Fall Decorations!

Hey everyone! How's your Monday going? I'm kind of wishing it was still the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, besides making videos, I spent a lot of time decorating my house for fall! I've scattered fall decorations all over the inside of the house. It's one of my favorite seasons, and while it's always fun to decorate for Christmas, there's just something about fall decorations... I love the colors, and it always reminds me of home, for some reason. So here are a few of the ways I decorated! Hope you like it!

Porch Display!
I got this cute mini hay bale from Wal-Mart. I know, very non-country of me, but I really don't have access to any of these just laying around my neighborhood! Everything in this little display actually came from Wal-Mart. Our house has a front porch area so I felt it would be somewhat protected there. The "Give Thanks" pumpkin isn't real (as you can probably tell :) but I thought it would be nice to re-use year after year. I was initially looking for real pumpkins & couldn't find any! what the...? The cute little scarecrow on a stick was only a buck! And the vine with leaves, berries, and mini pumpkins on it just kind of spiced up the whole arrangement. In all- this setup didn't cost much more than $20!

In the entry-way
I have these open archways on each end of my entry-way. I've always felt that each side was just dying for something to be placed on it! Now I have an excuse to decorate it. I got these leafy vines for half price at Hobby Lobby- (I don't remember the exact cost they came out to)- but they have a reddish hue, which works well with the colors in my house. That mini arrangement was around $3 at Dollar General. It just has some leaves and some weird little sparkly vines. DG actually has some really cute & VERY inexpensive decorations. I got some mini gourds from there last year & I've placed them here & there around the house.

More entry-way decor
On each side of the entrance to my house (as you head into the living room) I have these little iron & wicker stands from Hobby Lobby (love that store!). All summer I've had the potted plant, the candle, and the little zebra print box on there. I thought it still looked cute for fall, but I just added in some mini corn (got a small bag half price at Hobby Lobby) and a mini pumpkin (last year, Dollar General).

Dining Room Table
In my dining room, I have deep red walls, and red placemats on a dark wood table. I cut the leafy vines from the entry-way and use some here- worked well with the red. I love decorating with those pretty wine bottles (southern Illinois is wine country!) the light looks pretty coming through them. That little ceramic cornucopia (took 3 times to get that spelled right) came from Hobby Lobby (half price!). I also have candles and a pretty red pitcher & cups that we got for our wedding.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

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  1. Your decorations are gorgeous! I absolutely adore Fall and can't wait to decorate my home either! You just got a quicker jump on it than I have, lol.


  2. Very Pretty!! Fall colors ROCK! Fall colors face tutorial to come maybe =] ????

  3. I'm with you, Emily...love fall and fall decorations! Yours are lovely.


  4. Love the decorations! Everything is well decorated :) I love decorating for fall but Christmas tops my list lol :)

  5. I love decorating for fall too. It's just an amazing time of year and it reminds me of home (Colorado) since I now live in AZ. Thanks for the pictures.

  6. Cute :) any Fall tutorials coming? maybe a halloween one?

  7. cute, i have those same placemats

  8. Fall is my favorite time of year too! Football, bonfires and chili on cool evenings, and pumpkins of course!! I love your decorations, especially the dining room table! I don't know if ya'll have one up there or not, but Freds has really cute stuff too, and Big Lots! Thanks for sharing Emily! Oh, and Roll Tide too!:)

  9. Ohh Emily! This really makes me homesick! :( In Ireland, people don't decorate for autumn at all...and they don't do much for Halloween either! At home my mom always does...I shall have to carry on the tradition :) Thank you for inspiring me! Your decorations are beautiful <3

  10. Your decorations are great! I actually saw the Give Thanks punkin' at Wal-Mart this past weekend. But what I really wanted from there is the skull decoration that lights up and plays the Michael Myers music from the movie Halloween! Don't you have a spot where you could put something like that?!?

  11. i love that your doing stuff for fall<3 btw your beautiful!!!!

  12. Your decorations for fall are very nice :)

  13. Emily, I just love all of your Fall decorations. We're still waiting for it to cool down here. We're still experiencing triple digit heat here in the Vegas valley. Hugs,~Moonchime

  14. I love Autumn too, but wish we made more of a celebration of Halloween here in the UK! I love Thanksgiving too and think it should be adopted here too!
    I love your decorations :)
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  15. Beautiful decorations.

  16. Hi, Love your blog! Your Halloween decorations look fab!

    I've just started my blog - please check it out.


    Zoe x

  17. looks gorgeous! I think it's definitely more of an American thing to go a little nuts with the fall decorations - You'll maybe see the odd pumkin here in the UK but thats about it I'm afraid. Makes me a little jealous *sniff*

  18. Lovely! Fall decor is so pretty! You did a great job, thanks for sharing!


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