2009 Emily Awards: FINALE!

Hello! Well it looks like the 4-part 2009 Emily Awards series is coming to a close! I had a fun, and sometimes stressful time trying to narrow down my favorites in so many different categories. Overall, it feels good to come up with a clear opinion on things. As I mentioned in my "Finale" video- this won't be the last favorites or must-have video that I do- but in terms of 2009 Awards- this is it. I had the most fun with this particular video because

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2009 Emily Awards: Part IV
Outstanding Tool

Best Brushes

Most Innovative Product

Most Innovative Packaging

Cutest Packaging

Best Smelling Product

Product That Needs to be in Your Purse

Most Valuable Product: Face

Most Valuable Product: Eyes

Most Valuable Product: Lips

*Denotes a 2-time winner


  1. Nice list! There are some great products on here. I think you're the only other person I've found who seems to know about and loves the ELF Shine Erasers! I myself carry one in each of my bags and use them everyday :D They work great and are so cheap too.. love them!! Thanks for sharing your list girl! :D xx

  2. I've loved these Emily Awards! It must have taken you so long to compile it all, I wouldn't know where to start! :)

  3. Wonderful list Emily. I've added a lot on my to-get list because of your vids! Love your reviews!

  4. Last time I was in Sally's I ALMOST picked up a few of the Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balms and I told my friend "Emily loves these!"

    She didn't understand, but I knew what I meant. :D

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