QOTW: How Much Would You Spend on Lip Gloss?

This week's "Question of the Week" was pretty straight-forward... what's the MOST you'd spend on a lip gloss? Here's how your answers stacked up...

  • $5 (or less): 79 (21%)
  • $10: 118 (32%)
  • $15: 71 (19%)
  • $20: 55 (15%)
  • $25: 24 (6%)
  • $30 (or more): 14 (3%)

I wasn't exactly surprised by these results. I figured there would be votes across the board in eaach category- but $10 is a pretty average price range. Between the 5 and 10 dollar mark is where you'll find many drugstore lip glosses... there are actually quite a few less than 5 bucks, and that was the second most popular answer. Since many people aren't willing to spend more than $10 for a lip gloss- I thought I'd share ten great lip glosses under ten dollars! This is a variety of really nice glosses that are in the ideal price range for many of you! Some are glosses you've heard me talk about before- and others are new to me! The products are listed below in the same order they're pictured. Please be aware- in some cases the prices are approximate, and may vary depending on where they're purchased.

10 Under $10

  • Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lip Glaze in Lasting Shimmer (drugstore, $8) Shimmery, opaque peachy-golden nude. Slightly thick feel- long wearing.
  • Coastal Scents Smacks in Sheer Tan (coastalscents.com, $2.95) Sheer, yet ultra shimmery golden nude. Great with a tan.
  • Hard Candy Plumping Serum Lip Gloss in All American Girl (Wal-Mart, $6) Sheer, slightly plumping neutral lip gloss.
  • ELF Mineral Lip Gloss in Trendsetter (eyeslipsface.com, $3) Slightly shimmery, smooth & creamy neutral gloss.
  • NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Rose Sparkle (cherryculture.com, $4) Gorgeous pink gloss with concentrated shimmer. Nice alone or over lipstick.
  • Cover Girl Wetslicks in Tutu (drugstore, $5) Light pink shimmer, nice as an accent color in the center of the lower lip for a plump appearance.
  • Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Plumping Lip Gloss #115 (drugstore, $7) Fairly intense plumping tingle. Bright- but not too bright pink. Gel like formula, but not sheer.
  • NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss in Amethyst (cherryculture.com, $2) Slightly metallic, medium berry shade. Texture is not sticky or sheer.
  • ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Mauve Luxe (eyeslipsface.com, $1) Deeper berry tone containing SPF 15. A nice fall/winter shade. Not slick & slippery, yet not overly sticky.
  • C.O. Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine (Bath & Body Works, $7.50) Great for cinnamon lovers. A clear gloss that will add life to any matte lipstick. Tasty flavor!

As you can see, my selections are a mix of shades and finishes. Hopefully these swatches (which correspond with the glosses above) give you an idea of how these will appear on the lips! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a great day!



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  3. No I think she did do all 10 cause you can see its glossy on the far right

  4. Nicky - she didn't miss one the one from Bath and Body works is clear she lists it in her description of it. You can see it at the very far right its glossy just clear.

    Great review thanks!!

  5. Guys, she said the C.o. bigelow was a clear gloss. that probably why you aren't counting 10 swatches.
    the gloss is clear not the color of the tube

  6. no, all 10 are there. The very last one is the C.O. Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine..its a clear gloss, so its hard to tell if its there, but it is. :-)

  7. Ive been into lip glosses lately and Im loving all nyx's round lip glosses. I get them for a dollar each and they are so great. I love the pigmentation and texture.

    I remember your makeup collection video. You're the lip gloss queen :)

  8. The most I've ever spent was a Chanel one for $27 but it was very much well worth it.

  9. I went out and got the three pack of E.L.F. lipglosses at Target - and I LOVE the colors...but hate the taste. I've tried it on multiple days and the taste makes my stomach turn.

    I love the Buxom Babes line - and adore them.

  10. Fun Blog-- We also cover beauty/fashion trends:


  11. Here there's no $10 lip gloss, no way! I suppose an average would be 20 - 30 - 40 (I'm talking local currency, of course). Which shade is the Revlon one? It's SO pretty!

  12. Hi Em. I bought the mauve luxe as well but I completely hate it. When I wore it on, it looked really nice on me but its sugary taste and super-sticky feel put me off. I recent;y saw your blog on this one and was surprised why mine turned out do aweful. Love Maybelline though but not the funny feeling it leaves when it wears off. Revlon is good, just bought one in sparkly purple shade - if you put it on after a lipbalm, it glides on so smoothly!

  13. Ooh! Thanks so much! But sadly, most of these lip glosses are only available online for me..=[ I really hoped that Hard Candy would come to Canada's Walmart but it doesn't seem like so *frowns*

  14. Emily, do you find the Revlon Mineral Glaze bottle shape similar to the infamous UDPP? I have a LOT of thick gloss stuck on the top end & lower end of the bottle & the applicator is so stiff, I can't get to it. Wondering if you have faced this issue & have any tips?

  15. I love me some Coastal Scents Smacks! The first coloured lip gloss I ever bought thanks to Emily and I love it. Only problem is they are addictive and now I need all ofthem!

  16. love the hard candy gloss! great blog!Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com . Please Follow mine as I will yours xo

  17. I love the Maybelline glosses! I have #205. It's so pretty. I think I should buy some more of them

  18. I absolutely love the stuff from bath and body works. I use the peppermint kind. It's long lasting, tastes really good and freshens your breath! I LOVE IT!

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