QOTW: Holiday Shopping for the Man in Your Life

Hey Everyone, Emily here! Thanks for stopping by the blog. In every question of the week post I do, I like to offer some sort of "take away" for those who read it. Some practical advice, whether it's about makeup, clothes... heck, some of them are pracitcally pshychology! I knew I wanted the "take away" of this blog to pertain to Christmas shopping for the man in your life- so why not ask my husband Tyler to do a guest blog? Take it away, Tyler! (P.S. you'll see a lot less exclamation points, but still- great content! LOL :D)

Emily & Tyler with their Gingerbread House: Christmas 2008

"Holiday Shopping for the Man in your Life"
...and Question of the Week Results
-a guest blog by Tyler

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I'm writing this guest blog for last week's 'QOTW'. I'm not sure how Emily usually does this so I'm just going to give the results and throw some commentary in. She would also like me to give my top ten gift buying tipsfor the man in your life, so I'll see if I can come up with ten semi useful ideas. The question of the week was: "When do you start your Christmas shopping?" How would I have voted? I'm glad you asked. I bought a gift on the Saturday after thanksgiving this year which is pretty early for me. Usually I don't start till around a week or two before Christmas. I haven't bought Emily anything yet in case you were wondering, but I have some ideas. On to the results...

  • Number one with 39% of the vote was early December-I pretty much expected this would be a popular choice, but I wouldn't have guessed it wasnumber one.
  • Number two with 28% was before Thanksgiving- really, people do this? That's a long time to keep all that stuff stored. Then again the question was "start" so even buying one thing would qualify.
  • Number three with 17% was right after Thanksgiving-I figured this would be number one. I guess more people like to avoid crowds than I thought.
  • Number four with only 3% was the day before Christmas-This number kind of surprised me, I thought my dad was the only person who did all his shopping the day before Christmas. It works pretty well for him, but then again, the only person he buys anything for is my mom. The rest of the giftbuying is left up to my mom who seems to be 100 percent cool with that.

Now on to my top 10 tips when you're shopping for the man in your life around the holidays...

  1. Ask the guy-I realize this isn't that original of an idea, but I guarantee you any guy would rather know what he's getting and have it besomething he wants than to have the gift be something he didn't want and besurprised. For the rest of the list I'll assume you asked and he couldn't think of anything.
  2. Find his hobby/interest, go to the store that specializes in that type of thing, and ask them what the newest and coolest thing is that has come out lately. Just make sure he doesn't have it already.
  3. Look at the magazines he reads-around Christmas a lot of magazines have a gift ideas section
  4. Tickets-Depending on what he likes to do, tickets to a sporting event, concert, or something else are a great idea. The best part is, depending on your budget, you can bundle a bunch of stuff with the tickets (t-shirts, jerseys, other memorabilia.....)
  5. Gift cards-They are not a bad idea for a guy as long as you get them from the right place for the specific guy. They work really well if the guy you're shopping for likes something like video games. You can just get a gift card for the price of a new game and then you don't have to worry about getting one you're not sure if he'll like.
  6. Find something that the guy you're shopping for would normally buy,but is too cheap to get for himself. Specific examples are going to depend a lot on the guy. Just think of something that he really likes, but buys generic or a cheaper version- and buy him the premium stuff.
  7. Netflix- They sell a lot of gift memberships for different amounts, depending on the number of DVD's you get at a time. You can also get streaming movies online or from a Playstation 3 and possibly even x-box (I'm not positive on that one though).
  8. Magazine subscriptions-find a magazine that he has bought a few times but doesn't subscribe to.
  9. Listen for something he complains about-does he use something a lot that's either worn out or doesn't work as well as it used to? Buy him a new one. Tread lightly though, make sure it's something that he would want replaced. Some guys get attached to certain things and wouldn't want to throw it out. Just make sure it's something he complains about and wants to replace himself- not just something that bothers you.
  10. This is more of a "don't" than a tip, but still useful. Don't buy him a suggestion gift. Don't buy him a piece of exercise equipment if he needs to lose weight or something like that. Christmas gifts are to make the person you buy them for happy, not for your own purposes. Don't put the guy in a situation where he has to pretend like he likes something that might actually offend him.

That's my take on gift giving for the man in your life. Hopefully you getan idea or two from this list.


  1. This was really helpful!! Thanks!

  2. Thank you sooooooooo much! I think shopping for a guy is the hardest thing to do. It's a lot easier to shop for (most) girls. Thank you Emily and Tyler! Have a great night!

  3. thanks for doin this blog Emily & Tyler.. =)

  4. I was curious to see what Tyler would come up with. I think he's very general, which is a great thing because everyone is completely different. He gives some great tips, though for sure.

    I did want to point out that you can't stream videos from NetFlix on the PS3. I have one and unfortunately the NetFlix streaming application on the website is not supported by the PS3 Operating System. But, you can definitely stream from NetFlix on an Xbox 360 :-)

  5. Great post Tyler! Very helpful.

    I've already got a gift for my guy, and I basically fall under #9. We were walking through Costco and casually pointed out a watch as we walked by. We didn't really stop to even look at it. But he said he liked it. And, prior to this, I knew his current watch is broken and its been like that for months. Plus, he never hints at anything and he *won't tell* me any ideas (#1 is a failed attempt); "I don't need/want anything".

    So I went back to the store the next day and bought the watch. :)


  6. Thank you so much for all the helpful info, Tyler! My husband, step dad, dad, grandpa, and brother are always the hardest to buy for because I don't know what men like. Lol. Your advice has been extremely helpful. Now if only I could figure out a way to buy stuff online without my husband seeing the bill and knowing what I bought him. Lol.

    My husband and I usually do all of our Christmas shopping mid December. This year, however, we decided to switch it up. We bought all of our daughter's presents (the majority of our Christmas gifts) mid November. We did this because we always find ourselves tight on money around the holidays and don't like to fork out $500+ on gifts all at once. Now we don't have to fret about it at the last minute. My daughter and extended family's shopping is done so all we have to buy for is my parents. It's a huge weight off our shoulders and we've been able to spend more on each person.

    Emily, I was wondering if maybe you could do a QOTW on gift cards. I absolutely LOVE receiving gift cards, but I know that some people don't because they don't think it's very creative, which always makes me scared to get people gift cards. So I thought it'd be interesting to do a QOTW about whether or not people prefer gift cards over getting something "creative" or "surprising" that they might not like/use.

  7. Hi Emily! Thanks, this was really helpful. Shopping for my husband is really hard, and I think that you two made this easier for me. I was wondering for Christmas do you and Tyler have any traditions? I saw the picture of you two with the gingerbread house and I think I want to do that with my husband. He's been really busy and I wanted to do something that we can spend time together. Any ideas that couples can do?

  8. hahhahhaha..love it! thanks emily and tyler! i was questioning myself on what to get for "the man" but i guess tyler pretty much summarize all the things i have been telling myself. except he gave it in a guy's point of view which made it very interesting.

  9. Thanks Tyler & Emily! Today I was actually trying to figure out what to get my fiance. I'm glad I read your blog. My fiance is actually a huge football fanatic. He use to play. Thanks to your ideas, I have a number of things in mind to get him.

  10. Thank you Tyler and Emily! Happy Holidays!!

  11. love the guys perspective.
    The tip holds true for the women as well...about workout gear. Don't us women have enough to worry about? I really dont want to have to look at another piece of equipment to use as a clothes hanger. lol
    A man can never go wrong with gift cards for our beauty stuff.
    My son, husband and my daughters boyfriend all got department store colognes.No complaints either!!

  12. Funny read. :)) It can be too confusing and time consuming. We avoid the stress as a couple and just say what we want. I buy it for him and he buys it for me. We could easily get it for ourselves, but if feels good to buy something for the one you love. At the end, we are happy campers because we wouldn't normally shell out that kind of dough on ourself.


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