Rave Review x2 for Bee Luscious!

Hey everyone! How's Tuesday treating you? I'm glad you're taking the time to stop by my blog! For the past few weeks I've been testing out some products from Bee Luscious. It's a brand I've learned quite a bit about over the years. As with any brand- there are some items I'm not so keen on, and others that I absolutely love. Today I'm happy to report to you on two really great products I think are worth checking out!

I love this multi-purpose product! Please be aware, once you put it on and wait a few seconds- it isn't going anywhere! It contains no shimmer and basically gives you a light, neutral skin-toned effect. It's a great eye primer for any look. I posted a swatch above... as you can see it blends into your skin while giving it a more even appearance. It even sort of neutralized the blue-ish vein running down the side of my hand! If you find yourself getting disappointed that certain shadows don't look the same on your eye as they did in the package- check this out. It reminds me a bit of MAC paint pots only it doesn't have as slick of a consistency (can be a bit thicker) and has better staying power. It's a primer & a neutral eye base in one. One drawback- this only comes in one shade (not the best option for someone with dark skin who are looking for a product that comes close to matching their skin tone)

In addition to an eye base- it's also a lip base! We all have different natural tones to our lips. It makes us all uniquely beautiful! But sometimes you want that pale nude lip to really stand out- and without a base- sometimes that look is hard, if not impossible to achieve. Some people will use concealer on their lips to create that "blank canvas", and I've tried that as well. But this has a staying power unlike any concealer. It helps keep your liner, lipstick, and glosses from drifting outside your lip line.

*Whether you're using it as an eye or lip primer- a thin layer is all you need. It'll be your best defense against creasing on the eyes or looking cakey on the lips*

I think this is a fantastic, velvety soft eyeshadow trio! I know it's an eyeshadow product I like when I can't decide which shade I like best! They all look great together- and if you'd like to see a tutorial using these shades, let me know. All of the colors have a subtle shimmer- without looking like over-the-top glitter mania. The champagne color is gorgeous- makes a great lid shade or highlight. The brownish color shade is actually more of a plum- it's so unique. It has a reddish-coppery sparkle that I love. Looks pretty as a smokey powder liner! And the green is phenomenal. Even if you don't gravitate toward green eyeshadow- I promise this is a gorgeous, wearable shade. Can't say enough about these colors. While they're powder- they have this unique creamy-smooth texture. When used with a primer, they're long wearing & delightful!

Thanks to Bee Luscious for allowing me to try these products, and if you get a chance to try them yourself, let me know what you think! Have a great day!



  1. That trio is gorgeous! I'd love to see a tutorial, especially to see how to incorporate the green but keep it neutral and wearable for work. Great review!


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  3. gorgeous products! too bad they're so expensive....

  4. I love that green trio as well..I agree they are expensive too..


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  6. Nice review...do a tutorial on it soon.. :)


  7. I LOVE MAKE-UP 2.

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  10. Love the trio! that green is gorgeous! xo


  11. Do you know where I can find this in NYC?
    Awesome blog BTW, check mine out:


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