2009 Emily Awards: EYES!

How'd you like that super long video on my favorite face products of 2009? Well there's an even longer one for eyes! LOL :) I couldn't help myself. It was even harder to weed out my favorite eye products, but I think I've whittled it down to a great list of items that I love, and I think you'll love as well if you try them. Continue to watch for MORE installments of the 2009 Emily Awards here on beautybroadcast.net, and on YouTube!
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2009 Emily Awards: Part II

Best Eye Primer

Best Cream Shadow

Best Overall Shadow Brand

Best Small Palette

Best Large Palette

Best Eyeliner Pencil

Best Liquid Eyeliner

Best Cream/Gel Eyeliner


*Denotes 2-time winner


  1. I love wet 'n wild's cream liner! It's only about $4 and the black is soooo jet black. I haven't really tried other brands but that one is perfect and such a steal. ELF just came out with a cream liner too which I've been meaning to try. Also I got the Palladio tinted balm thanks to you... they are PERFECTION! :)

  2. I don't know if you've tried the new NYX primers yet but they are AMAZING. I think they are just as good as UDPP and Shadow Insurance and they are only $6 on Cherry Culture. There are also 3 different shades depending on exactly what you want your primer to do, which is nice. I've tried all three, and I really like them (I like the skin tone best for everyday). Just thought I'd give you a heads up about it :)

  3. I def agree with Smashbox eye shadows. After using so many of their products, I am so disappointed when using other companies' eye shadows. Thanks for your tips!

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