QOTW: Glam Gold Holiday Eye Tutorial!

Hello! What's up everyone? Typical evening here at my place... Tyler is playing some sort of football-related video game on the PS3, and I'm blogging! I have been really excited for this "Question of the Week" blog, because your votes determined what kind of tutorial I did! The question was- what holiday color would you like to see incorporated into an eye tutorial? Here are the results...
  • Gold: 152 (35%)
  • Red: 117 (27%)
  • Silver: 84 (19%)
  • Green: 70 (16%)

    Votes so far: 423 Poll closed

There you have it! Gold wins! (I did this tutorial the day before the results were final, but I saw what was in the lead and took a gamble- hey, I just have more tutorial time on the weekends!) What was really cool- I posted a review video on the Maybelline Dream Mousse products and many of you said you like the eye look I was sporting in that video- I'm so glad to be able to show you exactly how I did it. So do you like the interactive poll to determine what type of video I'll do? I think it's pretty fun. I plan to do other fun, holiday party looks, so stay tuned! :D Have a great day!


  1. Emily, thanks for the post! Another great look! I'd like to make a request if possible. Can you please do a video tutorial on how you put on your press-on nails. In some of your vids you gave us some great recommendations for at home nails. I bought some of the ones you suggested but I may be putting them on wrong because they fall off right away! It would be great if you could show us how it's done!

  2. I absolutely agree with the Gold like everyone else! It is probably the only eye color that can literally work for anyone and skin tone. Red, green, and silver can be too extreme and wash you out but gold can only add a fabulous tone to your look! Thanks for the video!

  3. Hi! Sorry for commenting off-topic, but I wanted to let you know that I like your site so I nominated you for a little award. You don't have to do anything about it, but I'm just telling you in case you want to pass it on :)


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  5. Thanks for posting this. I am the worst at applying eye makeup and no matter how many times I have someone show me or do my makeup, I can't seem to get it right when I get home. My eyes didn't come out exactly the same, but pretty close!

  6. Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes. Thanks for sharing!


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