Stila Sun Gel Bronzer Review

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to pass along this review for a product from Stila called Sun Gel Bronzer. It's available for $8.99 on If you read my past blog, you're aware that Beauty Ticket offers a number of high end items at discounted prices. This particular product normally retails for $24! So to get it at a drugstore price-- I knew I needed to test it out and let you know how it worked.

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What it is:
A concentrated bronze-tinted gel. Can be worn alone or mixed (dilluted) with a moisturizer (face or body) to provide a tan glow. This is sheer color- there's no shimmer, glitter, or metallic-type properties. This won't come off until you wash it off... so you'll want to wash your hands afterward if you apply it with your fingers. But unlike a sunless tanner- it DOES wash off, so you can correct any mistakes. It has a light, fresh scent. Comes in a 1.7 ounce container.

swatch of the product (not blended in)
  • A multi-use product- can be added to any number of liquid face & body products.
  • You control the amount & how tan you want to be
  • A little bit goes a long way (in my experience)
  • Doesn't come off till you wash it off... this aspect gives the benefit of a sunless tanner
  • Cost on BeautyTicket is comparable to that of drugstore products


  • This really isn't a stand-alone product. It almost looks to orange-ish if you wear it alone (especially on lighter skin tones)
  • May take some trial & error on the part of the user to determine how much works

What I think: I'm all for sunless tanners- both on the body and the face. But some days you get up to get ready, you don't look as radiant as you'd like, and you just didn't take the time in the days before to get yourself all tanned-up. To give yourself an instant boost with none of the risks associated with sunless tanning (streaks, blotches), this Stila gel sun is a good option. Maybelline made something almost identical to this as part of their Mineral Power line... it was sold months ago and hasn't resurfaced in the drugstore. Bonne Bell makes a product called Gel Bronze- but it doesn't have the same won't-come-off-till-you-wash-it-off quality. Also- the Bonne Bell version isn't as pigmented and doesn't give off as much color. This product won't make you as dark as you might be with a sunless tanner, but the sheer wash of color is very easy to work with. You can control how dark you want to be- mix more or less in with foundation, body lotion, face moisturizer etc. You can feel a little safer using a product like this mixed with your body lotion as opposed to Bonne Bell because it is going to stay on you until you wash it off. It never hurts to add a little extra glow, especially in the dead of winter! Have a great day!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to try by I am in no way affiliated with Stila, nor are my opinions influenced by the Beauty Ticket site.


  1. Wow, this looks quite scary in your swatch, especially since i'm a nc15-nc20. I'm always super weary of sunless tanners though, so much can go wrong on pale skin!

  2. Can you post a pic of you wearing this product? I'm really bad w/ self tanners/brozners, etc. I'd like to see what the final product looks like. Video too if possible! OK, that's enough requests for one day! Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for another great review! I love your Youtube channel :D Looking forward to more of your blog posts, I'm a new subscriber :) xx

  4. i am obsessed with this stuff! i use it every morning, just mix it in with my clinique tinted moisturizer. it comes out looking super concentrated, which i guess it is, but as long as you learn how much to use, it's an awesome product.

  5. I had never been introduced to beauty ticket before (or if I had been, via some magazine, I never bothered to go look it up) and oh my word, it is like my dream. What an amazing site--thank you!

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