 (5%)

Tall boots win! It's my fall favorite too! I'm a fan of classic black boots that zip up the side, and I have a brown pair I love as well. If you're curious about the boots shown above, I got the brown pair last year at this time from Wet Seal... they have a soft suede-like feel and come about 3/4 of the way up my calf. They were around $20, and I believe they have similar boots in stock this season. I got the black boots at a store called "The Shoe Department" at my local mall. The brand is Torta Caliente, and they cost between $30 and $40.

I like most of my boots to have heel, just because I feel like it gives my legs a sort of elongated look. I'm a fan of tucking skinny jeans in the boots, and leggings look cute like that too. How do you like to wear your tall boots? What are some great brands or styles? Feel free to share in the comments section! :D

Have a great day!



  1. I just got my 1st boots of the yr... Its a pair of brown slouchy boots that come a little bit below my knee... I got them from Gojane.com and they are so great (and were cheap) that I'm gonna hopefully order more shoes from them soon.

  2. Today has been the day i've started wearing my UGG boots with skinny jeans! It's getting colder here so I figured why not?! I noticed loads of girls are wearing boots already. I'm hoping to get some long black leather boots for Christmas or I might have to save up! All leather inside and out cost over 100 Euros! It's a good investment though I suppose because my Celt Sheepskin boots (UGG) cost £90 a few years ago and are still great!

  3. I agree, I love tucking in my skinny jeans into the boots. And yesterday I got myself a pair of boots! It'smy only pair of boots actually... =P

    I don't really like the heel on boots just because I'm a huge clutz!

    Follow me?

  4. I usually just wear sneakers, sometimes if I'm going out I'll wear knee-high stretch boots though. When winter hits I stick to flat boots about 6 inches above the ankle...they have good tread on them which is necessary since I'm in Canada! Haha.


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