Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tips for Dramatic Nighttime Makeup

Hey everyone!
Even if you're somewhat of a beginner in the makeup world, you eventually develop a routine for your day to day look. What becomes more difficult is figuring out how to really play up certain features for a more dramatic look for a night out. I thought I'd just provide a few suggestions to help you develop your "night look"...
  • Utilize bronzer & blush. If you're going out somewhere at night and the lighting is much softer and more dim- you can get away with adding more color to your face. Creating contrast by contouring and highlighting will give your face more definition
  • Go for a smokey eye. I have a number of tutorials that will help you with this technique, but in short, use a heavier hand with your eyeshadow than usual. If you normally wear very little shadow in the crease, start small but build up a deeper shade of your choice- slowly blend it out so you can see some shadow forming an "outer V" that's visible when your eyes are open.
  • Try mixing in a colorful shadow! If you know you can't get away with it at work, try if for a night out! That's what I do. If you're a little scared of throwing bright blue or pink into your nighttime look, remember this key to making it wearable: BLACK SHADOW. Adding it to the crease or smudging around the lashline will add a nice contrast to bright shades, and give you the dramatic look you're after.
  • TRY false lashes! I have a tutorial for this as well. I'm wearing falsies in all of the pictures above and it's a way to immediately add drama to the look- giving your eyes that "pretty" look that people can't quite put their finger on (if you're doing it right :)
  • Mix up the lips! I think nudes or deeper shades are great at night. Keep in mind that a nude shade will put more attention on your eyes, and shades of red will give you a more old Hollywood "glam" look. Try doing the opposite of what you'd do on a daily basis- sometimes just the change will be enough to make people look twice!


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

Just got off the phone with Tyler- he has officially completed the bar exam! He says it was quite tough but he thinks he'll pass. I'm so proud of him. It's a lot of pressure to think that the career that lies ahead of you is resting on the results of ONE test. I was never a great test-taker in school. I felt like I studied forever and would still get a little anxious around test time. I did better in circumstances where it was a project I could work on over a period of time, or a paper, speech, etc.

I had the cutest story today at work. SENIOR FEST '09.... no I'm not talking about high school seniors. Senior citizens baby! I get along well with the seniors. They're usually great to interview because they tell it like it is! I've talked to very few seniors that candy coat anything. Even when it comes to talking to me about the station I work at... they won't hesitate to say who they love to watch, who they don't really like, etc. It's a hoot! Anyway, the Senior Fest is basically a bunch of booths set up advertising their services for seniors, and they can test stuff out for free, take home souveniers, etc. There were blood pressure screenings, massages, a camera they'd stick in your ear to check for ear wax?? Yeah. It's the kind of story you really need to get creative with... and fortunately an elderly man in attendance showing off his own magic tricks to me and others became the perfect character. Once the story gets posted online I'll have to pass it along :D

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Have a good one!


Monday, July 27, 2009

QOTW: Parting Hair!

Hey guys! As you might remember from a previous blog post- I noted how parting your hair can make such a big change in your overall appearance! You can check out the pics I posted to see what a difference it made on me. So here are your answers to this week's question...

How do you usually part your hair?

  • Down the middle- 51 (10%)
  • On the right side- 160 (32%)
  • On the left side- 203 (41%)
  • Wherever it naturally falls- 74 (15%)
  • Zig-zag part 4 (0%)

Votes so far: 492 Poll closed

I usually part my hair on the left side, but I'm trying to branch out a little more and do some middle parts or just sort of let it fall where it wants. For work it seems like I need to have it a bit more structured (hairspray :D) so I don't have to worry about what it's doing all the time. Sorry this was kind of a short QOTW post but I don't have a whole lot more to say! ;) Don't forget to answer this week's question!


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

Alright everyone- Tyler is safe & sound in Chicago- and tomorrow he'll take the bar exam! eek! I just chatted with him on the phone for a bit and he says a big THANK YOU to everyone who made kind comments on the blog, twitter, and on emails. He appreciates your thoughts & prayers and I just know he'll pass! What's up with me.... we'll I'm eating Stacy's Parmesan Garlic & Herb pita chips like it's going out of style. They're SO good. Also while at CVS this afternoon, I picked up the latest issue of Allure and they talk about some of the bargain beauty stuff that hairstylists, makeup artists, etc. like to use. They showed the inexpensive makeup that Diane Sawyer's makeup artist likes to use and I just thought it was so cool! (Diane is, of course, an anchor on ABC's Good Morning America). Here's a link to that info!

Speaking of bargain beauty- while at CVS I picked up the new Wet & Wild foundation that's one of those shade matching kinds? You know kind of like the Almay stuff? This seems like it's a little different in the formulation, but you can bet I'll be trying it and telling you all how it goes. Hope you all are having a great day!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mango Toes!

It's official! My favorite nail polish of the summer for toes is L'oreal Nail Polish in Mango-get-em. It's a gorgeous coral-ish orange shade that really feels summery, and I think it's especially cute on the toes :D I mean it's got to be good if it prompts me to post a picture of my foot on my blog! Yes it's pretty, but it's practical too. When I wore this on my fingernails a couple of weeks ago, it remained chip free for quite awhile- and the same is proving to be true on the toes. Another great thing of course- it's available at the drugstore for just a few bucks!

♥ Emily's Journal ♥

OMG everyone! Tyler leaves to take the bar exam tomorrow!!! :0 The testing will happen over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday. Please keep him in your thoughts/prayers. In case you're not familiar with it- this will probably be the biggest test of his life... now that he's graduated from law school, the bar exam will certify him to be a lawyer. Tyler is the type of person who remains pretty calm, cool, & collected regardless of the situation... but this afternoon I can see that he's stressed. I truly believe he will do well, and I think deep down he thinks he will too... it's just an intimidating and kinda scary process so keep your fingers crossed for him!

I'm eating a salad right now. Yep I'm making a committment to eating very healthy this week and keeping my exercising up. I always feel better when I get in that routine, but I am the type of person who craves nachos, candy, and all things "junk food". I'm not going to deprive myself of those things, but I'm going to reserve it more for the weekends and keep it healthy during the week. On another note, the other day I was imagining life without makeup. I really think it would be so boring! I got to thinking of how much I enjoy makeup- not just for the confidence boost, but for the fact that it's an outlet for art and creativity! When I'm sitting at my makeup area, I'm in my "happy place" and I'm so lucky to have so many others online who share my love and passion for it! Have a great week everyone!

Emily :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Share Your Feedback: Have you tried this stuff?

Generally I'm on here recommending products and telling you what I think you need to try. Now, I thought I'd pose my own questions. There are a number of products that I've considered buying, and even if they're cheap- sometimes you just don't feel like taking a total risk. So I thought I'd just toss out a list of items that have at least piqued my interest- and if you could let me know if you've tried them and if so, what you thought- that would be awesome! Even if you haven't tried it and just have an opinion or prediction- I'd like to hear that too! It will probably help others as well! I definitely trust my blogger friends! And perhaps if there's a lot of debate about certain products- I'll go ahead and try it so I can post a review! :D Thanks in advance!

Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation
This creamy foundation is swirled with some sort of Olay anti-aging formula... I like Olay and I like Cover Girl... only at times I've been disappointed by their foundations. Thoughts?

Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush
I think this interests me even more than the foundation. Anti-aging blush? This is a new concept! Have you tried it?

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder (comes in several shades of bronze & pink)
I've been told by numerous people to try this- but I have not been a fan of the Revlon Colorstay Mineral foundation- OR the mineral shadow trios. This stuff seems to be the same texture as those shadows so that's why I'm skeptical. I've also heard these are/might be similar to MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish? Is this true?

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
This comes in a gorgeous array of shades, and I've heard good things about it. I've heard great reviews overall- many of them commenting on staying power... but is it worth $16 for ONE PENCIL?! tell me!

Maybelline Pulse Perfection by Define-A-Lash Vibrating Mascara
Chances are you've seen this wand displayed at your local drugstore. Just as it sounds, there's button on the wand and it will actually vibrate. With any mascara-- it's often recommended that you wiggle your mascara wand back & forth as you apply the product so you'll better separate and coat the lashes. I don't know about you- but I've been fully capable of wiggling my wand back & forth "manually" for years so I'm not sure that I need a motorized device to do it for me... I guess this product screams "gimmick" to me- but I'm still curious. What do you think?
♥ Emily's Journal ♥
Hellllloooooo! Yay for Thursday! I did one of THE most touching stories ever today. It airs tomorrow in our weekly "Unsung Hero" segment. WSIL viewers must watch at 6 or 10! (it will be on at the end of both newscasts). It features a group of teens that are part of an organization called World Changers- they're from all over the U.S., and they travel around helping people in need rebuild their homes or even construct homes in the first place. They are truly amazing and inspirational- and we also talked to one man who was having his entire roof repaired by these kids- it made me want to cry. Once the story goes online I'll post a link so those of you who're out of the viewing area can check it out!
I worked out again today- woohoo! And the shoulder is feeling much better. I had a salad & a snack wrap from McDonalds for dinner... those are GOOD! :D Hope you have a wondeful Friday tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheap Alternative to Nars Lip Gloss!

Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in Groove, Nars Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight

Hello friends!

As I was digging through my lip gloss drawer yesterday, I had a revelation. I have a $6 Neutrogena lip gloss that is practically THE SAME as my $24 Nars lip gloss! Sure, you feel really fancy whipping out your Nars lip gloss when you're out and about... but your wallet feels much better about the Neutrogena stuff. And honestly- once it's on, nobody would know the difference! Heck, you could buy 4 different shades of the Neutrogena stuff for the cost of ONE Nars gloss. O.M.G.

Swatches: Neutrogena on the left, Nars on the right

The only Nars gloss I own is Turkish Delight- and Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in Groove is almost an exact match. The texture is very much the same, and both of these shades come off as a light pinky/nude. (I used the Nars in my Kim Kardashian tutorial- you can check that out to see what it looks like on the lips). As you can see from the swatches above, the Neutrogena shade has a bit more pink to it- but the difference is hard to distinguish. Not to mention, the tubes are both square shaped :D Just wanted to pass this observation along to my wonderful blog readers!


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

Ok time for my journal! So I'm really making it a point to workout more. It's hard to find time between work, blogging, and YouTubing (haha), but it really has to be a priority. I will usually ride the exercise bike, or I have some butt-kicking dance workout DVD's... today I chose to use my big exercise ball (the kind you can do crunches on) along with my DVD that guides you through what to do. Though I didn't feel like working out, I started doing it with good intentions... only to do some weird maneuver that is making my shoulder feel quite painful right now. It hurts to lift my arm and it's hard to pin-point where the pain is coming from... guess that's what I get for working out! :-p

Work, on the other hand, went well today. I thought we had a good morning show- rebounding from yesterday's problems... then I went to a reporter meeting which seemed to apply more to the full time reporters rather than the anchor/reporters like me... but it was still informative. Let's see what else do I have to share... I miss Tyler! He's been spending all day- and well into the night- studying for the bar exam which is coming up next week. I know now is the time he needs to be working hard but I can't help missing him! Good thing the weekend is just a couple days away! love you all!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Easy way to INSTANTLY change your look!

Hola! Isn't it amazing what a difference just changing the way you part your hair can make? If you're bored with your look try switching to a center part- or a side part if that's not what you're used to! Or switch it up from one side to the other! One thing's for sure... I work with a bunch of guys on my shift and many of them noticed that I had done something different when I walked in with a center part... On previous occasions when my hair had either been COLORED or CUT- no comment. I'll admit- parting my hair in the middle was a bit of an experiment as far as what people will actually notice. Many of you on YouTube could tell a big change in my Kim Kardashian video! Who knew flipping your hair to the opposite side or down the middle could make such a change? Which way do you part your hair most of the time? Answer in this week's "Question of the Week!"
♥ Emily's Journal ♥
Well it's a rainy afternoon in my neck of the woods! We had an interesting morning on the AM show today... some technical glitches caused a few problems for us, but other than that, the show went well. I wore on of my favorite yellow shirts! Then after the show I had to listen in on a mind-numbing online audio-cast of the State Board of Education meeting.... note to those who want to be reporters- it ain't all fun & awesome stories! You'll have some pretty boring stuff too. Not that this wasn't important- Illinois is in the middle of a big budget crisis so it's always a huge story- but I can only listen to so much staticy audio with nothing to watch before my eyes. I listened for 2 hours- and it was still going! LOL. Oh I just remembered a question I wanted to address. No, I do not wear colored contact lenses. I've recently started using an amazing kind of contacts that you can leave in for 30 DAYS! You can sleep in them! You don't have to take them out! It's incredible. They're working great for me- they're called Air Optix Day & Night. I usually just put one eye drop in each eye when I wake up (they're always a bit dry then) and I'm good to go for the day! If you're in the market for some new contacts and hate taking them in and out each day- check 'em out! Have a great day everyone,

Monday, July 20, 2009

QOTW: Favorite Ways to Smell Great!

Hey everyone! In the sweaty, sweltering days of summer I thought it would be appropriate to ask- what is your favorite way to wear fragrance? Here's what you had to say in the Question of the Week...

  • Perfume: 305 (63%)
  • Body Spray: 107 (22%)
  • Lotion: 30 (6%)
  • Body Oil: 4 (0%)
  • Scented Body Powder: 2 (0%)
  • I don't use any fragrance: 30 (6%)

    Votes so far: 478

*Don't forget to answer this week's Question of the Week!

For me- it's a fine line between perfume and body spray- and I think in the summer months I wear a lot more body spray so that was my answer. I also really like lotions- usually the ones that correspond with my favorite sprays/perfumes! If you really want your fragrance to hang around throughout the day, it's often recommended that you layer it- use your body wash, lotion, and the perfume/body spray to really lock in a particular scent. Here are some of my favorite overall scents!

Favorite body sprays: (L-R) Victoria's Secret Pink Fresh & Clean, Body Fantasies in Apple Fantasy and Clean Lavender Vanilla Fantasy

Favorite Perfumes: (L-R) Falling in Love by Philosophy, With Love by Hillary Duff, Super Model, Very Sexy, and Sexy Little Things by Victoria's Secret.
Emily's Journal

Well we're back to another Monday! Hope yours went well. I felt pretty refreshed after my weekend- for once I didn't spend the entire time traveling, so that was a nice break. I got to spend some time making some tutorials once again, and I have gotten some of the best feedback on my recent videos. I did a smokey cat eye that I was really happy with, and also my Kim Kardashian look. Today on air I actually experimented with that hairdo-- a center part instead of a side part... let me tell you- if you are like me and wear a side part ALL THE TIME- or vice versa... try switching it up for a day! Many more people noticed the change... more than when I've had it cut or colored, so I thought that was interesting. On another note- thanks so much to those who've left sweet messages on my Twitter and blog for Tyler- I mentioned that he was studying for the bar exam (leaving to take it one week from today), and you have all been so supportive. He has seriously been studying more than I've ever seen him study before... but it IS pretty much the biggest test of his life, so I guess that's a good thing! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog everyone- and hope the rest of the week goes smoothly!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

100 Most Beautiful Series Continues!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to update you on my latest video- it's my version of a Kim Kardashian look. I really like this one! I just wanted to remind you that I'm still keeping up with this series... so far I've done looks inspired by celebrities on the People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful list- including Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Megan Fox, and Julianne Hough. If you have any other requests of celebrity looks from those on the 100 Most Beautiful list, please let me know! These looks are fun for me to try, and I often end up using different techniques than usual.


♥ Emily's Journal ♥

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was fun and relaxing. Friday at work was actually pretty cool. We're doing a Friday grilling series where we have local restuarant owners/grilling experts come on and make some of their specialties. The guy on Friday made grilled shark- it was awesome... along with Mojitos, grilled vegetable salsa, salmon, & grilled banana ice cream! It was all delicious- even at 6:00 in the morning! :) That's one thing lots of people don't understand... when you've been up since 1:30 a.m., you're ready for some REAL food when it gets to be a normal person's breakfast time!

Saturday was fun, ended up watching Slumdog Millionaire... I know I should've seen it before now- but it was awesome! I cried at the end- I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Then Tyler and I went out with some friends, it was a good time but kind of chilly outside, which was weird for July!
Then today I got a chase lounge... LOL I've been kind of obsessed with getting one so I can lay out on our patio from time to time. Tyler has just over one week to go before the bar exam- and by the way, his interview went really well! We're keeping our fingers crossed! :D Have a great week everyone!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Makeup in the News...

Hey everyone!

While it seems like I'm always giving my own advice, recommendations, and tips... beauty is really one of my favorite topics to research and learn about as well! I'll often get questions from people that I may not immediately know the answer to, but you can trust that when I get the time, I'm Googling and studying up on various makeup-related topics so I can get you an answer! It's my reporter side coming out :D Anyway, I've recently come across some interesting makeup articles, and if you're looking for a little recreational reading- you might enjoy them too!

(FYI: if you scroll down you'll see a compilation of the latest beauty related articles in the news- it's in the sidebar on the right hand side of the page)


Emily's Journal

Yep, this is a new thing I'm doing! I've always liked being able to look backward in my blogs from time to time to look back on various events in my life. I realized with this blog, it's mostly beauty related... but I also like to write a little bit about my day to day happenings. Some people have asked to see this, but if you're strictly on Beauty Broadcast for the beauty stuff- you can just avoid this bottom area if you so choose. It's up to you! Just know that I will generally have an "Emily's Journal" section at the end of most blog posts... maybe sometime's it will only be the journal stuff!

Today was an interesting day at work. I went in with the assumption that I'd have to do a stunt with motorcycle stunt rider Bubba Blackwell who was stopping by our morning show.... yeah, I was a little (maybe a LOT) nervous about that! Either way, I came prepared with my skinny jeans & boots on. Turns out the pavement was too wet to do tricks, darn! It seriously would've been cool- this guy is known to be pretty awesome.

In other news- Tyler got a job interview! It's with an area State's Attorney's office... It was only today that I found out it was actually happening- and the interview is scheduled for tomorrow! OMG- please be thinking positive thoughts for Tyler! This would be a great opportunity! Guess what else? Tomorrow is Friday!!! Talk to you all again soon!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ELF Studio Bronzers: Impressive!

available for $3 each at click Studio

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful day. Just wanted to drop you a line about these two awesome products from ELF. I recently purchased a few different things off of the ELF website- but these are a couple that really stood out to me. First off- the packaging is really not typical of most ELF products- but keep in mind, these come from their somewhat new "Studio" line. They resemble Nars compacts and are rather large with a really nice mirror that's terrific to use when you're traveling.

The compact on the left is the Warm Bronzer. On the website, you'll find this also comes in Cool and Golden Bronzer shades. This one that I have appears to be the most like a "typical" bronzer shade. The four separate tones mix together flawlessly with a swirl of your brush. It's a nice change from some of my darker bronzers, and I think this would be awesome for those who have fair skin and have struggled finding a bronzer that doesn't make them look "muddy". I felt like after I used this I looked fresh and glowing, but still natural! This is not an overly shimmery product and you absolutely don't need to worry about looking orange. Woohoo!

The compact on the right is the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder. This has often been compared to a similar product from Nars, but since I don't have that product- I won't pretend to make comparisons here. (other than packaging, which as I mentioned before, is quite similar). I had seen numerous videos/pictures of this product and really wasn't too impressed at first. I didn't think the colors appeared to be too vibrant, and just really didn't think it looked like a must-have product. Well, now that I have it, I guess it's a must-KEEP product! This thing rocks! This bronzer is considerably deeper than the mosaic style Warm Bronzer mentioned above. It is wonderful for contouring cheeks, but beware- since it is darker you don't want to go overboard on this on the rest of your face or you'll look dirty. Trust me, I know haha ;D A great cheek contour nonetheless- and I like that it's not overly shimmery.

Now the peachy toned blush DOES have some shimmer- quite a bit more than the bronzer... but it still has COLOR! Woohoo! My concern was that I'd have a peach blush on my hands that wouldn't show up and would be basically useless. Even on my medium-toned skin- this gorgeous blush shows up, and the shimmer is not enough to keep me from wearing it. A truly wearable blush and bronzer in one- you could really cut costs by getting this and you'd be truly satisfied!

And once again- a look at the super cute and sleek packaging! Look for more reviews on other ELF products I've purchased coming up soon. ALSO-- I've launched a new hair series! It's called Weather Styles... basically a hairdo for any kind of weather condition! I've just posted a video on rainy day hair, so check it out!
Have a great day everyone!


Monday, July 13, 2009

QOTW: Go-to Hair Products

Hey everyone!

Guess what? This is the way I'm going to start announcing my Question of the Week (QOTW) results! I felt like when I did the videos for results they weren't really getting nearly as many views as the other kinds of videos I do, and I thought since the question is on the blog, it would be appropriate to just blog about the results on a weekly basis, sharing my personal opinion and some additional info related to the question. Hopefully now that I've announced this we will start getting more votes on the question- can you believe we were once up to 1,000?!

This week's question:

What is your go-to hair product?

46 (16%)

34 (12%)

11 (4%)

Anti-Frizz cream
39 (14%)

Heat-Defense Products
29 (10%)

Leave-In Conditioner
75 (27%)

Glossing/Shine Serum
38 (13%)

Votes so far: 272 Poll closed

Wow, I didn't know so many people were nuts about Leave-in conditioner! That's cool, though- it's a pretty important thing if you have dry hair issues or if you just want that healthier feel. For me, my go-to product is without a doubt hairspray. Granted, I use stuff like heat-defense products and shine serum, but if someone told me I could only use one thing it would be hairspray. It helps whatever you've done last longer, it can tame most fly-aways, it can create volume, it can be used as a styling aid with velcro rollers... and the list goes on!

Here are some of my favorite hairsprays:

  • TRESemme Freeze & Control Ultra Hold Hairspray... this is my current all purpose hairspray. I used to use a VO5 hairspray that was quick drying and worked well- but then that got discontinued so I needed something else that would really hold the style. This doesn't create an unsightly buildup on my dark hair and will really keep your hair in place if you want. (drugstore product)

  • Generic Value Products Freezing Hairspray (compare to Matrix Vavoom Freezing Hairspray)... This product has nice hold without making the hair feel too stiff. It also has a scent that I really like. As you can see, it's a knock-off of a Matrix product, and it really is nice for creating volume- but if you mist it on your hair after styling- you get a nice, slightly more flexible hold. (sally beauty supply)

  • Redken Quick Dry 18... I use the mini version of this. It really is nice for travel because of the way the cap locks in place (I described this product in my recent Shopping List Ideas video). It truly is quick drying and is just the perfect formula of hairspray you'd want to have on the go- like if your updo is starting to fall or your bangs are just out of control- this will tame everything down with a fine mist that dries fast. (Beauty First)

  • Nick Chavez Volumizing Extra Hold Hairspray.... You will get insane volume with this. If you've ever seen Nick Chavez's demonstrations on QVC- you can flip your head over, spray this at the roots, and you will have massive volume. So this is one of the best volumizing hairsprays and it also manages to have great hold. You can also use it on your velcro rollers and it will create lots of volume when you brush your hair out. The Sally Beauty Supply So Gorgeous hairspray is pretty similar to this, but looking back, I think I like this one a little bit better just for the volume aspect. I ran out of this and will be repurchasing. (product available on QVC's website)

Thanks for checking out the blog today, and have a great day! Don't forget to answer the new question of the week!!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Wedding Weekend!

Hey everyone! I must apologize once again for a weekend without new videos- I traveled back to the area where I went to college for a wedding. Congratulations Jessie & Shane! They're both friends of ours and Tyler was an usher in the wedding. We had a fantastic time, but once we got home we both just felt drained of energy. Even though it's summer- it's still a very busy time! If I'm traveling on the weekends it kind of prevents me from being able to do tutorials- because weekends are usually when I shoot them because that's when I have the time. There will eventually be more tutorials in the future, and I'll of course have other types of videos up this week- including my 20,000 subscriber celebration video! :D Plus reviews, favorites, etc.

Now to make this somewhat beauty-related-- Here's the look I did for the wedding. The "accent color" on my dress was a little pink belt, so I used that as the accent on my eye look as well. I used my Cover Girl eyeshadow quad in Drama Eyes (It's a product I mentioned in my Summer Drugstore Faves blog entry). I used the white shade all over my lid, then used the burgundy for a wash of warmth in my crease. I defined the outer V with the black shade, and gave a light dusting of the white shade under my brow for a highlight. Then comes the really fun part- I used my Glam Couture shadow in Palace (a sparkly magenta- I used it as part of my Intense Teal shadow tutorial- I show the shade right at the beginning). With a fluffy crease brush, I used a very light dusting of the shade near my brow bone, overlapping the other colors a bit. It gave a pretty wash of color and sort of a unique touch to the look.
On my lips I used my Jordana Easyliner Lip Liner in Baby Berry and topped it off with my NYX Goddess of the Night lip gloss in French Kiss. For blush- I used the ELF Studio Blush/Bronzer compact- mainly the bronzer side as a cheek contour, and then Cover Girl Cheekers blush in Plumberry Glow to keep with the pink theme. Oh and as far as my hair goes, I sort of pulled out some side bangs, and then teased and bobbi pinned a little "pouf" right behind that. then I made sort of a messy bun in the back and secured it with a clip.

Now for a few fun pics! Here's me and my pal Brittany at the reception. Isn't her hair adorable? And such cute earrings too. So stylish! :)
There's the newlyweds Jessie & Shane! This is at some point between the wedding & the reception when we stopped by a pub in Shane's hometown. That's Ty peeking his head into the picture haha :D This place actually served hot chashew nuts- like they were being heated by a lamp and they were the most amazing things ever!!

This is a random pic I took at the reception-- It's amazing what happens when you reach your arm out and yell "picture!!" on the dance floor! This one just cracks me up. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead! :D


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Attention Twitter Users!

photo courtesy

Hey everyone! Just wanted to pass along something cool I've discovered on Twitter. If you're a "tweeter" as well, you might want to check this out-- if not, you might be prompted to set up your own account!

One day when I was feeling especially obsessed with makeup I decided to do a search on Twitter for different makeup artists that I loved. I found Bobbi Brown! I was so excited because I have several of her books, and I just love her makeup philosophy. In a nutshell, Bobbi rules. It looks like several members of her troupe of Bobbi Brown makeup artists are managing her Twitter page, setting it up so you get periodic tips, and you're welcome to ask questions too! EXAMPLE: Yesterday at work I was contemplating the effectiveness of airbrush makeup for TV news. In a matter of MINUTES I had a response, and was absolutely tickled over the fact that one of them took the time to send me a quick note back.

what's your opinion on airbrush makeup for TV news? Is it necessary for HD
or is regular liquid just as good?
44 minutes ago from web in reply to AskBobbiBrown

Bobbi prefers using a stick foundation for a flawless finish ~Joy Dee
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I realize that specific subject matter might not be all that interesting to all of you, but it's just kind of an example of how effective Twitter can be for brief interactions between you and those who you may think you'd never get the chance to communicate with. Visit Bobbi Brown's twitter at need to have your own account to ask questions and stuff. FYI: my Twitter is

ONE MORE THING... on Bobbi Brown's official makeup website (not the Twitter page), you can learn more about her and her amazing talents. On the part of the site called About Bobbi: Her Story, you can check out some neat video clips, including Bobbi creating looks for a fashion show. Enjoy! And have a fantastic day!



Monday, July 6, 2009

Hope You Had A Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone! How was your July 4th holiday? Mine was great- with the exception of it raining the entire day and fireworks getting cancelled. Tyler and I took the train to my sister a.k.a. Pup's house. It was a 3 hour trip, so it was nice to not have to worry about driving. Instead I fired up my ipod and read magazines while Tyler studied for the bar exam. As you can see from the pic above- even though it was 6:30 a.m. I was SO EXCITED to be on the train! I was just a little kid the last time I took a real train trip! For some reason Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches taste 10 times better when you get it from the train's snack car :D Yay for trains!

This is Pup & Jeff's gorgeous, but soggy backyard. We still had a great time cooking up some tasty dishes. We enjoyed Jeff's special burgers & fries, mom's macaroni & baked beans, an adorable cheese ball... and so much more! Pup loves to cook and does a good job documenting everything, so for more on all of that, check out Pup's blog.

I should have taken many more pictures- don't you hate it when that happens? You have your camera there because you want to use it but you only remember to pick it up a few times. We all missed my brother Ryan, sister in law Shanna, and my little niece Ashley- but Ryan had to travel to China for a work trip the following day so it would've been tough for them to make the trip to Pup's.
As I said- I wish I would've taken many more pictures, but this is probably one of the sweetest ones anyone could take. This is Tyler right after he'd fallen asleep on the couch with one of Pup & Jeff's kitties laying on him. So cute! Looking at this picture just makes me feel warm, cozy, and relaxed... and that pretty much sums up my 4th of July. So glad to see my family again and just wish it could happen more often. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like I did! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Emily's Hair Color!

Hello friends! When I was thinking about what I was going to do a blog about today, I didn't have to think long! After the questions I've been getting recently, it was obvious I needed to tell you guys about my hair color!

First: a little history. I have never colored my hair with permanent hair color or highlights. I didn't want to damage my hair, and frankly, I like my natural color! But because I have very fine hair, my mom (former cosmetologist) suggested I use a semi-permanent color that matched my natural shade to give my hair some texture & body. It worked! And for the last 7 years or so I've been using a dark brown shade of Clairol Natural Instincts non-permanent hair color (lasts through 28 shampoos). Over the years I think the specific name of the shade has varied, but what I've been using lately is a shade called Nutmeg (dark brown) #28. It's been awhile since I've used this, so in my recent videos, you're probably seeing my natural color- but since it's such a close match, I really can't tell when it's faded, but whenever I have the fresh color on, I think my hair is just a tad bit darker. Other people can't ever tell after I've done it though. :)

This hair color really makes your hair feel healthy after you use it, and it's a really easy process. You just add the color to damp hair, wait, and rinse it out. It also comes with a Once a Week Color Treat conditioner that you use after you do the color, and during the weeks that follow. It's very nourishing and keeps your hair soft & shiny. The color formula has no ammonia, which helps protect your hair against dryness in the coloring process. I feel like this whole process of using a non-permanent hair color makes my fine hair more manageable and easier to style- plus it stays healthy! I'll probably be doing another application of this soon, so I'll let you know when I do a video so you can see if you can tell the difference. This product is available at any drugstore!
Thanks for stopping by the blog everyone! Have a wonderful day!
Emily :D