QOTW: First Impressions

This "Question of the Week" might give us a little more insight into how we see others- and how others see us! I asked: What's the first thing you notice about someone's physical appearance? You answered...
  • Face/Makeup: 171 (46%)
  • Outfit: 77 (20%)
  • Hair: 60 (16%)
  • Body size/shape: 59 (16%)

    Votes so far: 367 Poll closed

Almost half of those who responded to this question said Face/Makeup... that's what I said too. I think we just naturally make eye contact with people, and if makeup is something you generally look for or create an opinion on- you're probably going to notice that. The remaining votes were pretty evenly split among the other answers- outfit, hair, and body size/shape. Perhaps this could be a slight reassurance to those who're self-conscious about their weight- it's not necessarily the first thing people see! Regardless of your feelings on this question, I thought I'd offer some "first impression tips" I found online- for a circumstance where you're meeting someone new (parties, interviews, significant other's famliy, school, etc.). They're not entirely appearance-related, but they might come in handy, and lessen your fears of meeting new people.

How To Make A Strong First Impression: 7 Tips That Really Work

Source: Bill Lampton Ph.D.

READ MORE ON EACH OF THESE POINTS AT: http://www.createmyself.com/personaldevelopment/makingafirstimpression.htm

  1. The greatest way to make a positive first impression is to demonstrate immediately that the other person--not you--is the center of action and conversation.
  2. You'll make a superb initial impression when you demonstrate good listening skills. Give positive verbal cues: Hmmm. . .interesting! Tell me more, please. What did you do next? Keep the exchange going!
  3. Use the name of a new acquaintance frequently. Example: Judy, I like that suggestion. Or: Your vacation must have been exciting, Fred. You show that you have paid attention from the start, catching the name during the introduction.
  4. Be careful with humor. Although a quip or two might serve as an icebreaker, stay away from sarcastic remarks that could backfire.
  5. Give up the need to be right. Confrontations with somebody you've just met will destroy rapport before you even start building it.
  6. Appearance counts. Don't dress for the job you have now, dress for the job you want to have.
  7. Speak clearly, confidently, and convincingly. Listeners judge our intelligence, our cultural level, our education, even our leadership ability by the words we select--and by how we say them.


  1. Hey Emily! Nice idea about the first impressions! What a great topic to cover! I enjoyed reading it! Although, I missed your journal entry!


  2. I'll be working at a travelling agency next week for the first time so thanx very much for the tips!! =)

  3. Hi Em. I love these tips - make soo much sense in day to day life. I'm appearing for a teacher's interview this weekend - I'm quite apprehensive since I have no background in teaching. I've been a writer this whole time but I hope I make a good impression for a teacher:)

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  5. Thanks for those tips! There really useful. Love the blog as usual x

  6. First Impressions are very important. I find using the person's name to be very effective :)
    I also think a handshake says a lot about you. A good firm shake is much more powerful than a light squeeze of the hand...which unfortunately, I get too often from other women!


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