Birthday Update!

Hey everyone! It's my birthday!! :D I'm 26 years old. 1983 sure seems like a long time ago! I've been home for the holidays ever since Christmas eve- and haven't had the chance to pop out my computer for awhile! I'm at mom & dad's right now sitting at the kitchen table, watching the snow pile up, and listening to my cat eat LOL :D Their house in west-central IL is about a 5 and a half hour drive from where I live, so it's extra nice to have the day off from work tomorrow- so I can enjoy my birthday all day today! Tyler is here with me also :) Sometimes people ask me- do you feel like you got rooked having your birthday so close to Christmas? But as a child, my birthday always fell during Christmas vacation- so I could always count on having the day off. Also, with it being close to Christmas that means I usually get to spend it with my family :) Here are some pics of home:
the view from the back deck- it's been snowing pretty much the whole time!
Today we're planning to do some shopping, go out to eat, and we'll probably hit up the indoor go-cart track (which I LOVE). I hope you all have a wonderful December 27th! I plan to update you with plenty of reviews on my Christmas beauty goodies so be watching for that! For now, here are some random images from my childhood...

not long after I was born!


One of my favorite pictures with Pup (my sister) in the sandbox!

I still love corn on the cob!

Still waiting on all my teeth...

Birthday time many years ago!

Caught folding socks?! I guess I lost my love for this hobby.

Building a snowman with Pup!

With my brother Ryan!

She's not that sweet and innocent folks!


  1. Congratulations, Emily!

    ps. You're the same age as my hubby :-)

  2. Oh Poof, you were such an adorable baby. I am dying of the cuteness. If the internet were around in those days, you could've done Cute Broadcast. OMG.

  3. Happy bday !!!! lovely pitures you were/is so cute =)

  4. Happy Birthday Emily!! Wishing you a wonderful day.
    Awesome pictures, you were just too cute, love it.

  5. Happy Birthday Emily!! From one December baby to another.... lol.... hope you had a wounderful brithday with you family and close friends...

    Also would like to wish you a happy New years as well!!!

  6. Aw great pics. Happy bday emily, and hope you had a great Xmas :)

  7. Emily, I love all your blog posts! They're so interesting, and I love that you share so much with your viewers! I'm looking forward to your reviews, and I hope you had a very merry christmas!

  8. Happy Birthday Emily! Hope you have a wonderful day. P.S. Can't wait to see what goodies you got for Christmas.

  9. Happy birthday! You are nine days younger than me. :)

  10. happy birthday emily...please visit my blog

  11. Happy Birthday!! :)
    I loved your pictures, especially the Christmas tree one, it looks like the Christmas card :)

  12. Happy Birthday!
    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!
    You certainly bring smiles to many faces. We appreciate you!
    God Bless!

  13. Happy Birthday Emily!! Hope you have a fantastic day! 26! That's the age i'll become in July 2010. I think it's nice to have your birthday close to Christmas because you get to spend more time with your family.

    I was in the car today on the way home listening to the radio (with my family in the UK) and an American CBS anchor was being interviewed.. Kate something.. (I forget the surname!) and they said that she had been the first female news anchor and that males dominate the profession. For some reason that made me think of you! You are a female news anchor and a great one!

    Thanks for all your videos and blogs posts in the past year. They've been really helpful and useful and I've enjoyed all of them. I look forward to many more to come next year!

    Enjoy your day!

    Bella :)

  14. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great Christmas, thanks for sharing a few family memories with us.

  15. Happy Birthday Emily:) you are so adorable.

  16. Happpy Birthday Emily....I was born in 1983 too !!!!

  17. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a fantastic day!


    Really cute pics ;)

  19. Adorable! Hope you had a great birthday Emily~

  20. Happy Birthday, Emily. I discovered Coastal Scents over the holidays, and then your You-Tube vids. You surely have taught this forty-*cough*-year old a lot! In fact, you are the reason I signed up with you tube... so i could subscribe!
    Anyway, Have a B-day myself this week, and I never minded being a Christmas baby either... except for the relatives that gave me my Christmas and B-day gifts at the same time!
    Thanks for all the tips...and I know you aren't there yet, but if you could address the concerns of aging skin (wrinkles, sagging, accumulation of acne scaring and loss of vibrancy) it would be appreciated. Maybe you do makeup on your MOM? Oh, and I noticed you have and older Brother and Sister. My youngest daughter (2yr) has 4 siblings in their late teens/early 20's. They adore her!

  21. Happy (belated) birthday! I hope you had a great one.:)

  22. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! :)

  23. Happy belated birthday!! Great pics- you have the cutest family.

  24. December babies ROCK!!! (I'm 12/16) Happy belated birthday! It's easy to see why you grew into such a sweetie: You grew up surrounded by love.

  25. December babies ROCK!!! (I'm 12/16) Happy belated birthday! It's easy to see why you grew into such a sweetie: You grew up surrounded by love.

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