QOTW: Holiday Glam!

Hey there everyone! Sorry I've been laggin' on the blog a little bit this week. I feel like I've been working continuously and I'm getting worn out! We're getting close to Friday though, right? And this time of year, weekends tend to mean holiday parties! So in this "Question of the Week" I asked: What part of your makeup will you play up for a holiday party? Here are your answers:

  • Eyes: 328 (76%)
  • Lips: 109 (25%)
  • Shimmer/Highlight: 45 (10%)
  • Cheeks: 35 (8%)

    Votes so far: 428

I actually thought the responses to this would be more evenly spread across the board. I know red lips and a rosy glow are usually signature looks for the holidays... but eyes are always fun to accentuate. Regardless of what features you decide to maximize for your holiday parties, I wanted to suggest some good products that can help you glam it up in every way! I've recently received some great products from Bee Luscious (there's your FTC disclaimer! and of course, you know that I will state my honest opinions about products no matter what). I have much more to review from this brand than just the products shown below- but these are some that I instantly loved and thought they were ideal holiday products. To top it off- all orders from the website are 35% off for the month of December! These items are part of the "2009 Holidays Black Tie Affair Collection".

  • Glamour Eyes Signature Quad Shadow & Liner: I adore these eyeshadows. I've come to love the way my brown eyes look when I use navy blues- and this is a nice, different way to get that smoldering smokey eye look. The 3 shadows in this palette are SUPER shimmery and they're so rich they practically feel creamy. Tons of color payoff. I like using the white as a highlight, the light blue on the lid, and the navy (my favorite shade) in the crease. The only downfall to this is the liner- it's a bit dry for my liking. It claims to be water-resistant (which it is) but I think that might also be why it's more dry and less creamy. Still- I enjoy the shadows so much I couldn't leave this out.
  • Love Affair Signature Quad Lip & Cheek: I've got to be honest- when I first got this, I wasn't sure what was the lip color and what was the blush! Then I tested the different textures and figured it out. The two shades on the top of the quad (a light creamy pink & a deep wine shade) are lip colors-- the ones on the bottom (a golden highlight and a rose shade) are for cheeks. I love the wine-colored lip shade! The texture is creamy, gives my lips a naturally stained and very full look. This stuff is all easy to apply with your fingers too. It's a great touch-up palette to keep in your purse. Give your cheeks a rosy glow, highlight, and put on your lip color. It's great!
  • Ultimate Lash Experience Mascara: If you take nothing else from this blog post, please understand this. This is one of the absolute best mascaras I have ever tried. It's hard for me to say that, but it's true. This rates high in pretty much every category I have for mascara. The traditional brush is tapered at the tip, making it easy to get to corners of the eye. The bristles are dense and closely packed... preventing the appearance that all of your lashes have stuck together in 5 different segments. One of the best parts-- the formula is not too wet, so volume is easy to build. Not only that- this is a micro-fiber mascara that give you awesome length. After a full day at work- the lashes stay in tact and don't get those squirly ends that flake off. Let's see what else... oh yeah, the packaging is gorgeous.
  • Red Velvet Liquid Metallics Lip Gloss: Are any of these qualities on your lip gloss checklist? Shiny, shimmery, bold, pleasant scent, non-sticky. That's what this gloss is. It has a brush-tip applicator and the color is a shimmery blue-toned red/burgandy. I'm going to warn you, it's really shiny. Blot your lips on a tissue if you want that berry-stained lip look.

There ya go! These are all great products to help you glam it up for the holidays, or to give as gifts! If you follow the links, you'll see that these aren't exactly drugstore prices... however keep in mind the 35% off discount for the month of December. Look for more Bee Luscious reviews here- and on my YouTube channel in the near future. Have a great rest of the week everyone!



  1. Great blog!

    Check out my blog too if you want :)

  2. I purchased some bee royal products after your earlier review of their products. I think their products are great but their customer service is HORRIBLE. I'm still waiting for a refund for products they never sent me after ordering them in July. =[

  3. Thanks Emily, I love the bee products! I have ordered these colors and just got them today. I was very impressed that the lipstick not instock they include a check for the refund with my order I thoughts that was so wonderful service.I am very happy with this quality of products I have been buying since May and loves them. The customer service with me has been best I find wit my accent is hard many time and they has so much patient with me I am very happy they has best service! Thanks so much Emily please do more videos with this company I loves to watch how you use the product then I can buy it.
    Thnaks again so much.

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