Preventing A Glitter Makeup Disaster

Hello! It's New Year's Eve! I like sparkly objects just as much as the next person... but when it comes to makeup, you have to be careful with the glitter! The seemingly innocent decorative tool is deceiving... you think your sparkly shadow is confined to your eyelid... then you get in different lighting and there's glitter all over that snuck-in under the radar! Beauty Broadcast facebooker Tamara knows what I'm talking about... in fact, her question inspired me to write this blog!

"Hey emily i sometimes use eye shadows with glitter in them but they always go all over my face do you have any tips on what i can do to keep them set??"

I realize it might be too late for New Year's Eve beauty tips for some of you, depending on where you live. But you never know when the need for sparkly makeup will come along! I hope these tips will help you...
  • If you're using glitter on your lids, use a base or cream shadow of some sort. Something that is slightly sticky (Bee Luscious Shadow Magnet, ELF Cream Shadows, etc.)... but make sure you only use a thin layer.
  • Use a patting or pressing motion to get the glittery product on- not a back and forth sweeping motion. You're bound to get fallout if you do that. The ELF eye shadow brush is good for packing on product.
  • If you still get fallout on your cheeks- use a lightweight brush like a fan brush to dust off the glitter.
  • If it's still being resistant, try putting on a little powder with a brush. This can help to eliminate any excess moisture that's helping the glitter cling to your face.
  • If you're using any sort of glitter on your lips, make sure your lips are well-defined, and keep the area just outside your lips dry & moisture-free. If you're drinking & snacking, you really run the risk of screwing up this look, however.
  • Glitter on the nails is great! Won't go anywhere and looks festive!
  • If you find yourself in a storm of celebratory New Year's glitter at your party, forget about the rules! It's a lost cause at this point, so just have fun! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and have a great 2010!



  1. Another tip would be to do your eyes first and foundation second. That's what I do when I need to apply shimmery or glittery products so I don't have to bother with the fallouts while applying it.Then I swipe everything that fell on my face with a wipe and I'm ready to apply foundation and blush.

    If I have applied my foundation first and then I decide to use glitter on my eyes, I fold a tissue and hold it under my eye while applying eyeshadow so that it catches the fallouts.

    Happy new year Emily! xoxoxoxox

  2. You can also put some translucent powder under your eyes before you start .. just pat it on.. don't blend. The glitter/powder falls onto that and then you can just sweep it away!

    Another thing that works excellent is to put on a thick, cat-eye liner and while it's still kinda wet, dab over it with a glitter liner. Use black for light glitter and lighter liner for dark glitter. The liner underneath really makes that glitter pop & it looks amazing under certain lighting. It's sorta of the anti-trashy glitter .. hehe..

    My question is how old is too old for glitter? I'm about to turn 33 and while I've been told I don't really look my age (I still get carded!) I still just feel like a goob!

  3. Another tip would be apply in moderation. Putting too much on at once would cause it to look chunky and hard to blend. Great tips Emily!

  4. Have you tried shadow shields from Sephora?
    I love them, I need them to put loose eye shadows on.

  5. Another tip I have seen on tutorials before is using scotch tape to lift off any fallout. Just get a piece of tape, and holding it at both ends, press it down over the glitter you want to remove and lift it back up. Glitter should stick to the tape and be lifted away. You may then have to touch up the makeup (foundation, powder, etc.) a bit where you used the tape.


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