Another Review-a-thon!

Hey everyone! I feel it is time for another Review-a-thon! That means multiple review videos posted in one day. Today there will be 5 videos (probably posted later this afternoon/evening). This review-a-thon includes some requested reviews & some products I just feel you need to know about!


-Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Eye Primer*
-Got2B Guardian Angel Gloss Finish Blow-Out Lotion
-Coastal Scents Sunless Body Art Bronzers*
-Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup
-My MAC Shadow Collection & Review*

* indicates a requested video


  1. Ooooh I see guardian angel heat protector in that photo! I have been using it too..can't wait to hear your thoughts on it, and see if your on the same page as me :) I love these review a thon days you do! thanks for doing them. I scored the elf neutral eye book at Target yesterday and LOVE it!

  2. Omg! I can't wait to watch the videos! I'm especially excited for the Neutrogena and the Gardian Angel.

  3. ooooooh can't wait! love your videos :)

  4. I am mostly looking forward to your thoughts on the coastal scents bronzers! Love your review-a-thons!

  5. I can't wait to see your review on Neutrogena's foundation! :)


  6. I've just finish watching ur videos! Great review!
    Especially loved how u go through the MAC eyeshadows and how u suggested dupes for them. Can't wait for ur next videos!

  7. Can't wait to see the mac collection!!

  8. Loved ur Mac eyeshadow collection video! Really great eyeshadows, although woodwinked is my fav!

  9. I have MAC POP COLOR collection and its amazing. Your Mac eyeshadow collection video is great.


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