Smashbox Mother Earth Palette

Hi Everyone! Hope you're having a good Tuesday. I just spent about 2 hours updating the Video Library section on my blog. I really need to do it more regularly... you'll find the icon on the right sidebar. Basically it just has links to every video I've done, so you can find exactly what you're looking for (Dramatic eye tutorials, haul videos, videos with Tyler... it's all there and categorized). I also just realized my next video will be #360!! I can't believe I've done so many! :)

Anyway... on with the blog! I just wanted to tell you about a product I've been using from Smashbox. It's available at a discounted price on (lots of other overstock or limited edition high-end items are sold there for low prices)... I'm on the Beauty Panel and I'm occasionally sent products to try. In this picture-- the Smashbox Limited Edition Mother Earth palette. If you're trying to go green... this is the way to do it with your makeup! This palette costs $22.99 on BeautyTicket... but it typically retails for $45!!

According to Beauty Ticket, this palette includes four certified-organic shadows and a blush inside a compact made from sustainable materials. The packaging is so unique, because it truly is wooden! I can safely say, I own nothing like this palette. The downside- there isn't a latch on the palette, so even though you shut it, the palette can easily come open. So it's not exactly travel friendly (unless you wrap a rubber band around it), but it's definitely cute to sit in your makeup area. Heck, maybe even a conversation piece on the coffee table! :) If you have friends that enjoy having conversations about makeup.

The colors inside are an interesting combination... definitely some earthy tones, but probably not colors I'd normally use together. The texture is very close to the typical Smashbox formulation. You get a matte cream shade, an almost olive-ish gold, a shimmery blue, and brown. My favorite is the blue. It's a really rich color and I've enjoyed using it as a liner. As for the blush... it's AWESOME! A wonderful matte peach shade that really gives my face a look of health- something we could all use in the dead of winter.

As you can see, I've swatched the shades on my hand. You might be wondering... how do you wear them on your eyes? You could easily pair them up in duos, but if you want to wear them all, I suggest the olive-gold shade on the lid, the light cream color as a highlight under the brow and on the tear duct, the blue shade in the crease and as a lower-liner shade, and the deep brown just to add a little more depth to the outer corner.

This is a fun palette to have. The packaging is adorable, it's a very environmentally friendly product, and if you like the looks of the colors, you might want to give it a try. While the shades are pigmented and blendable- they're not quite as creamy-feeling as the regular Smashbox shadows are. I suppose the organic formulation changes them a bit? Still, as I mentioned, it is very close. If you like to stick to earthy, natural makeup shades but want to test out some new colors within that theme- I'd recommend this palette. If you already have a lot of these shades, and you're not wild about the wooden packaging... you might want to pass on this and check out some of the other great prices on Smashbox shadows at :) Have a great night everyone, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. Wow! I really love the packaging!
    Lovely post.

  2. how can eyeshadows be organic?! eyeshadows are made from things mined from the earth.. they are inorganic! thats just a bullshit marketing tactic

  3. This is a lovely palette! Love the packaging and the flattering colours. Thanks for sharing =)

  4. The packaging is so cute and unique:)

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