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Hey friends! How are you on this lovely Monday? Yeah, I'm looking forward to the weekend too. I actually have a 3-day weekend coming up which is AWESOME. In other news... if you keep close tabs on my YouTube channel- perhaps you saw my Review on Maybelline Dream Matte Foundation & Concealer (plus some bonus thoughts on the bronzer & blush). Someone had asked about these products on my Facebook page, and since it had been YEARS since I'd tried Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, I decided to try it out again. It became a "rediscovered product" in my stash.

Rather than re-hash my entire review of the product, which you can watch by clicking the link above (I initially typed "licking" in place of clicking but decided to correct it LOL)... I'd prefer to talk about this concept of rediscovered makeup. Think about this...

Have you ever had a situation where you tried a product very early on in your makeup-using days, maybe before you really even knew how to apply it correctly... then time passed, new products came out, and you just kind of strayed away from that initial product? So down the road you spy it at the store and think, why exactly did I stop using this? And you're just curious enough that you purchase the product again, to satisfy your own curiosity. Or perhaps this product is currently in your stash (hasn't gone bad) and you just decide you're going to try it again after a long haitus.

Has that happened to you? What is the outcome? Do you generally find that when you come back to a product you haven't tried in awhile- you like it better? Or do you just refresh your memory as to the reasons you stopped using it in the first place? I find myself in this predicament often, probably because I have a large makeup collection, and I also feel like I've been using makeup long enough for me to have tried certain products after they've been launched, stopped using for a substantial period, and then I come back to it. Since mascara is a product I go through more quickly, I find myself "rediscovering" mascaras a lot. What are some of your rediscovered products? I'm eager to get your feedback. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!



  1. It's a good thing that most makeup products last a bit longer than what the use by date states, if not this wouldn't be possible! I don't have that much makeup, so this doesn't happen to me much. It has happeneD with many mascaras though!

  2. I don't have enough makeup to rediscover yet, LOL. But I'm curious to try this! But I've never seen the concealer form of this! Only the blush, bronzer, and foundation =S

  3. Hello,

    Stumbled onto your blog a few days ago and love that you include drug store brands and not just department stores. I rediscover old makeup ALL THE TIME... sometimes I wish I never rediscovered it and sometimes I'm so happy to have found it. Sometimes its fun to just compare the quality - its shocking what you accept when you don't know whats out there.. does that make sense?

  4. Something I leave and come back to time and time again is Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara. Just, it's good for my lashes...and I've used $30 mascaras! Also the Seche Vite top coat. It's the best top coat ever in the whole world and I try to use other top coats and I always feel like they're a waste of money!
    Fun topic Emily!

  5. I tend to do this a lot with eyeshadows. It's definitely easy to get in a rut but it's also fun to re-discover!!

  6. Hi Em! I dunno if you've heard of a brand called StreetWear from Revlon? Well I was crazy about it in college but the stuff bored me out after a while. I got addicted to Maybelline but recently I bought this Wonder Lash mascara from StreetWear and went back to try more stuff! I 'rediscovered' how good their products have gotten. Eye shadows, lip gloss, nail paints!

  7. So i saw your review on this product and immediately when to purchase it. To my surprise my local drugstore had a SALE =) buy one get on half off which is good enough for me!! So i got the concealer and blush and I absolutely LOVE it !!! Thank you Emily for rediscovering this lol <3

  8. My rediscovered product was the "Anti Shine Supermatte Powder" that I found in a drawer. I used to use it a few years ago and now it's all I use when I don't feel like applying any foundation. The finish is just amazing: unified, matte. I love them again.

  9. I have forgotten to say that the "Anti Shine Supermatte Powder" is from ASTOR.

  10. To be honest, I do come back to things if I forget that I used to have them and then I remember why I stopped using them. Foundation is a product though that I am still to find a good one. I have very oily skin and usually start shining after only 2 hours. I have tried Rimmel stay matte (and powder) but that doesn't work either. Anyone any other (drugstore) ideas for oily skin, medium coverage??
    Love your videos Emily!!!

  11. it's so funny that you say this. Just recently I returned to CG smoothers as my foundation. I used it in high school and wandered away from it to try bigger and better (and more expensive) things, and at 37 I am rediscovering it. I love it! It works better on my dry skin than any other product high or low that I have ever tried. I guess the lesson is if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  12. I wanted to thank you for this review on Youtube! I saw your review & I tried this product before but got a color that was way to dark for me. I hated the product then because it was transferable, but then I was just starting out with makeup & I didn't know any better. I have a skin condition that doesn't allow me to wear certain foundations. This foundation doesn't flake my skin like most foundation. Its creamy, but doesn't allow my skin to get overly oily. THANK YOU! :)

  13. I think I may be Miss Glass Half Empty here.. I find things in my make-up box all the time and wonder why I stopped using it.. mostly shadows...I put it on and it creases or falls off on my cheeks. Instead of throwing it away, it just gets buried.. lol

    My biggest "rediscovery" product would be liquid liner. I buy one about every three months (I use it A-LOT) and swap brands often just to see whats out there. I like maybellines.. the one in the ink-pot..Avon makes good "non-black" shades .. and I really want to try the L'Oreal with the extra thin brush as well as the pen style that Emily has been using in her vids.

    @ Bia - I use to have the same problem. I went oil free and that turned around and dried my face out totally! The Almay shade-adjusting smart-balance works great for me even tho' it's not oil free (I don't think anyway). Also, try using a loose powder, mineral if you can get your hands on it. Physicians Formula makes a good one .. unfortunatley mine is so loved I've worn off the labels but it's in an odd shaped oval jar .. comes with a kabuki brush. Expensive, yes, but I've had mine for a year and a half and haven't even used half of it yet.

  14. I've rediscovered tinted lip balms! I used to wear them before I started wearing lipsticks.


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