Clinique *Gift with Purchase* Haul

Hello! It's been kind of a rough day on my end. Called in sick to work... because when I woke up today I could barely speak! My voice was very gravely & rough- not exactly ideal for anchoring a newscast. Things definitely went downhill from the day before in terms of how I sounded, but throughout the day, the pain has begun to die down in my throat. I've had a pretty bad headache today paired with classic "cold" symptoms- fever, runny nose, lots of sneezing. I don't sound great, but I think my voice will be good enough to anchor tomorrow :) Thanks for the get well wishes! I'm looking forward to the weekend when my parents will come down for a visit. You can probably expect an Em's World video on that! :)

Enough talk about my cold! This past Saturday I stopped by the Clinique counter at my local Macy's- where a Gift with Purchase was offered for purchases of $21 or more (or something close to that). I really haven't tried hardly anything from Clinique, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test out a handful of items for a good price.

What I bought:
-Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder (oil free) in 02 Stay Neutral
-Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Fireberry. (both are shown on the right side of the picture).

I can always use an oil-control powder when it comes to reducing shine under those bright lights on the news desk. Definitely liking it so far- it doesn't appear cakey and keeps shine to a minimum. And the gloss is a unique berry shade with a golden undertone (subtle shimmer). It really does last a LONG time for a lip gloss!

What I got for free:
-Large cosmetic bag
-Mini bag
-Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
-Even Better Skin Tone Correction Moisturizer SPF 20
-Colour Surge Eyeshadow duo in Strawberry Fudge
-High Lengths Mascara (curved comb-style rubber brush mascara)
-Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace

There were 2 kits to choose from in the gift sets- the only difference was the eye & lip color. I haven't tried the skincare items long enough to know how well they work for me, but both the Dramatically Different moisturizer and the Even Better moisturizer appear to be very rich and hydrating. I wasn't overly impressed with the eyeshadow- it wasn't all that pigmented, though the pinkish shade in the duo is really pretty- with a gold undertone. I've only used the High Lengths mascara once so far- and it didn't make my lashes look huge, but it did provide some nice definition. I didn't really like how the comb was curved because it made it harder to apply on my left eye for some reason. The lipstick is a pretty berry tone that's not too thick & heavy. I really like it for a bright pop of color!

Swatches from left to right: Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo in Strawberry Fudge, Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace, and Long Last Glosswear in Fireberry.

Just thought I'd show some fun springtime makeup to brighten-up my otherwise sick & gloomy day! Hope we can all round out the work week on a high note! :D


  1. I don't have much clinique either. the eyeshadows look nice though! Feel better!

  2. OMG. that sounds awful. I really hope you get better soon. :D
    I've tried some of the clinique stuff like the make up remover love it. And some perfumes.

  3. Get well soon, Emily.

    Speaking of Clinique gift with purchase,I'm constantly getting MoistureSurge, which I don't mind, I like it. But I would love to try out Even Better Skin Tone Correction Moisturizer SPF 20.

    I also like the large cosmetic bag you got, great for travel!

    Again, feel better!

  4. What a great haul from Clinique. I love the bags. Hope you feel better, Emily!

  5. I got the same gift with purchase. I really like the eyeshadows. Be careful with the moisturizer, because it can be kind of heavy. I found that it made me breakout like crazy. I have to use it under my Sephora matte primer which usually dries out my skin, but together they even each other out. I hope you enjoy it and feel better!

  6. Hope you feel better Emily! I have the dramatically different moisturizer and I love it. I use it twice a day. I haven't had any breakouts. I even use the Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 on the days I don't want to wear heavier make-up.
    You got a great haul. The bags are cute very springtime! I have fallen in love with the E.L.F. face primer. I does not take much to prime the face at all.
    Hope your throat is better to get back to work.
    Take care,

  7. Hi emily Hope you feeling better. thats a great little clinique haul you got there. i have been using some clinique for years they do an eyeliner pencil thats like the revlon colorstay only better and an eyebase which is fabulous. Mind yourself

  8. Hi emily glad to hear you feeling better. loved your clinique haul ive used a few of their things the yellow moisturiser dramatically different broke me out but i have supersensitive skin. what i like is tender heart lipstick and gloss the eyeliner pencil they do its a bit like the revlon one and the eyebase in canvas which is a brilliant e/s primer. anyway mind yourself

  9. Feel better Emily, if you're not already. I saw the promo when I was at the mall, but I didn't get anything.

  10. Feel better Em! =)

    I've never been too impressed with Clinique. Skin care is pretty over-rated if you ask me. I do like their black honey lipgloss, but that's about it.

    Cute bag though! Pretty good amount of freebies too.

  11. Hey Em!! Thanks for all your great reviews and tutorials. I was wondering have you thought about reviewing Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Concealer Kit? It seems like a dupe of the Bobbi Brown Concealer kit that you like, and I'd like to hear how it compares, particularly since the BB one is kinda expensive (althought the Neutrogena one is expensive for a drugstore item).

  12. Hey Emily,

    I nominated you an award =D

    Go check it out

    ♥ Rica

  13. Hey Emily, I too received the gift from Clinique. I purchased the three step skin care system and tada! gift with purchase! I'm not sure if you tried the strawberry fudge duo yet, but the colors look so gorgeous for a light, wearable look. The pink looks gold in some lights and the two colors together are fabulous. (little rave there, haha)I hope you feel all better really quickly!

  14. the pollen is making everyone sick.. have you tried Clinique foundation, I have heard that it is really good, and I want to try it.

  15. I'm a big Clinique fan. The Strawberry Fudge eye shadow duo is by far one of my favorite Clinique products, and I love their lip glosses. I actually get to review Clinique products on their website from time to time because I was one of the winner of their "Clinique Beauty Insiders" contest. You can watch my video reviews here:

  16. I LOVE the Clinique line I cant wait for you to review it!

  17. i have the same gift with purchase! the eyshadow is amazing! wall at least for me b/c its a nice soft look for a high school student(me). the little cosmetic bags that it comes with are so convenient, the even better moisturizer is nice, not amazing, worth to try in the little trail size, the lipstick i got,which was the raspberry one is a gorgeous and has a little glitter in it, and i have yet to try the mascara

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