Bee Luscious Gel Liner Swatches

Hello everyone! Do you ever log on to a website to order some makeup online, and you realize it's very difficult to tell the true color of the product by the swatches or pictures the company provides? In my opinion, they should take the time to take some good quality photos of their products, because often those swatches really don't do the item justice! Such is the case with the Bee Luscious Gel Liners. A viewer asked if I could post some swatches of the ones I have to help people better identify what color they'd like to buy. I only have three, but here they are! The ones I have are brilliant colors with a slightly metallic finish.

Left to Right: Marcasite, Tanzanite, Oceanic

Marcasite is a gorgeous charcoal grey, Tanzanite- a deep plum- was featured in my Sugar Plum Eyes tutorial, and Oceanic is probably the brightest blue liner I've seen. I sometimes like using a thin line of that shade on my lower lashline for a nice pop of color- if you keep the line thin, it's surprisingly subtle! Once you apply these liners, either smudge them right away for a smoked out effect, or just let it sit for 30 seconds or so and the color will be unsmudgeable. I like that word LOL :) Seriously though, they don't budge once you apply them. You can definitely feel safe applying them to your lower lashline & you won't look like a raccoon 3 hours later!


  1. THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS!! I LOVE the 1st 2. thanks for sharing :)

  2. I hate to say it, but Bee Luscious is such a rip off. These are the exact same liners that are sold on Mad Minerals and JW Cosmetics for $8.99 a piece. Aromaleigh also carries them for a few dollars more.

    There is no reason to spend $16 on these liners, when you get the same thing from other places for about 50% less. Mad Minerals also has site wide sales that make these even cheaper.

  3. I agree with you Share - it took me about 5 minutes to find a tonne of Bee Luscious' products on Spa Private Label.

    BFTECosmetics (aka Beauty from the Earth) sell those indelible liners too for $9, opposed to BL's $16.

  4. very nice...I agree. I sometimes want to know the tru color of the items, but it never show the right colors.

  5. Emily, do you prefer these over the Coastal Scents liners? I was thinking about picking up a few of them and I wanted to know which you liked more! :]

  6. new viewer here. wondering why your videos looks squished..

  7. New follower here! :)

    What lovely colors! Thank you for the heads up!


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  9. omg that blue one is amazing!!! Could you check out my blog sometime...I just started it and don't know how to go about getting followers. ♥

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