Lip Palettes & Pencils from Coastal Scents!

Hello blog buddies! Chances are, when you think of Coastal Scents, you think of the company's eye palettes & brushes. Well, they company has recently launched some new lip products- including 4 lip palettes and 12 lip liners. I felt it would be easier to blog about these items rather than make a video, since there are so many swatches.

I'm a big fan of lip palettes in general, because it's very convenient to mix shades and come up with your ideal color. CS came out with a couple of larger lip palettes in the past... they were nice for home, but too big to easily carry them around with you. These new palettes are nice because they're divided up into basic color families. Sorry I forgot to snap a pic of the outside of the packaging, but they're pretty plain- just black with the palette name on it. It would've been nice if they came up with a cute design for the palette... but I guess that's not what's really important. The shades are all creamy & easy to apply, and similar in consistency from one to the next. Most of the shades are just opaque, pigmented colors... but you'll find that there are a few shimmery shades thrown in. For lack of a better description, the shades smell like makeup... no fruity or flowery notes thrown in. I don't find the "makeup scent" to be overwhelming or annoying. Staying power is good, and I find that some of the stronger colors leave a bit of a stain on your lips, which can be nice. They're each $9.95 or all four for $29.85, which I think is a good deal, and a great option for makeup artists. Each comes with a lip brush/applicator.

Passion Berry
Includes a creamy berry pink, a pinky-lilac, deep berry, and a purple-toned berry.
The darker purple shade in the palette looks intimidating, but I found that that shade and the deep berry color come off less intense on the lips (this is a good thing, since I don't usually wear extremely dark colors). I think the second shade in this palette is gorgeous, and the third deep berry shade is one I'll probably wear a lot.

Power Play
Includes a deep salmon/coral, an orangey red, a rosy red and a true red.
What a fantastic red lip palette! All four shades are bold & creamy- no shimmer in any of them. If you use one of the two second shades and it seems too bold, just add in a little bit of the first color which is more subdued. I love the classic red lip that the last color gives you, and honestly, it's a lot easier to apply a clean red lip with a lip brush (like the one provided with each palette) than straight out of a tube.

Juicy Pink
Includes a shimmery pink, a berry pink, a classic medium pink, and a light pink.
I call this my "Barbie Pink" palette. As with the other palettes, you can achieve varying degrees of intensity just by blending the shades together. I may not get as much good out of this palette, simply because-- even though pinks are lighter-- I think some of the berry shades in the palette at the top- are a bit easier to wear. Still- I especially enjoy the second shade in this palette- I love berry/pinks like that :) You can also highlight the center of your lower lip & make it look fuller by using some of the lightest shade.

Sun Kissed
Includes a creamy nude, a peachy-beige, a shimmery copper, and a medium brown.
Calling all nude lip lovers! I am crazy about the opaque, full coverage the lightest shade is able to provide. Sometimes light shades won't have enough pigmentation to really cover the lips- not true with this one! This might be my favorite palette just because the colors allow you to create the perfect nude lip *for you*. I like putting the lightest shade all over, and then taking the darkest shade (which is slightly more sheer than it appears) and adding it on the outer parts of my lips so they look full, yet defined & not like my entire mouth has been erased. LOVE this product!

Here are the lip liners! I'm not as thrilled with these as I am the palettes. Don't get me wrong, I love the pigmentation, the softness of these pencils & the way they apply... but I'm not wild about the color selection. There are five shades that I really like- but I think there are a few too many dark/brownish shades for me. I'd be more likely to buy the ones I like individually, as opposed to the whole set. One pencil costs $3.99, and the full set is $34.99. I find it surprising that the full set of pencils is more than the full set of palettes... considering that you get 16 separate lip colors with the palettes & they're super pigmented and great quality. But there are some great pencils in this group, so let's take a look...

Top Row: Natural*, Coffee, Mahogany, Brown, Espresso, Toast
Bottom Row: Pinky*, Mauve*, Auburn*, Cabaret*, Prune, Current

*=Emily's favorite shades

Like I said earlier, I love the way these apply. I also haven't experienced feathering (drifting outside the lip line) with these- they have good staying power. They're so creamy, you can easily fill in your entire lips with these. I love natural- it's nice to use with the nude palette, or any nude lipstick or gloss you have. Pinky is the brightest- but it's awesome with berry lip shades! I wore it this past weekend when I went out with some friends & it was awesome! Mauve is nice for deeper neutral shades, and Auburn works great with a Mary Kay lipstick I've loved called Amber Suede- it's a brownish red that's really pretty. Cabaret reminds me of Rimmel exaggerate- this will work great with any red lip color, including the Power Play palette shown above. This lip liner is seriously GORGEOUS.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope this was informative for you! Just so you know, Costal Scents sent me these products to review, and everything I've said has been my honest opinion- as always! Have a great day! Also- I have some new CS hot pots & a new CS palette to tell you about soon!! :D


  1. Thank you Em!! I have been looking for a good red lip liner and I will give this a try.

    You're my fav keep it up <3

  2. looks like they have good pigment. I still need to try their shadows.

  3. Hi Em!
    Congrats on moving into your new house - you're beauty rooms looks lovely!

    I'm normally not a huge fan of lip colour in palettes as you need a brush to apply and can't tote them around in your bag easily, but the pigmentation of these looks amazing!

    I can't wait to see more of your videos from your new set up! :)

    I recently began blogging about my beauty obsession too!

  4. I got the email about the new lip products and wasn't very interested in them when I saw the products but now that I have read this review I think I might get the nude one!! It looks great!

  5. These are brilliant swatches! thank you!!!

  6. Well after seeing these "swatched"-- I am really loving the naturals lip palette and the natural lip liner!! Thanks Em for swatching these!! I thank you although my wallet says "stop it!!" LOL :-) Maybe I will buy myself those two items for my bday!! ;-)

  7. those look like great products! thanks for showing them. too bad coastal scents products are not easily available here :(

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